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Gareth Bale has told pals he can’t see himself ever leaving Tottenham.

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Scraggs

If it’s dramatic licence your after don’t bother with the Daily Star or any of the other tabloids it’s all right here at JTN. When will this saga ever finish? even once the 3rd September deadline comes and goes it will continue on until the January window as the same protagonists will continue the assault. With Gareth Bale not being cup tied from the Champions League, in case you didn’t know Bale and Tottenham are not in it this year, they will all be prepared to break the bank and Gareth Bale will at last have the opportunity to take part. It will even give him the opportunity to win a Premier title if that club is at the time running away with the league.

So the Daily Star quotes pals, that’s right plural, of Gareth Bale have run to the press to tell them that he fancies heading off to Manchester United, a club in chaos at this moment and not knowing which direction it will take for a good while yet. Maybe it was the same pals that just a few short weeks ago said that he fancied life in Madrid and the lifestyle surrounding such a move. Someone recently said that Spain was also his favourite holiday destination. Disgraceful headline grabbers.

Our own headline above was brilliantly thought up by someone who is well known to Gareth Bale, a Tottenham supporter who was at the recent kit launch and photographed him there and obtained his autograph, so he should know.

This rubbish is going to follow Gareth Bale for his entire career and whilst he says very little and simply goes about his business, he is of course doing exactly what is needed, his fame spreads, his fortune increases and he continues to excite the crowds with exciting football. Unfortunately for us Tottenham supporters the speculation is both worrying at times and at this particular moment infuriating.

Tottenham supporters are for the coming season as sure as they can possibly be that Bale will continue, after that much depends on the outcome of the next nine months or so, win silverware and entry into the Champions League and expectancy will be that Bale and AVB will stay to chase even greater glory, fail again and Tottenham will almost certainly have a fortune to spend to go again.

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