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Gareth Bale-The reality.

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Eddie S

With so many conflicting stories featuring the future of Gareth Bale some of our favourites are as follows:-

1. The hurt of failing to qualify for the Champions League will force Gareth Bale to demand a wage of £200,000pw and a release clause of £50m.

2. Gareth Bale will sign a new £130,000pw contract extending his commitment to the club by a further year and in return Tottenham will insert a release clause of £50m which can be triggered no matter where the club finish next season.

3. As well as committing Gareth Bale to the new contract with release clause Tottenham are about to begin a mass clearance of players and build the team around the talents of Bale.

If any of these stories are to be believed Tottenham’s hardnosed Chairman Daniel Levy is about to forget just about every business principle that he has lived by and cave in to Gareth’s demands, he will hand out a £10m a year contract, dispose of several players costing the club millions in the process and will then spend 10’s of millions to bring in the players that will make Gareth Bale improve and look even more special doing so. After all that, and when Tottenham have hopefully won through to the Champions League and are closer to opening their new stadium, he will sanction Gareth Bale’s sale to any club willing to pay just £50m for his services, clubs like City or worse still Chelsea to whom money means little.

So after all the hard work and possibly finishing with what the club have been working towards for 20 years Levy will tear up Bale’s contract and commit Tottenham to starting the building process yet again.

We know that the Daily Mail and their so called reporters are the perpetrators of so many pathetic stories and that there seems to be some hidden agenda against Tottenham, but, let’s be clear right now on one very important point, Gareth Bale is contracted to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for a further 3 years until the summer of 2016 and so Daniel Levy and Tottenham hold all the aces, yes, Gareth Bale deserves a wage increase following a stellar season, yes, he is disappointed at failure to finish 4th, so is every Tottenham supporter and every player at the club, yes, Tottenham need to improve as they are close to breaking into the elite list of clubs and finally it is expected that the club will invest in order to continue to progress,

Tottenham and especially Daniel Levy will probably agree that a player of Bale’s ability deserves a crack at the top honours, he will almost certainly concede that the player could be released early from his contract BUT only if Tottenham are unable to grow and provide him with that opportunity AND only if the price is right for Tottenham.

Because of the wonderful season that Bale has produced his advisers will, as in every past season, be able to negotiate an improved contract which will also incorporate a further year of his services for the club, the operative word is “negotiate” not” demand” as the player is contracted for 3 more years.

There obviously is no conflict between the player and the club as he seems extremely happy with his career progression and he has many years left ahead of him, he speaks regularly of his admiration for the coach, club and his teammates, and fully expects Tottenham  to be very successful soon.

To sum up, happy player, pay rise, extended contract, more quality additions and see what the next year brings before considering future.


3 to “Gareth Bale-The reality.”

  1. Jim smith says:

    Some good points here about finances, etc

    But think the key to Spurs’ future lies with finances for new stadium, that need to minimise expensive debt. Suspect that’s why it’s taking so long to finalise. No point having a new stadium that costs an arm and a leg in debt repayment and interest !

  2. Jim smith says:

    Some good points on finances here.

    But biggest challenge is funding the new stadium without too much expensive debt. No point in having a new stadium if it costs an arm and a leg in debt repayment and interest. The delay in going ahead, or even suggesting a timetable, suggests naming rights income not yet forthcoming in today’s economy. The start on the supermarket is some progress, but limited.

    • tom says:

      Totally agree but Levy is the master and will only press on once finances and debt issues are resolved. He is probably convinced that once Tottenham have cracked the CL he will have an investor to fund most of the project with the naming rights to the stadium as the incentive.

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