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Gareth Bale to steer clear of Real Madrid, a club in decline.

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Tony

Money apart it seems no player in their right mind hoping to be successful and actually win trophies should seriously consider joining Real Madrid. Luka Modric jumped ship and joined them last summer, but he cannot have believed that he would end the season as a bit part player in a team not close to winning anything and becoming the third best team in Spain and only second best in Madrid.

Jose Mourinho acknowledged as one of the best coaches in the world, if not the best, endured a miserable few years there, the last, probably his first without some sort of success ever. Cristiano Ronaldo one of the two best players in the world appears exremely unhappy and is threatening to leave although if Real actually manage to change his mind it will take an enormous wage and all sorts of concessions. Whatever transpires the framework of the team is broken, there is no team spirit, divisions within the ranks and more than one or two of their foreign players have gone public with their concern and unhappiness.

There seems a situation, not unlike that experienced by AVB at Chelsea, in that some of the senior players both current and even some of those from the past seem to carry too much sway. Appointing a new coach is no longer an easy job and it seems their only possible candidate Ancellotti  is with a club with even more money to throw around and will not roll over for Real Madrid.

We are continuously told by pundits, reporters and ex-professionals that Gareth Bale needs to go to a club such as Real Madrid if he wishes to become a great player, in my opinion joining a club like Real might actually be the worst thing he could do, just ask Modric, Kaka, Sahin, Higuain, another desperate to leave, even Ronaldo who has won nothing much since he left United, one league title and one domestic cup isn’t a great return for one of the best players around and for an outlay of £80m and even more in wages.

Real Madrid, no coach, no trophies, no team spirit, no class and no chance of buying Gareth Bale anytime soon.

2 to “Gareth Bale to steer clear of Real Madrid, a club in decline.”

  1. danny says:

    wow, fuck u tony Rm with no class, i think spurs are in the class of zaragoza

    • Tony says:

      When I say class I don’t mean in the playing sense but in that they are scumbags in how they operate. On the playing front give it 2 years and with just a bit of luck and Tottenham will also be their match.

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