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Ginola — “are Tottenham capable of challenging Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City for the league? They are,”

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Tony

People can mock supporters of Tottenham all they like but there is a growing list of managers, coaches and players past and present who genuinely consider that they can challenge for the title itself this coming season, Sir Alex was one of the first to consider Tottenham a growing threat more than a year ago, whilst this season he and Jose Mourinho have also included Tottenham  as being in the frame as potential title competitors.

Whenever an article is written even suggesting such a possibility even a substantial number of our own fans suggest otherwise, throwing insufficient quality or lack of depth into the equation as to why it can’t happen, and as far as other clubs supporters are concerned suggesting such a thing is almost laughable.

I don’t know how many times that the minimal gap in points between 2nd position and Tottenham has been mentioned but just to make it absolutely clear once again, it was just SIX, Tottenham in the course of just five seasons have made up close to forty points on the top clubs, who is to say they will not make up several more this coming season.

David Ginola is obviously going to favour Tottenham and say complimentary things about them, but he is also these days an ex-player who watches a lot of games and knows a thing or two about good players, if he is suggesting that Tottenham can challenge then you can bet he has analysed the squad and come to the conclusion that it is good enough.

No Tottenham supporter is foolish enough to say that they have the best squad or that they are the favourites to win the title, but what many are now saying is that have a team very well capable of achieving a top four position, it has improved in this transfer window and if they can bring in that special striker needed why should they not be considered as title hopefuls and rightly so.

72 points gained in a transitional season with a new coach and many new players, new systems and the loss of three great talents that the team had come to rely on, Van de Vaart, Modric and of course the great Ledley King. Already this month two new talents purchased that will strengthen midfield and the teams defensive and attacking impetus, as well as that the return of Younes Kaboul, undoubtedly their best central defender the previous season and Sandro the best defensive midfielder in the first half of last season for Tottenham and quite possibly the entire league.

Ridicule as much as you want, dismiss the threat of Tottenham at your peril, but rest assured provided that new forward arrives Ginola and a growing list of ex professionals and Tottenham supporters expect to see a challenge for the title at the very least this coming season.

Just one small postscript, interesting that he did not mention Arsenal in the article as title hopefuls.

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