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Give the travelling support their money back Levy.

Posted on March 20, 2014 by Scraggs

As we know from past experience Tim Sherwood has looked for and managed to find some sort of credible excuse for any defeat suffered so far in an effort to deflect criticism from his non existant coaching skills  but tonight, for the second leg Europa League fixture in Benfica he has surpassed himself and pre- arranged the excuse, we left for Portugal with not a central defender in our ranks, without Walker, Lloris, Dembele, Adebayor while most of us just wish Sherwood was the one left behind.

Sherwood who was responsible for youth player development also had up his sleeve the Tottenham way of sending the more experienced youngsters out on loan, players that might have helped the team in situations just like now, perhaps things might have been different last season if the like of Rose and Townsend, amongst others, were available when injuries took their toll.

Reports seem to suggest that Sandro and Fryers will probably operate in the centre of defence and while we wish them and the team chosen every success we are also sensible enough to know that Benfica almost certainly secured won the tie last week. In the absence of Adebayor Soldado will get his chance to shine knowing full well that no matter how he performs come Sunday and the league he will be cast aside for Adebayor who has now settled back into life of picking his games to be fit and of being ineffective in front of goal.

A suspension for Vertonghen and injuries to Dawson and Chiriches cannot be helped but the absence of Kaboul, Walker and Lloris in particular smacks of handing in the towel, how unfair is this for all those Tottenham supporters who bought tickets for the away fixture believing all the hype and soundbites of treating the competition seriously, probably thousands have spent their hard earned on tickets, travelling and accommodation expenses and taken time off work only to be let down even before they set off.

There can be little doubt by now that the club should have either supported AVB until the end of the season OR had a proper plan in place, appointing Sherwood has turned into a nightmare but strangely though most football fans can see it the media are still supporting him! Daniel Levy will never admit to making a mistake and would have made the decision with the best of intentions but it has gone wrong, it was an error of judgement and he could and should at least try to make amends in some way, offering those that purchased tickets for tonight’s game compensation would be a great start, we know that the fans will turn up in numbers and support the players as they do for every away fixture but tonight they travel expecting the worst, lacking even half a team of experienced players and just the one first choice defender travelling.

We wish the players well, the team well and we still hope for a miracle result but most of all we hope that the travelling fans get to see a performance from Tottenham, pride from Tottenham and passion from Tottenham.


3 to “Give the travelling support their money back Levy.”

  1. tom says:

    A nice thought and would be a great PR job but will never happen, they would rather waste millions on needless payments of wages to undeserving players. Keeping Defoe on for an extra month probably cost a quarter million or more and for what?

  2. Anonymous says:

    stop bloody whining

    • Gav says:

      How can we whine after another six goal thrashing for the gooners, Congrats on your 1000th game Arsene but remember it’s more than 500 since you won anything.

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