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Good result but nervous 90 minutes.

Posted on December 22, 2013 by Tony

As football matches go that was probably as exciting as it could get, two teams really going for it and very much an attitude of we can score more than you, it was also a game of many mistakes and on another day any of the better teams would probably have had a field day.

The positives from Tottenham’s point of view were the performances of a number of players but in particular Adebayor and Soldado, Bentaleb and Nacer Chadli, the work rate from every player was immense and when you consider the players unavailable due to injury or suspension you begin to realise just what a great squad of players Tottenham possess.

Tim Sherwood certainly went with the gung-ho route today and on this occasion it paid off, it should certainly bring success against teams lower in the league than Southampton and ourselves but until we see what else he has when the chips are down or we are up against the likes of United and Arsenal it is impossible to really judge whether he has the ability to do the job.

Like most other Tottenham supporters I am feeling very deflated by all the goings on right now when until just a few games back all looked so relatively rosy, a team right on the heals of all the top clubs and ahead of a couple, with expectation that as the new boys grew into the club things would improve still further, now the speculation is over who takes the hotseat for the rest of the season at least. I think it fair to say that the first half was a fairly tepid affair with very little good football and both teams giving the ball away far to easily, the second half was something else entirely, entertaining and full of action with both defences seeming intent on giving their opponents clearcut chances and for once our weakness turned into our strength as we actually deserved to win by far more by the end.

The Tottenham board now have a massive decision to make, is it to be inexperience but someone who knows the current ins and outs and players,  our old boy Hoddle who has some experience at top level going back a few years or do they break the bank for the man they really want, whoever that might be. Tottenham still have a few exceptional players who might want out unless their Champions League ambition is met, although none perhaps as outstanding as the likes of Modric and Bale, nevertheless the thought of losing Lloris, Vertonghen and even Walker would still be a step backwards if it happened and more new recruits would be needed.

This might seem crazy but if Tottenham manage to get the right man and soon anything is still possible this season, as we speak we are just 6 points behind the league leaders Liverpool yet we have not yet even hit our stride, the strikers that we have, who we know to be top class, have yet to make their mark and go on a goalscoring run, I would argue that nobody even knows the best sixteen yet alone the best eleven.

I still cannot get my head around this Tim Sherwood situation, even now he is making demands he has no right to, why else would he state he will not be a number 2 to anybody when alongside someone like Hoddle might be the way forward in the short term at least.

Today the ship slightly settled and gave Levy a little time,  a second defeat in a matter of days would have had the Tottenham faithfull screaming for immediate action, let’s hope he uses the time to make the right decision for the club and the fans.



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