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Great Tottenham result patches over the problems.

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Scraggs

Yet again the headlines read “great Tottenham comeback” which follows on from other similar headlines of late like “Tottenham responded well to early setback” or ” Tottenham threatened a fantastic fightback”, the truth of the matter is that we all want to see more headlines of the nature of ” Tottenham controlled the game from start to finish” or ” Tottenham win never in doubt after taking early lead” It is a fact that Tottenham are the only club not to have scored in the first fifteen minutes of any game this season and though it is important and necessary to have the fight to comeback from falling behind it is becoming a situation all too familiar.

After thirty minutes of yesterdays game Southampton had managed to score a couple of goals and threatened a few more as the tactical set up was wrong from the start and the team as usual were slow out of the trap. southampton are ninth in the table and they are there for a reason, there are eight better teams and those at the top would have taken that start and handed out another thrashing to us, there would have been no recovery against Chelsea, City or Liverpool as we have already seen this season. Sherwood made a comment after the game that Tottenham have capitulated too often this season under AVB, a sly and underhand remark though he did admit it had happened occasionally with him in charge but the implication was that he had inherited the problem and was determined to solve it.

Though injuries have limited his options of late he is still the man in charge and is entirely responsible for the teams shortcomings at the start of almost every fixture, the defensive high line might work in circumstances where you have a settled back four but that has not been the case on any occasion since he took charge and a return to the tactic is causing no end of problems. His insistance on playing Eriksen wide on the left is now becoming a source of annoyance as it is clearly the case that he needs to be played much nearer to the forward and was instrumental in bringing the best from the team against Benfica and Southampton as well as Harry Kane on Thursday and Roberto Soldado yesterday.

There is no doubt that it was an inspired fightback and the second half performance was in complete contrast to the first, Sherwood has to take some responsibility for changing things and due credit is given, the concern though remains that we are always in this position it seems, having to comeback or as against the best clubs battling to keep the score respectable and if he wishes to take responsibility for the fightback he is also responsible for the gross errors that put the team in the position of facing defeat.

Yesterday might just ignite the season and set up a frantic finale though with so much to do to overtake both Arsenal and Everton only seven straight wins and a final total of 77 points, another Tottenham record, will give us a chance. Tottenham will need some luck with injuries, they will need the players to actually improve on performance  and they will need the system and team selection for every game to be absolutely right and then if lady luck shines there might be the slightest of chances.

Most would agree that Soldado, Chadli and Eriksen were three of our better performers yesterday, they all put in a shift, were dangerous and creative, they put Tottenham on the front foot for the last hour. Against Liverpool Sherwood will probablyhave to decide on whether to replace Soldado with his personal favourite Adebayor, he will have to decide whether to bring back Sandro after injury, whether to stick with the high line and/or bring in Michael Dawson. The first half hour saw our midfield overwhelmed as clearly Dembele was not fit, Bentaleb showed some moments of indecision and inexperience, nobody played close enough to Soldado who was left isolated and Lennon was ineffective, that did all change with a couple of “tweaks” as Sherwood called it but against Liverpool at Anfield he won’t get the chance to make those “tweaks2 as the game could very easily be over before he gets the chance and the team capitulated once more.

Next week will be the time to make the “tweaks” before the game starts so as to give the team the best opportunity of extending the season that little bit longer.




4 to “Great Tottenham result patches over the problems.”

  1. steve says:

    We were very lucky yesterday, after going 2 down a better team would have twisted the knife and won easily. do the same next week and it will be another big defeat.

  2. lou says:

    wouldn’t it be ironic now if we finished ahead of Arsenal but behind Everton.

  3. Jide says:

    Lucky win, still 3 great points for the mighty Spurs.

    What bugged me was the silly high line we played in the first half. Why did we do that? It was so anti Spurs! I honestly do not know why Sherwood even considered using that tactic when he knows the Southampton player where younger and more nippy than our defence. Thank God he had the sense to change it in the second half!

    • Tony says:

      It’s all very well changing it at HT but it should have changed before they scored or better still never have started with it. We can’t keep playing at coming back had to do it against arsenal and lost against Benfica and drew and went out and only because southampton are inferior did we pull it out of bag. A good team will paste us. A good tactician and coach should get it right from the start or put it right before a catastrophe has happened. I don’t care what the media keep writing he is nowhere near up to the task. I have yet to see one football associated article with a compelling reason of any description to keep sherwood, no tactical knowledge, no badges, no experience, man management is limited to adebayor rose and bentaleb for obvious reasons. The team are underperforming more than ever and no problems have been resolved. We are out of every cup and top four cannot get any sort of result against a team ahead of us and those games we have won have never been convincing, it’s always a struggle.
      This is a great squad and some of the newcomers are starting to find their feet but only in spite of sherwood , without the injuries they would not have got the chance to play for any length of time.

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