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Harry talking rubbish again.

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Guest Writer

Harry Redknapp has, as usual, had plenty to say on Tottenham and Gareth Bale even though he was sacked from his position more than a year ago. He has been speaking on the radio to assure everybody that Tottenham will not pull of out of the deal to sell to Real Madrid but his suggestion that the reason is that Tottenham have spent the money does not add up. So far Tottenham have spent about £59m but have recouped something like £23 from sales so far, that is just a net spend of £36m and nothing like the £93m that they are expecting.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to calculate and really puts his expert opinion firmly in the bin marked “trash”. Even before the transfer window opened Tottenham made a commitment to spend in an effort to show Gareth Bale and AVB their intent, initially Bale was clearly on board until his head was eventually turned. Tottenham had a decent amount to spend well before the Bale sale became an issue and so they obviously do not have to sell, any transfer dealings from hereon will relate to the need to replace him and might begin to come from a part of the huge fee due.

Redknapp has always infuriated with his comments on other clubs business, his son Jaimie also suffers from the same affliction, when Chelsea attempted to buy Modric even though Redknapp was an employee of Tottenham he still felt inclined to suggest that you cannot retain the services of an unhappy player, he was wrong then and is wrong now.

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