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Has Defoe finally given up his England dream?

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Guest Writer

Judging from all the reports in the papers today it seems that Jermain Defoe has agreed a move to Toronto come the January transfer window which if true surely flies in the face of all the recent papertalk and his anguish at not getting enough games in the Premiership. there has been so much pressure placed upon AVB to choose JD as the lone striker as to omit him risked his place in the England squad for the World Cup next summer.

If this story is true I am a little concerned with it’s release for a number of reasons, if it has come from JD himself then the constant sniping that we have become used to in recent weeks might well have been instigated by him and would not have been beneficial for team moral, it also had the effect of adding to the problems that AVB has had to contend with. With more than a month to go before the transfer window opens whilst it will allow Tottenham to prepare and search for his replacement it also places the selling club of any potential Tottenham target in a far stronger position when negotiating a fee, why not simply wait until both deals had been all but completed.

If this transfer to MLS side Toronto FC happens just what is the real reason behind the negative publicity Tottenham, and in particular AVB, has received as a result of Defoe being unable to secure a starting berth in AVB’s Premiership game lineups? JD  featured far more in the first team for AVB  than in the previous two seasons under Harry Redknapp, thirty-four games last season and eight this compared to just twenty-two and twenty-five under Harry, in addition as we well know Redknapp gave up the cup competitions without a fight, that means that Defoe has played another several games in the starting lineup.

We have been inundated with stories that Defoe needs to play to ensure his seat to Brazil, this is what the Daily Mirror recently reported: “To get into the squad that goes to a major tournament, you have got to be playing for your club,” said the striker, who turns 31 on Monday. “It is great to score in those cup competitions, but I feel you have got to be scoring in the Premier League.” So if he is off in January what bearing will that have on his England chances? the MLS season does not start until March and it’s not anything like the Premier League or remotely close to the standard required to earn him his England spot.

Yet again Defoe is the headline maker, he is a Tottenham veteran, scored us a decent amount of goals but never enough to take us to another level, his average is just that average, when not moaning about playing time he has also apparently been critical of AVB and his treatment of Adebayor, a player destined to earn him even less playing time,

“Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe has criticised Andre Villas-Boas’ decision to banish his fellow frontman Emmanuel Adebayor to train with the development squad. ” The Telegraph.

It is difficult to make out just what the truth is these days as players and agents have become masters at manipulating the press for their own means, a subtle remark here, a leak there and a simple no comment to protect them from the more probing questions and to ensure that they are not seen in a bad light by the fans who idolise them. This method came home to roost during the recent Gareth Bale to Madrid fiasco when we all laughed at som of the stories written in Spain that were eventually proven to be true and confirmed by Bale after the transfer was completed. Perhaps in this instance it is the British press using Defoe’s situation to whip up their agenda against AVB and if so apologies to JD.

Some of us at JTN were recently convinced that JD would be off to West Ham but it seems that either they could not compete with the money on offer or might be hoping to secure a loan from Toronto until the season starts. If it is to be a move to Toronto then the problems that this chapter brought upon Tottenham will have been left for AVB to sort out while JD swans off to earn even more millions to perhaps replace his “dream” trip to Brazil.

Even though this post is not particularly complimentary to Defoe it must be made abundantly clear that it is based upon media hype and speculation and plenty of trying to read between the lines, even so, whatever the real truth of the matter  Jermain Defoe is a respected Tottenham  player and has been and always will be treated as one of our own, if he is to leave then he goes with our best wishes, gratitude and sincere hope that he is successful in his new venture, he will always be fondly remembered, welcomed and applauded whenever he returns to the Lane.


13 to “Has Defoe finally given up his England dream?”

  1. Eric says:

    Never thought of him as a top club strikers.He’s scored only 13 goals in 86 matches against top pl teams so m happy he’s leaving which would make space for someone like chicharito,pato,etc

    • Tony says:

      Unless he is prepared to accept a stand in role then he has to go he had always flattered but never really done it. That is an awful record though not totally down to him but team. Ten goal average ovet 11premiwrship seasons is morw damning. £6m for 31 yr old is good levy business.

  2. ArsenalBoys says:

    Wheeeey, you Spurs lot are all crying a river, you’re awful, no history, North London is red, we are top of the league!

    • Tony says:

      Take another look no despair on this site just waiting for the team to put its foot down. Still in the hunt so dont wallow in your top spot for too long it is all likely to go pearshaped as has happened for the last 8 years. Your still not guaranteed to go through in CL yet so tread carefully when trying to take the p. You are obviously a johnny cone lately if you dont know Spurs history thwy even have a song for it. Come back in3months and lets see how we all stand then it can only get better for us really but no such option for the gooners.
      North London is and always will be Spurs thats where we were made but not you homeless lot.

    • mick says:

      Let’s hope you gooners remember these moments when we jump all over you lot when you fall. I have lost count of the times you lot whine and whinge when there is any mention to you even in a valid way on any Spurs blog or comment. Like it or lump we are are competitiors and neighbours unfortunately. we have also been neck and neck with you lot for a few seasons now and caught you up, so you will have to get used to it. You lot are in total fear that we are going past you soon. As for history google first double winners or first British club to win a European cup for starters.

  3. ArsenalBoys says:

    And I only thought I’d have a bit of banter, seeing as you lot are always trolling our sites, no hard feelings…

    • Tony says:

      Banter is fine and we can take it, we shall argue our corner if we can and give our side of the argument but remember what goes around comes around.

  4. Eric says:

    Tony why don’t u just ban these arsenal childish fans? I don’t mind constructive criticisms or debates but most of them just pass some senseless statements and fly away as cowards.U should consider this or else this site will turn into a playground for arsenal lunatics.Btw not saying all of them are but most of them in here are

    • Tony says:

      Now that I know how to actually ban them rather than just unnapprove a comment I will, but I am happy to continue to have some decent banter with those that keep it within the bounds of respectability. Some banter can be and should be fun while us spurs supporters either defend our position or maybe, in some cases, bow to what might be reality. we all know that every club will have their ups and downs and there will be moments when one club or another will have the upper hand from some event over the season. A couple of the worst culprits of late , now banned, have been so called Spurs supporters while the opposition mobs Caleb for example and a few others are welcome, as long as they can take it when it’s our turn.(soon we hope).
      Your point is well received and as the ability to deal with it resolved you will see a cut off point for some before it gets out of hand.

  5. BigH says:

    If he does go, we need to go and get someone like Benteke, not some cheap bloke from Moldova. Good luck to him if he is off.

    • tom says:

      with you on that but it’s not easy to find someone, most of those that joined clubs in Europe this summer are struggling to hit the heights. If I had to choose someone now I would have to go with Remy.

  6. ArsenalBoys says:

    Yes I’m not one of those pathetic internet trolls who gives abuse over a what football team you support, I’ll keep that within the stadium haha, although, you have to admit, Arsenal are better than Spurs;)

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