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Has Mourinho lost his Mojo?

Posted on May 18, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

After 3 years at Madrid it looks like Jose Mourinho will be leaving with a further 3 years of his contract remaining, surprisingly it seems that nobody associated with Madrid will be sad to see the end of his era which by his own admission has been poor with this season acknowledged as his worst ever. Players and supporters of Real Madrid cannot wait to see the back of him it seems, apart from one League title and one cup win in 3 years in a league of 2 this period has been nothing special, Real Madrid even managed to succumb to their neighbours Atletico last night in the Copa del Rey.

It seems that Mourinho is now set to up sticks and head back to Chelsea although Manchester City or PSG, if Ancellotti takes over from him at Madrid, might also be an option. Pep Guardiola has taken the easy option by taking the job at Bayern Munich, this will enable him to clean up domestically for a few years leaving the squad to concentrate their major effort on the Champions League, whereas, Mourinho looks like he will take on the much more difficult option of the English Premier League once again, whether it will be the mega rich Chelsea or even wealthier Manchester City remains to be seen.

AVB has made Chelsea the early favourites to win the league next season because of the expected return of Moutinho and because Benitez has indicated another £100m spend by Abramovitch, they have an enormously expensive squad and many excellent players but they are playing catch up on the Manchester clubs and have only performed at the same level as Tottenham since December, a few more superstars added to the equation might just cause a few problems in the camp, Mourinho has been reported to have lost the dressing room at Madrid with only a few recent signings still in awe of him.

Mourinho leaves Real Madrid with his reputation whilst not in tatters, severly dented. He will have a number of close friends and players favoured by him when he was at Chelsea before, some of these players like Terry, Cole, Cech, Lampard and even Essien, who returns to the club following his loan to Madrid, might expect some special attention and more game time because of his previous allegiance to them. With an already huge squad of new young players and many ageing seniors together with what seems likely to be a few more high maintenance additions Chelsea will need to start well and maintain a challenge or things could deteriorate quickly.

This Chelsea squad have finished well behind the top 2 and have not challenged since the very early part of the season, they have managed to remain just ahead of Arsenal and Tottenham with a huge squad full of quality, Jose Mourinho or not this current squad is not strong enough to take the title without some serious spending, but even with the most expensive team put together at Real Madrid he was unable to bring any success to the club this season and it will be no easier at Chelsea as they are now at a level just behind City and United and level with Arsenal and Tottenham.

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