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Has Perez already realised Bale fee was too much.

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Guest Writer

For the past twenty-four hours the Real Madrid president has been telling everyone who will listen that he managed to buy Gareth Bale on the cheap, that’s £86m cheap by the way. Quite why he has chosen to reveal this information is a little mysterious so soon after the player has signed for them and with just a couple of brief appearances to his name.

His reasoning for suggesting that he managed to pull of such a bargain buy is also a little strange to say the least, Perez said: “Tottenham did not want to sell and we respected that.” on what planet did he, his club and the players and coaches of Real Madrid show Tottenham any respect with their constant tapping up and eventually the leaked information from the Bale camp, so when he then “found out” that Manchester United were about to bid £60m he was forced to make his move! Why? if Levy had told him the player was not for sale why would he expect United to have any chance of success as a direct competitor in England.

So firstly we have the reason for his insistence on buying Bale and then he goes on to explain why he was so cheap, United were apparently so desperate to buy Bale that they offered Tottenham either £100m or £120m depending upon which report you care to read. There is a part of me that believes that Daniel Levy might have been playing Perez at his own game once he had decided to take as much money as was possible and spend to set the squad up for future success.

Real Madrid President Perez, a man under pressure following ten years of relative failure.

Real Madrid President Perez, a man under pressure following ten years of relative failure.

Bale was a fantastic player for Tottenham and whilst we all know the market dictates the price, at the outset his fee was seemingly set at between £40 and £50m, perhaps even £60m but not close to the £80m paid for Ronaldo let alone more. Levy took the right decision once it was clear that Bale was not prepared to sign another new contract.

Zidane led the way last week declaring that he was shocked by the fee, other legends of the past have also questioned the wisdom of Real Madrid, and Perez in particular, from a commercial aspect to spend so much on one player that player must be exceptional but also have charisma, Ronaldo has it, Beckham had it, as yet Bale does not tick that box.

If Madrid fail to cover Bales costs within a couple of years by selling  his shirts and his name then they have to hope that his performances actually ensure success, Madrid and Perez in particular badly need to wrest control from Barcelona in Spain and Barca and Bayern in Europe, Perez cannot afford to fail after ten years of failure. His “Galictico” plan has ensured that the club’s supporters see many of the best players that money can buy, unfortunately since 2002 the plan has failed to bring European success and scant reward domestically, this is likely to be his last term in office unless Madrid win big.



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