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Has the myth of joining a Champions League club been dispelled?

Posted on August 17, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

After every season ends we are force fed stories that some of the best players from clubs failing to qualify for the Champions League are likely to jump ship and seek a club that is involved, it gives players looking for an out a ready made excuse and is almost always given as a major reason for their decision. We have been told that both Bale and Suarez have made involvement a key issue and whilst it is obviously a very prestigious event to be involved in, very few clubs enter with any real possibility of winning the competition.

Monaco have managed to buy some of the most wanted players in Europe at enormous expense yet they are not involved in any European competition in the season ahead. All the players have previously been regulars in the competition and yet have relinquished taking part for a season at least. Falcao, Moutinho and Rodriguez had their choice of many big clubs but have clearly chosen the huge monetary gains that Monaco have to offer with massively beneficial tax breaks.

How many times have you heard that a team who has managed to qualify for the competition will able to attract the best players, every journalist and pundit reels out the same old story and yet the current champions of the English Premier League, Manchester United and fourth place finishers Arsenal have been trying to buy some quality players for the past six weeks and still no luck as player after player seem to turn them both down, all preferring other options.

Both English clubs can offer fantastic contracts to any player wishing to take up the challenge so what is the problem? It seems that the very best players would rather the easy life, why would a player like Bale throw away the massive challenge that Tottenham offer and which he has been building towards for a few years, he has been offered improved contracts each year he has performed and would be again given the slightest hint he would consider a new contract. It now seems that even the best players are choosing a season of little challenge other than in the Champions League.

Where is the challenge in the Spanish league and what does any self respecting footballer get from finishing first or second in a two horse race, that is now the way it is heading in France where PSG and Monaco will challenge for years to come, over in the Bundesliga it is now a one horse race as Bayern are set to dominate for the foreseeable future, there, it is probably more about how close the second placed team can get having fallen twenty five points behind last season and with Bayern buying second placed Dortmund’s best player(s).

The Premier League is and always has been the most competitive in the world and is becoming even more so with six genuine challengers for a top four place, withpossibly three or four of them now capable of winning the title. Any footballer worth his salt should be up for facing a challenge as competition is what sport it is all about, or should be. Unfortunately it seems it is no longer the case and is now all about who can earn the most money, it has been reported that many Madrid players are angry at the wages being demanded by Bale while Ronaldo seems more concerned that he will no longer be the most expensive player in history and might not be top earner.



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