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Here we go again-Vertonghen and Lamela are off?

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just when things begin to quieten down and start to take shape the media come up with ridiculous rumours solely designed to catch attention. Clearly all the recent talk coming from Jan Vertonghen is related to signing a new Tottenham deal with any potential move to Barcelona either a figment of imagination or simply an agents tool to secure a new deal.  Similarly Erik Lamela had an excellent tour to America and Canada and has clearly finally settled and is working toward finding his best form with his fellow countryman in charge guiding him and the squad.Obviously not everything has gone the way of Tottenham this week with Southampton now deciding to close the stable door and trapping two Tottenham targets in the process. The situation with both Schneiderlin and Rodriguez will continue to play out and it would not surprise anybody if either Arsenal or Liverpool, possibly both, become involved in the situation.

While all this goes on it seems that Tottenham continue to address other perceived weaknesses in the squad and that is centrally in defence, the youngster Eric Dier playing in Portugal has been a potential target before now but it seems that he is likely to join soon, it is also strongly suggested that another central defender from Villareal might also be on his way, 23 yr old Argentine Musacchio having apparently caught the eye of Pochettino.

So with all this positivity now comes the ludicrous, it seems that the key to Barcelona snapping up Vertonghen might now rest with Tottenham securing the services of one or both of these two players, it doesn’t matter that they are both rightfooted and prefer to play on the right where Michael Dawson is at his strongest and it doesn’t matter that Barcelona have secured one of their preferred options and still have designs on their first choice.

As for Erik Lamela, it seems that Simeone the coach of Atletico Madrid rates him very highly and believes that he is a star in the making, that apparently means that a bid of around £21m is coming in, that’s about £5m less than Spurs paid a year ago. Just why now that he has finally settled in England, is at last comfortable with the language and the league and  finally beginning to show form would Tottenham consider a bid and release a player that they obviously also believe is a potential star.

That is the mentality of the media, buy a 20 yr old with future potential and release one of the top defenders in Europe, weaken your team, struggle to achieve your targets and start all over again next season, or you can buy a young player with the potential to one day become a massive star, put up with injuries and a years settling in period, watch him begin to blossom and then sell him off cheaply.

There will be players leaving, there has to be if  Tottenham are to secure their targets and integrate them into the squad, a few might be players that we admire and be disappointed to see go. If that is what it takes to try to make the next step up we have to accept it, will it work? who knows, but it’s a price that has to be paid though as always a gamble.

The Board have chosen Pochettino and he needs all the tools that can possibly be provided to do the job he was chosen for and every Tottenham supporter has to back him in every decision he makes, thereafter we shall just have to see where it takes us.

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