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Higuain still hoping for interest from Tottenham.

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Higuain still appears undecided or reluctant to really commit to leaving Real Madrid for Arsenal as things currently stand, it has been reported that Juventus were also looking to take him but as soon as Carlos Tevez was an option all interest seemed to disappear. With Tevez having now signed his options would appear to be remaining with Madrid under their new coach Ancelotti, joining Arsenal for a substantial wage or perhaps hang on in the hope that Tottenham might yet come in for him.

Doing the rounds recently was Madrid offering Higuain and Di Maria plus £40m for Gareth Bale but by now you would think that they might have got the message that when Levy says no he means it, ask Chelsea and Modric. It does seem strange that a player with the reputation that Higuain has built, an International only 25yrs old and yet to reach his peak and with 3 years remaining on his contract, should be allowed to leave for a relatively low fee. £22m is less than Aston Villa are expecting for their novice Benteke, while Napoli want £50m for their prize forward and Suarez is valued at £40m.

Higuain is of course a decent player but is he really likely to make such a difference or make an impact similar to that provided by Van Persie for Arsenal? the jury is out,  but with Madrid releasing him without a fight and none of the established top 2 or 3 clubs in each division challenging for him, not even Tottenham so desperate for more firepower, surely Atletico having lost Falcao and with a huge stash of money would want him? or are Arsenal about to sign yet another centre forward destined to underperform?

As far as interest from Tottenham is concerned it is not coming as it appears that he might represent a bit of a gamble and at a reputed £150k pw it will never happen.

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  1. Thierry says:

    This article made me laugh. Where does it state or quote that Higuain is waiting for tottenham to make a move? Hes going to arsenal, why on earth would he choose the spurs over arsenal? He wants to play champions league football, simnple.

    • craig says:

      Just what is the point of playing champions league football unless you have a chance of winning it. 15years trying and further away than ever. It’s all about money and if Monaco wanted him for more than Arsenal offered that’s where he would go.

      • Jake says:

        Just what is the point in playing Europa League football if you’re not gonna win it. May as well play Champion’s League and go out to Barca, Bayern etc than travel to Vladivostock on a Spursday and lose.

        • Tony says:

          You would think after 15 years you would be getting better at it but in fact your getting worse. don’t worry though spurs will show you haw to win a trophy this year and the following year how to do well in the Champions league. COYS

      • nicky says:

        @ craig – cos u play against considerably better opposition which improves you as a player and even if you dont want to stay with your current club you can move to a better club if you are good and continue to command a high wage into your 30s as a CL player – these guys are professional and managed by professionals who know the route to take to maximize their players pay and unfortunately for the scum, sorry I meant spuds – the europa league just doesnt cut it. However you can find the video of white hart lane celebrating the imaginary Newcastle equalizer and imagine what the CL would be like to be in.
        Oh and the only reason spurs think they are on the rise is because they fell so low, falling flat on your face involves upwards motion just to get up off the floor where we left you with, eg: the sol campbell free transfer
        And by the way you do realize that all these articles are written by the same people who write the articles for and and

        • Admin says:

          The only point I wish to make clear is that every article on this site is written by a true Spurs supporter and NOT by anybody connected with the sites you mention or any others. I have always supported Spurs, saw the double team play, was there when they faced Benfica at the Lane in the semis of the real Champions Cup, when only league winners played and it was a true knockout competition. I have seen all the great Spurs players, and there have been lots, and those of other clubs, I have pictures of my children holding the 81 FA Cup(and don’t say was that the last time you won anything). This site is written by and on behalf of Tottenham fans the world over. Yesterdays banter with Arsenal was good fun as it happens, a bit of sarcasm of course but nobody went over the top, perhaps we shall introduce a page soon to continue with that cut and thrust and for use before and after games over the season. The Administrator. Spurs supporter through and through.

    • BaleFC says:

      Yeh, this makes me laugh so much! Just ridiculous. Stupid spurs

  2. Thierry says:

    And juventus wanted him but couldnt afford him, thats why theyve snapped up tevez for 10 million and llorente on a free transfer. Higuain always prefered a move to arsenal, hes agreed his terms and the fee has been agreed, hes not reluctant about signing who writes this absolute rubbish? Hes on holiday and when he returns he will sign his contract and be unveiled as an arsenal player. “Perhaps hang on the hope that tottenham might come on for him” hahahaha please dont make me laugh, we can offer him champions league football AND pay his wages. Why would he be hoping for spurs to come in for him. Wishful thinking

    • grant says:

      still nobody has given a reason why Madrid are letting him go, he cannot be up to scratch. OK for Arsenal but not for the best teams or teams on the rise like Spurs perhaps.

      • BaleFC says:

        Don’t make me laugh m8. 🙂

      • nicky says:

        getting up from a decade long face plant involves rising – up from the floor – shame is your still just a little boy playing against men. I predict AVB back to chelsea once that little love affair goes tits up and once hes sold bale to real 🙂

  3. Georgement says:

    Where is this spud fan getting is fact from? Higuain father/agent and brother has all agreed that he is going to arsenal. Champions league or thursday nite live,which do you think he will prefer? I am just laughing

    • grant says:

      No chance of winning CL or every chance of winning Thursday cup. You can see why he would prefer spurs.

  4. TJ says:

    U bloody yid, where you getting this from??

    • craig says:

      It’s probably Marca, Metro, Mail or Express they never make anything up! Bales agent is apparently in Madrid enjoying a glass of Cava and a plate of squid with Perez and agreeing wages and his wedge.

  5. TJ says:

    U spud, where on earth have you got this from? Spurs are not in the CL, not even in the Europa League

    • tom says:

      Arsenal still to qualify yet so nothing guaranteed for them whereas Spurs are through already in the Thursday cup.

  6. Thierry says:

    @GRANT Come on mate be realistic. How can you say that spurs are on the up and arsenal arent? What a ridiculous comment. A team on the rise like spurs hahaha it did make me laugh. Hes the most prolific scorer in la liga behind messi and ronaldo, and hes ok for average teams? Another quality comment. Granted spurs do have a chance to win the thursday night cup but probably wont. Every top player wants champions league footbal, thats a fact. Arsenal are on their way up just as you claim spurs to be( i dont actually doubt that spurs are moving up)Arsenal or spurs? hmmmmm no brainer mate. Welcome to arsenal Gonzalo.

    • craig says:

      Of course spurs are on the up look where they were 5 years ago, “2 points from 8 games” ring a bell. they have pulled 20points back on Arsenal while Arsenal are no longer challenging at the very top. I don’t believe any Arsenal supporter can be happy with the last 5 or 6 years. Arsenal are in CL but definitely won’t win it while spurs are in the other cup and have every chance.
      your welcome to Higuain because if Madrid want him gone he can’t be as good as you think.

    • Tony says:

      I actually think Tottenham are setting their standards a bit higher than Higuain, Villa one of the best ever but admittedly running out of years, still scored 16 in 40 compared to your hoped for forwards 19 in 44, another spurs target is possibly Soldado with 30 goals in 46 games.
      As has been said before not every top player craves champions league football just ask Falcao, Moutinho and Rodriguez.He is going to Arsenal because of the few clubs that would like him they are prepared to pay him by far the most dosh, it’s a pity they didn’t look after van Persie more as he left for money and success.

  7. Thierry says:

    Hahahaha@ craig, spurs might well be on the up, but so are the arsenal and in a big way. Tell me mate, what are you boys going to do about moving stadium? You will be financially restricted for the next few years just like we were, and while you try and compete in the market with limited funds, we will move up and up and up. Get used to being in our shadow because its a trend that isnt set to end anytime soon.

    • craig says:

      And they said Wigan could never beat City in the FA Cup but look what happened there. Spurs have bundles of talented players and possibly the best youth system in the country now, they are looking to add some top quality additions like Paulinho and Villa and are still well run. AVB is already one of the best half dozen coaches in the game and spurs are building to become one of the top teams. Fergie said they will challenge for the league and now Mourinho so why would you doubt they might do it. Arsenal are in deep brown stuff and spurs are coming for ya.

  8. Thierry says:

    @ tony, higuain scored 16 last season in 19 starts, hes the highest scorer in la liga since he arrived there behind messi and ronaldo, so how is he not good enough? and your setting your sights higher than higuain with david villa? hes nearly 32 mate are you joking. No doubt he WAS one of the best but his great days are long behind him. Once we sign fellaini and higuain, along with a few other talented prospects, our squad will p*ss all over yours.

    • Tony says:

      19 goals in 44 appearances in a league dominated by a couple of teams and 7 players scored more in la liga last season, even Postiga was only 2 behind.Madrid scored over a hundred goals and higuain got 16, not good. Let’s put that into more perspective Defoe scored 15 in a mediocre season for him in 43 and a much harder league. Villa is still in the Spanish squad so to say he is finished is a little premature. you need Fellaini or someone like him and have done for years, what makes you think it will happen now. How you must yearn for players like Sandro, Dembele and the expected new man Paulinho.

      • Jake says:

        If only Arsenal could have Spurs’ players. They’re all so superior that they finished below Arsenal.

  9. Thierry says:

    @tony, you make me chuckle mate you really do. Yearn for players like sandro? dembele aint bad at all but id take fellaini anyday, and paulinho? why would we yearn for these players when we have wilshere, arteta, cazorla? no brainer mate. and forget how many goals madrid scored thats irrelavant, higuain has got a phenoamenal goalscoring record at madrid and this is from a player that doesnt play regularly. i never said villa was finished i said he was past his best, if spurs are on the up then you need more than villa. I dont deny that spurs are well run, and are building for the future, what really annoys me is you lot say it like arsenal are in decline, explain that for me please? How can you be up and coming and arsenal arent up and coming? How?

  10. Thierry says:

    and as for avb being one of the best 6 coaches in the world, that really is a ridiculous statement, what has avb done exactly to be named in the top 6 in the world? Another deluded fan spouting rubbish.

  11. Lillywhite says:

    even a Spurs fan doesnt yearn for Dembele or Parker, we accept them as this is the best we can do. As I told you yesterday, Paulinho isnt coming, nor is Villa. Arsenal have signed Higuain from RM and we will be selling Bale to RM within 12 months. my mate gave me a sad analogy that unfortunately I agree with, we have been running a race V Arsenal for and losing the race by some ways for 90 years….they stopped running for several years to build a stadium and we kept running and almost caught up, unfortunately, they see us and have bolted again, just wait till we move stadiums and stop running, they will be light years ahead. Just be happy that for now we have Thursday football as when Bale goes, so does Europe

    • whlspur says:

      If you were a real spurs supporter you would know that Dembele is very highly rated whilst agree Parker has had his day and a replacement is sought. Paulinho is expected to be the replacement and spurs still lead the chase.
      When did Arsenal stop running you idiot they spent over £50m each of last 2 years and still looking for a decent player, Cazorla apart. forwards come and go fullbacks are rubbish and no chance of silverware. Get ready for Thursdays.haha.

  12. Thierry says:

    @lilywhite i couldnt of worded it better myself. I am in no way shape or form saying spurs are cr*p, they are a decent side. But as lilywhite says, we have an opportunity to now pull away from you, we might not do it but the opportunity is there. We kept above you time and time again, even when we were financially restricted and thats down to one man….wenger. Avb is a good coach, but he will have to win some silverware and do it consistently to become one of the top coaches in world football.

    • Tony says:

      In 8 years with so called great Arsenal players incl. Fabregas, Nasri, RVP and many others Wenger and Arsenal won zilch. AVB walked into Porto after a few months coaching and won everything, cup, league and thursday Europe cup also undefeated. He is already one of the best and will keep getting better and taking Tottenham with him for a while at least. Wenger had the basis of a good team with good defenders and Bergkamp etc, he had knowledge of French market but since that went tits up he has struggled and Arsenal continue to go backwards. they once were the team to beat now they are already beaten before the season starts. Penthouse for Spurs middle of the road for Arsenal.

  13. Lillywhite says:

    Thierry- even when we finished above you after WW1, we were voted down whilst you were voted up….so even when we beat you, we lose. This is why our fans have an inferiority complex.we are a nice team and a decent club, but we are never as big as Arsenal.AVB is crap, it doesnt take much talent to yell, “Gareth, have a run”

    • Tony says:

      Lillywhite you gooner Spurs imposter you have been found out way before now when you said Ramsey and Walcott were top players.

  14. Thierry says:

    I agree mate, even though im an arsenal fan im a football fan aswell and im a realist. Wenger in my opinion has done a great job keeping us up there with one hand behind his back and now he has freedom again i really do believe he will buy his first choice players. I dont think spurs are a mile off arsenal at all, without bale i think spurs are just a good team rather than a very good one. If you lot could keep bale and spend 100 million on investing in some talented players you could be up there, i just think its hard to attract them top players when you havent got CL football, or the means to pay the higher wages, it really is that simple.

  15. Thierry says:

    @tony, walcott and ramsey are very good players, their not top top players in my opinion. Apart from bale, who have you boys got thats top top player then?

    • whlspur says:

      Vertonghen, Dembele, Sandro, Lloris(have you found decent keeper yet?)Walker, Lennon and of course the best in the league Bale. why did nobody take Walcott on when he was out of contract, ‘cos hes average,same Ramsey.

      • Thierry says:

        the thing is im not a deluded arsenal fan. Vertonghen is a great player and i would have him at asenal tomorrow, dembele is a good player not a top top player and is nowhere near as good as fellaini who will be an arsenal player, lennon is good but walcott is better(stats say it all) yes bale is the best in the league but without him your average, otherwise he wouldnt of single handedly won you so many games this season. and walcott wasnt out of contract mate, just shows how much you know about football.

        • Thierry says:

          and…. we stopped running more and more every year, the transfer market inflated bigtime and we couldnt keep up with the fees and wages, but now we can. Spending 50 mill in a season is nothing compared to the other teams that were spending in excess of 100 million, understand it yet mate?

          • Tony says:

            If you believe Arsenal will spend £100m your deluded, another £50m perhaps tops, rooney interest is just a smokescreen to keep fans happy.Arsenal now think it’s ok to spend big wages on mediocrity, hold on they always did, Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner, Gervinho, Santos, chamakh, Walcott the list goes on.wage bill £60m more for an extra point. trific.

        • Tony says:

          did Lennon not stay at last World Cup and Walcott sent home because he couldn’t cross the ball, stats also lie sometimes. You havn’t got fellaini but we do have Dembele and he is FAR superior, granted fellaini is taller and has more hair but he is poor in comparison to the quality of Dembele. Walcott was available to go for nothing after end of Jan(pre contract) as he had not signed contract with arsenal so you are wrong again. If you wish to keep using the Bale saved us line RVP did far more than that his last season to gain u a 1 point advantage, now that was a one man team.

          • Thierry says:

            dembele is far superior to fellaini? now i have heard it all, i actually feel sorry for you boys. Your the sort of supporter that gives the spurs fans a bad name, majorly deluded. So walcott wasnt out of contract then? just like i said so no i wasnt wrong, matey said that no one wanted him when he was out of contract and i said that he wasnt, because he wasnt hahaha, so i was right. Yes rvp did carry us through i wont deny that and i hated being a one man team, but bale has done the same for you lot can you not see that? you havent answered any of my questions because you got no answers, because there is no answers. Were a better outfit than you lot, just. Point or ten points it dont matter league dont lie. Gonna love watching you lot try and scrimp and save in the market with avb at the helm while you move stadium, all the while we will be raking in 350 million a year and buying the top players again. Mind that gap!

          • Tony says:

            not the stadium again, excuses, excuses. If you did not believe that Fellaini was a target for Arsenal you would not be lauding him as a great player, truth is he doesn’t hold a candle to Dembele and you might care to look at the stats. Everton v Wigan and Fellaini booed off pitch by his own supporters, how special must he be. don’t worry about Spurs having to scrimp and save, with the extra tv revenue money and the Champions league money coming our way after this season we will be just fine. Levy is the guvnor and he has a plan, sponsorship money will go through the roof and another elite team will be born. good luck with higuain and fellaini if you get him and to be honest i don’t care if you do get top four again because myself and most other spurs fans think they will actually challenge the top 2 this season, what happens behind us is of no consequence.

  16. Thierry says:

    tony mate you are so deluded its unreal. I know we havent won anything i havent said we have, but what have spurs won? and please mate stop mentioning avb in the same breath as wenger its embarassing. You said it all “he walked into porto” they already had the team there he didnt have to do anything. Wenger has built teams AND won things with them so he is proven do you not understand that. I want you to explain to me something, ive wanted to ask a spurs fan this for ages. What do you mean by penthouse for spurs and middle of the road for arsenal? Do you honestly believe that arsenal are in decline and spurs are on the up? and….. what are you gonna do about moving stadiums? tell me that? you will have to do what we did for years, and avb will not be able to do what wenger did, why? because he aint fit to lace wengers boots thats why.

    • whlspur says:

      wenger built teams 10years ago but based upon existing defence and Bergkamp thanks to predecessor. Look who AVB brought in to Porto to transform them. Please don’t keep on about stadium Spurs have gained 20 points on Arsenal with small ground, £100m less takings and no CL, you should worry what they might do when the stadium is in place .The giant is rising.How can you deny Arsenal have declined while Spurs are consistently raising their own bar soon to overtake Arsenal. last 8 years trophy haul.
      Wenger NIL AVB 3.says it all really over and out.

      • Thierry says:

        Mate do you realise what your saying? What has avb done at spurs? absolutley nothing! you have gained on us because we was paying for a stadium while trying to keep up with the big spenders, AND you still couldnt catch us! Why are we going to worry about what will happen when you have your new stadium? that will be 6 or 7 years down the line, by that time we will be miles ahead of you. Answer my question, what are you going to do in regards to building your stadium? Tell me please? becasue we have done it! and now we can push on, what dont you understand about that?

      • Thierry says:

        and he built it based on existing defence? hahaha, lauren, cole, campbell, toure, all wenger! unbeaten in 49 games! and your saying avb is better than wenger, embarrassing mate!

  17. Thierry says:

    @tony where did i say arsenal will spend £100 million? tell me mate? we will spend more than the spurs,why? simply put because weve got alot more financial firepower than you, and its funny how you lot wont answer me about what your gonna do when you build your stadium. Deluded

  18. Southafricaspur says:

    Why are there gooners on a ite called ‘just tottenham news’?

  19. Thierry says:

    @tony dont make me laugh mate, spurs challenge for top two? i doubt it to be honest. So you say “levy has a plan, sponsorship money will go through the roof, tv revenue and the money from champs league” You are deluded son. You might very well have all that, but weve got alot more, alot more mate. Champs league money and money generated from our stadium p*sses all over spurs, then you got the biggest kit deal in the premiership, along with the money that has been put aside for this moment. And your saying your on the rise and were not? ive never heard something so stupid. And you keep dismissing the stadium because you know it will happen, you will move grounds. You will either have to borrow shitloads to build it and then becareful in the transfer market while you pay it back, or you could just plummit the club into ridiculous amounts of debt while u build a stadium and try and buy top players. I know which way i would want to go, my point is that arsenal have done this now, weve weathered the storm and come out the other side with everything needed for the future. Tottenham fans are jealous, very jealous indeed.

    • Thierry says:

      and @ tony, you say “levy will yet again build an elite team” Most ridiculous statement on here that ive heard. Tell me when spurs have ever had an elite team lol, chelsea have more than once, so have man city and man united constantly, arsenal have had a few elite teams, spurs none! You are a good team but dont make me laugh saying your elite. Please dont talk to me about history tony, because in terms of history arsenal literally ruins spurs. The here and now, yes spurs are good team no doubt about that and your a decent and well run club, but arsenal are that bit better(league dont lie my friends) and now weve got the financial firepower to compete at the top, and you havent. Simple!

      • Tony says:

        No mention of “again” and don’t kid yourselves. Spurs are a good team and will prove it this season. Arsenal were a lot better now not so and 1 point doesn’t even make them better, by that analogy Wigan are better than City and Spurs are better than United because they took 4 points from them. Use your noddle Arsenal ahve been caught and are in trouble, it’s all very well having the so called financial firepower but when did any really good player join Arsenal, not for 7/8 years but you have collected plenty of mediocre players along the way. Who will you sign this year? it is reported that you are quibling about paying £10m for Williams of Swansea you big spenders you. No superstars for you but next summer you might have to worry about Wilshere as without CL football he might be off.

    • tom says:

      Maybe once a little envious of Arsenal but that has evaporated over the years and Spurs supporters know their time is now. Don’t underestimate Levy he has built the club, they have their best squad in years, the best youth development centre in England and training facilities unrivalled anywhere. The club are financially sound and the squad assembled will succeed with minor tinkering for years because they are young. with success and important players comes more sponsorship money and merchandising. spurs have plenty of those players including the best in the land, Arsenal have got two half decent by comparison to a real superstar, Bale. I’ve read all the comments and you do not explain why Tottenham are not on the rise or Arsenal decline when compared to the table 5 years ago, Spurs have 26 more points and Arsenal 10 less. It seems Tony is spot on.Explain using your weird logic if you will.

  20. Thierry says:

    ok tom ill explain mate, seeing as though none of you understand football. Levy has built the club, so has wenger, no difference there. And your right mate you have got the best squad in years and you ours is one of the worst weve had, and you still couldnt catch us, that says alot. You havent got unrivalled training facilities at all thats a fabrication, a matter of opinion and not fact. “with success and important players comes more sponsorship money and merchandising” Your saying it like arsenal havent got that either, very promising young players indeed(same as spurs) You have one player who is world class, i dont know where youve got the statement that youve got the best players in the land thats ridiculous. Im a realist and a proper football fan and even i know that arsenal havent got any of the best players in the land. GET THIS STRAIGHT, i have said that i agree that tottenham are on the rise, there a good team and a well run club, but your saying that arsenal are on the decline? Wrong! My logic is that both will push on now, arsenal even more so because we have the financial firepower do you not understand that? You say the club are financially sound, i dont disagree at all, but arsenal are not financially sound no? We have more than two half decent players mate, and that is why we continue to finish above you, like you said you have the best squad in years and you still coudltn catch us, that will be even harder now that we will bring in some top players. And still no one will answer me about what you will do when you move stadium? Tell me that mate? its not a sarcastic question, i genuinely want to know what you are going to do?

    • craig says:

      5 years ago Arsenal 83points Spurs 46, last season Arsenal 73points Spurs 72. Arsenal in decline Spurs accelerating at speed. Says it all really.

      • Thierry says:

        @CRAIG Arsenal in decline? lol if we would of slipped further and further down the table then yes we would be in decline, but weve been in the top four for 16 years running now, and for the first 3 or 4 seasons we werent competeing for the league we were still finishing 2nd and 3rd. So no we are not on the decline. Spurs are just worried that because we now have the means to pay the fees and wages to top players we will be right up there again, lets have it right shall we, arsenal is a big club and it might not be as attractive to join as barca say, or man united, but its a hell of alot more attractive than the spurs thats for sure, how do i know that? because we have the better team lol simple. How many times do i have to say it, the table doenst lie. You havent finished above us for nearly20 years, now that says it all.

        • tom says:

          the table doesn’t lie Arsenal 10 less points and Spurs 26 more that seems to prove decline and considerable improvement.

        • Tony says:

          Not challenging for the league are you so things not as they were. with all your spending power why not pay the £10m for Williams if a big club wanted him they would pay more as Chelsea, city and United have done. if you say you now can’t compete then by reason of that you are in state of decline. Once Arsenal had their pick but no longer. Think you might have to reconsider comparing how much more attractive Arsenal are to spurs as Vertonghen and holtby chose Spurs over them and villa looks like he has said yes to spurs but no to Arsenal in January. We havn’t finished ahead in a while but it’s about to change and we can say we have won a trophy since you last did.

    • tom says:

      Please tell me what top players you will bring in, Rooney? he won’t join Arsenal even though he is also in decline. As far as the new ground is concerned Spurs already own the land, they do not have to relocate they have the government on board because of Levy and a massive chunk of the cost will come from name sponsorship. Levy has it all worked out and has played a blinder throughout, he will have the money in place to do the job without the need for the club to break stride. Onwards and upwards.

  21. Thierry says:

    @ tony, ok you said “another elite team” so when did you last have an elite team? Arsenal have been caught and are in real trouble? honestly mate ive never heard more tosh in my life, its typical of a deluded spud. I have said about 4 times now that spurs are a good team and yes they seem to be on the up. But saying arsenal are in trouble is ridiculous. Use my noddle you say? At the end of the season, the final league standings dont lie and thats a fact! A known fact thbroughout football that only you seem to disagree with. When did a good player join arsenal? Song, walcott, giroud, podolski, cazorla, koscielny, hleb, rosicky, arteta all very good players i cant even be bothered to think of all of them. Tell me what quality players have joined spurs? I agree that there have been a few becasue im not naieve, but we have always been in a different league to you lot, but yes over the last few years you have caught up. We wont pay 10 mill for williams because to put it simply hes not worth it, and i stand behind wengers philosophy of not throwing money at clubs until it sticks(like chelsea, man city) Who will we sign? hmmm how about fellaini and higuain for a start, two top players that would benefit any team in the league,fact! who are you gonna buy? david villa? 32 and on his way down hahaha now thats ambition for you. Yet again no one answers me about what your gonna do about stadium,why? because you havent a clue and know what is gonna happen. good luck keeping up with us lads.

    • tom says:

      where is this Fellaini deal coming from you are the only one to keep mentioning it, he would improve many teams yes but sadly not Spurs midfield.some good players in your list but only Cazorla is a really good player the others are not at his level, and with all those players what did you win? Williams not worth £10m but if you want to improve you have to pay. who else can they sign for decent money and with this so called spending firepower you are messing over a couple of million. doesn’t strike me that you have all this spending power you talk about. Arsenal were desperate to sign villa themselves in January but he didn’t want to know.

  22. Thierry says:

    @ tom, villa had a pre contract agreement with us mate but wenger wanted a proper striker in his prime. Villa is good but hguain will be so much better. Just wait, fellaini will be an arsenal player. Yes ive heard of paulhino, is he a world beater? no. hes a good player but hes not a top top player. who else are you gonna buy? If arsenal cant attract top players then spurs certainly wont be able to. Thursday night football? hahahaha enjoy that lads, while were in the elite of the elite, as always. Your forever in our shadow boys, and we will dissapear into the distance now.

    • Tony says:

      I think you might be eating your words Paulinho is a top player why would Chelsea and Madrid be interested if he was average. Because they have so many midfielders to accomodate they really can’t take on another so Spurs should win the day. hope you do get fellaini cos he is an Arsenal player overpriced and not much better than average. Dembele, Sandro and Paulinho will be the most potent midfield force in the league and if Spurs get Villa and Arsenal get Higuain I’ll take Villa to score more given similar minutes on the pitch. You will disappear into the distance only trouble it will be down the table while Spurs continue climbing.

      • Thierry says:

        @ tony, im actually bored of trying to get through to you lot now, your the most hated fans among football and now i know why. Fellaini is average? Just shows you know nothing about football mate honestly. Dembele sandro and paulinho will be the most potent midfield in the league? Mate do you realise what a ridiculous statement that is, have you seen chelseas midfield? Hazard, mata, lampard, oscar they decimate spurs completley. Man citys midfield is miles better than yours, arsenals might not be miles ahead but we have got a better midfield than you. Cazorla, arteta, wilshere, all top players. David villa will score more than higuain? I have shown a few of my pals who support chelsea and man untied some of your comments, and we all had a good laugh at you hahahaha. Like i said, tottenham aint a bad outfit at all, decent manager, tiny pony ground, and the club is well run. Arsenal will always be in front of you, always. I say we come back onto this very thread in a month or so and we will see how both teams have strengthened. I have agreed thqat you have caught up, no doubt about that, but to say that arsenal are gonna decline and are in major trouble is an absolute lie, theres no substance to your statement whatsoever mate, having a debate with someone who knows nothing about football is quite frankly pointless.

        • Tony says:

          I know what you mean about getting bored, you try to talk sense to someone, answer all their questions and they don’t answer yours. Keep your head in the sand if that is what you want to do but many Arsenal supporters are not happy and if you hadn’t been given that dodgy Norwich penalty you would have been 2 points behind Spurs.Of course your United and chelsea mates laughed because they also are beginning to fear Spurs and if Fergie and mourinho say it as football people there must be truth to it, or don’t they understand football either? When you get a minute look up Dembele stats and you will see he is more impressive than fellaini, who incidentally if so good will be targeted by United surely, 90% plus passing accuracy, top 5 in interceptions, tackles, dribble completion, forward passes all he needs to do is score a few more goals.I see you haven’t mentioned a great United midfield so how did they win the league? I have seen chelsea’s midfield and agree that they will be one of spurs closest competitors, they have class but not sure Mikel is good enough for Mourinho and his midfield preferences, maybe as things stand they are a bit lightweight to be the best. City, well I think the average Paulinho keeps their new £30m man out of the Brazil team so do YOU really know much about football?
          See you in a month or so I’ll be here but not sure that you will be.
          No more in their shadow.

        • craig says:

          Bored! I am bored asking the question, Spurs gained 26 points in 5 seasons Arsenal lost 10, explain how that does not show Spurs in the ascendancy and Arsenal in decline and please don’t use the stadium as your excuse because you had some exceptional players and they had to leave because they were mislead just like the club have done to you with the lack of money to spend rubbish. they have money but just don’t know how to spend it. they would rather pay high wages to rather average players like Bendtner Gervinho, denilson,chamakh and Walcott(100grand pw do me a favour)

        • Tony says:

          As suggested I’ve come back on this thread and would like to know if you are happy or upset with your transfer dealings. after all the hype about signing top players up front the signing of ozil alone must be a bit disappointing as good as he is.All those names you mentioned and not one arrived and even thought I was wrong about bale leaving you were wrong in that levy did reinvest all of the money and then som.
          with the 3 top teams all changing coach both you and i said this was a great opportunity to take advantage, i believe spurs took it but arsenal have more or less stood still.

  23. Thierry says:

    weve dropped from the top of the league to 4th, you lot have climbed from 12th or something to 5th, so technicvally you could say we are falling, but were not, because we havent finished outside the top four for 16 years. You cannot say that if we handnt of had a penalty then we would of finished behind you, that is ridiculous. If bale hadnt of pulled you out the sh*t constantly you would of finished about 10th so dont maake me laugh. Man u won the league with an average midfield yes but they had the best striker in the world and a solid defence, also the best manager in the world to get the best out of them simple. Spurs might well be on the up, but so are the arsenal, theres not much to choose between both of them at the moment, this transfer window will be very important. We will bring in some top players without a doubt you will see, whereas youve just made a bid for villa of 10.5 million and he wants to hold out for a bigger club hahaha. good luck boys

    • Tony says:

      technically you could say we are falling but were not!!!!!You have from the top and are hanging onto 4th with less points, just admit it all the facts point to it.At least you confirm spurs are on the rise from 12th and 46 points to 4th/5th, 2 4ths in 4years doesn’t lie. RVP did the same for you the year before but it’s not like we had an extra man it’s a team game and some players are more influential than others. I didn’t say the penalty WAS the difference just making the point that it could easily have gone Spurs way and it was that close. On the subject of Arsenal the new financial force they are bickering over relatively small fees and wages for Fellaini and Williams. Still looking for players on the cheap and still will be in decline whatever you believe. It seems the table doesn’t lie unless it suits your argument sunshine. Looked up those Dembele stats yet? apology awaited.

  24. Thierry says:

    dembele is a top player mate ive never disagreed with that. Where are you getting this bickering over wages for fellaini? pure tabloid speculation thats what. Fellaini is an arsenal player and so is higuain, will be announced in good time. I agree it could of gone either way, theres not much between both teams if were honest is there, thats why this transfer window will be pivotal for both clubs. We are not in decline, there is no substance to that arguement, otherwise we would be DECLINING! Down in 5th or 6th but no, we have fallen from the top to 3rd and 4th and have stayed there for years so we are not in decline. We will see in a month or so how we both have strengthened wont we. Keep up boys

    • Tony says:

      the daily fail as usual but that is the first i’ve seen of fellaini and arsenal link at all. if he was that top drawer would you not think that Moyes who knows him and United, who by your own admission have the worst midfield of the top 5, would be doing all they can to get him as they are with Baines. he’s a big lump with a stupid “screech”haircut, scores a few goals and is a decent aerial threat. If you do get him as you think at whose expense will it be Cazorla, Arteta or Wilshere, because he sure ain’t no winger.

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