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Historic Tottenham photo,they say we have no history! eat your heart out Chelsea.

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Guest Writer

A very good friend of mine found this photo while going through the historical archives of Tottenham Hotspur, quite possibly one of the first photos ever taken of Tottenham supporters heading to see their team play and now it has found it’s way into my possession to share with our supporters. If anybody knows the names of the three or can suggest anything suitable please send in your suggestions. Along with this photo also see the video below of one of our early European adventures.

Is there anyone that you recognise in this photo?

Spurs supporters outside the Bill Nick before the game.

Spurs supporters outside the Bill Nick before the game.

I  wonder whether there might be some interest across the country for a football supporters tournament based upon this idea perhaps operating under the jurisdiction of the governing body if they would permit or be interested? If any Tottenham supporters are interested in forming the very first Premiership fighting team please contact us and we shall pass on to the governing body for consideration or simply contact Battle Heritage GB direct. (To see the boys in action click on the video below)

As you have guessed this has come from our friends at  Battle Heritage who are involved in the adrenaline fueled new sport of Full Contact Medieval Combat began in Eastern Europe, it started take shape 15 years ago in Eastern Europe.

It is a revival of the medieval tournament fighting that was used to train and hone the skills of Knights in the Middle Ages.

From it’s humble beginning, the World Championships now attracts up to 22 countries from every continent. the squads fight in teams of 5 v’s 5 and 16 v’s 16, the object is to knock all of the opposing team to the floor. the fighters wear fully authentic armour (up 30kgs), and totally authentic weapons(rounded edges). There ARE rules-No stabbing, and others similar to most martial arts for the sake of safety.You will see fighters headbutting, drop kicking and generally bludgeoning each other to the ground. An opponent is out of the fight and considered “dead” once they have three points of contact with the ground. Once down they remain so until the end of the bout. the fight will finish when either all the opposing fighters are downed or one team has one fighter left and the opposition three fighters.

See the video links on website for more information.

 The Rise of the Knights Tournament

On Saturday the 1st February last Battle Heritage GB went to this tournament in Bernau, Germany which is a twelve team European tournament held as a warm up the IMCF World Championships,being held at Castillo Belmonte in Spain from the 1st to the 4th May 2014.

IMCF is the International Medieval Combat Federation.(details of the World Championships can be found from this link:-

Great Britain entered two teams, our main national squad and a try out squad ” the Mongol Massive” who fight in Mongolian /Eastern armour. the national team powered through the tournament as they won all seven of their three round fights by two bouts to nil to come away as Champions. this was a great achievement for the team that beat teams entered from Poland, Denmark, Germany, switzerland and France to take the title. The “Mongol Massive” managed a very creditable fifth place.

Full Contact Medieval Combat has grown in leaps and bounds since being introduced here in the UK just 18 months ago. Our fighters went to France last year, when Britain entered the world Championships for the first time and they finished a creditable 8th of 44 teams entered and left with the trophy for ” Best Debut Nation”.

Battle Heritage GB now have over 40 fighters with full kit that are actively training , a further 50 novice fighters are at various stages of development, allowing us to now enter three  5 man teams and a 16 man team in the upcoming World Championships in May.

Please contact Battle Heritage by using one of the links or keep involved by joining their Facebook page

Don’t forget to inform us if any of you have an interest in forming a Spurs team or just becoming involved with Battle Heritage GB, any suggestions for an appropriate name would be greatly appreciated.

15 to “Historic Tottenham photo,they say we have no history! eat your heart out Chelsea.”

  1. Stantheman says:

    Brilliant photo have you got any more to put up and share.
    Think it’s a great idea to get some teams together to let off steam.

    • Tony says:

      Already asked for more photo’s and will post in due course. would like to think that spurs might be able to get a few lads up and start the ball rolling. Will invite a few other clubs to participate if we get some interest.

  2. Eric says:

    Wonderful and historic

  3. yidarmy says:

    How about “Hotspurs Henchmen”.

  4. 4everspurs says:

    Tottenham Titans

  5. Boobaspur says:

    It’s just not Medieval without DECAPITATION !

  6. Steve Chessman says:

    Left to right: Paul , Joe, Rob. ( don’t have their surnames)

  7. Tony Montana says:

    Fantastic idea is there more information that can be published ? eg how can we put a team together

    How about “Sperzmen” as a name

    Loving the concept

  8. Big Thanks for all the well wishes and facebook likes from our new supporters from White Hart Lane, from all of us at Battle Heritage GB.
    Keep up to date on our World Championship preparations via our facebook and webpages!
    Anyone interested in forming a team or attending their local training, message us through facebook or email

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