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Hoddle and other doubters are way off the mark.

Posted on May 09, 2013 by Tony

Already the Arsenal reserve keeper and now none other than Glenn Hoddle have doubted the quality of this Tottenham squad this season even though they have their best points haul ever achieved after 36 games in the Premier League. To knock them is totally unfair and uncalled for as the truth is that this has been about another season of growth with a new, exciting and tactically able coach and backroom staff.

This current Tottenham squad have an abundance of fantastic players, are there many, if any, better than Bale, Vertonghen, Lloris. Kaboul, Walker, Dembele and Sandro, each of them would walk into the Arsenal team let alone squad and are there any playing in the Premier League that could take their place in the Tottenham team? doubtful. the reality is that there is no longer a single Arsenal player that any Spurs supporter is envious of although Jack Wilshere, when fit, could be the one exception.

Chelsea have a few players that they would welcome like Hazard, Mata and Ramirez but few others, including Oscar, who would be guaranteed to start more than not. At City there is Silva, Aguero and Tevez, Toure is their star man but is he better than Dembele? it would be a close call. United have Van Persie, Rooney and Hernandez who would all improve Tottenham. Everton have Baines and Liverpool Suarez.

Tottenham have an issue with the need of a goalscorer or two or and a real creative genius, they also need a better left back, beyond that it is about a  more squad cover particularly for Lennon or Bale.

I am not suggesting that the players mentioned are the best in the business or would walk into every team, but the point is just who is out there in the Premiership that is so much better that Tottenham would break the bank to replace what they have. Of those 7 mentioned any replacement would only possibly be marginally better if at all.

Tottenham have now finished 4th, 5th, 4th and ? in each of the past 4 seasons and should no longer be dismissed out of hand, in this transitional season they have lost four of their very best players in Modric, Van de Vaart, Ledley King and Younes Kaboul for a variety of reasons and still remain in contention, lying just 9 points off City, 3 off Chelsea and 1 behind Arsenal, with all the wealth and experience those three possess it is testimony to the quality and ability of Tottenham that they are still in the mix. Take away 4 of any teams top 5 performers and they would all end the season empty handed and struggling for Champions League football. Lets face it United without Van Persie and Carrick, Liverpool without Suarez and Gerrard, Chelsea without Mata and Ramirez, City without Yaya and Silva and Arsenal without Cazorla and Walcott would all be in a far worse position, Villa without Benteke and Swansea without Michu would probably be relegated by now.

Make no mistake Tottenham have a team with tremendous quality, they have added a will to win with the addition of some strong players and had they been able to bring in the forward and midfielder needed e.g. Moutinho and Damiao they would certainly have accumulated far more points by now.

The sort of comment from Hoddle is normally associated with the likes of ex Arsenal and Liverpool players who seem to have a monopoly as pundits and in writing newspaper articles with supposed expert opinion, in truth Tottenham have actually improved their points tally against all odds, they will retain all of their stars for this coming season and add to the quality that they possess, that will enable them to mount a serious challenge for trophies and further cement their position as an emerging team.

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  1. Spud killer says:

    Oh dear!!! Carzola, Wilshere, Rosicky, Podolski, Sanya, Gibbs, Monreal, Koscielny and even our goal keeper would walk into the tottenham squad unchallenged. Get your facts right!!

    • Tony says:

      You gooners live in your own dream world but at least you have not included your so called centre forward Walcott in the equation..Bale and Lennon are far superior to him. This article admitted that Wilshere is a possible and at a pinch Carzola as a squad player but the others no way, especially Rosicky, Podolski, Sanya, Gibbs and Koscielny. Did you happen to see what our loaned out youth player Andros Townsend did to Monreal last weekend,sad really I felt for your new £10m buy. As far as your keeper is concerned he would be behind Friedel in the pecking order at Tottenham and is likely to be replaced this summer. Remember Arsenal were desperate to sign Vertonghen but he saw sense and joined a team on the rise rather than in decline. Don’t boast too much about finishing ahead again just yet as it might come back and bite your arse.

  2. HamidOG says:

    We do have quality in our squad but the problem is we do lack it in one vital area and that is up front. It can also be argued that we lack a little in our central midfield. Dembele, will get better, but he doesnt unlock defences, yet. The squad is clearly imbalanced, but again does have qulaity. Bale is world class and we have quality in Lennon, Walker, Vertonghan. The reality is we sold real class and never quite replaced it. One investment in a class striker would have made a huge difference this season. Problem is Levi wants success on the cheap and he is the real problem. Im not saying sell the club down the river, but £25m spent on a class striker will bring in well over £40m in champs league revenue, not to mention all the marketing/sponsorship dough. We can go forward with just one or two key signings. As for arse, not one of their donkeys would get into our side on merit. They just have an exceptional (with depraved tendencies) manager

    • Tony says:

      Speculate to accumulate doesn’t always work just look at Leeds and Portsmouth amongst others. Just look back to the Irving Scholar years when only the intervention of Alan sugar saved the club. Don’t knock Levy too much he has done a great job and keeps producing some of the most sought after players for the club, Carrick, Berbatov, Modric and now Bale. Lloris, Vertonghen, Walker, Sandro and Dembele are also players of enormous potential and could go on to be considered as important.

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