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Holtby out, Taarabt in and no new left back.

Posted on May 07, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Though the press are searching for any sort of sensationalism as the season draws to a close some of the headlines greeting us today are really very amusing. Tim Sherwood is vociferous in defending Danny Rose and suggesting that Tottenham and their supporters should not give up on him. Lewis Holtby is apparently awaiting on a decision from the club over where his future lies and probably the most far-fetched story of the day is surely the suggestion that Tottenham are keen and in the driving seast to snap up one of their biggest disappointments Adel Taarabt.

It seems almost certain that Tim Sherwood will not be in a position to decide on any players future, in less than a week soon after the last game has been played he is due to sit down with the Chairmen and talk about the future and that will surely exclude the man who has shown his inexperience, his deficiencies as a coach and his inability to manage a squad of top class internationals from all over the world.With increasing speculation, probably misplaced, that Ashley Cole might be a target to solve Tottenham’s problematical left back position Sherwood has implored Tottenham to stick with the project of Danny Rose and because he still young he will surely be retained but unlikely as a nailed on starter as has been the case this season as he still has much to learn.

The link to the purchase of Taarabt is amazing, always a poor example in training, accused of having a poor attitude and one of the biggest ego’s in sport he has failed to ignite his career and a few short months in Milan producing some reasonable performances is never going to persuade Tottenham to snap him up again. The future of Lewis Holtby is also apparently due to be discussed in the next week with the consensus of opinion being that he might be moved on having failed to convince that he can command a place in the team. Tottenham are overcrowded in midfield but the suggestion that Holtby, a hard working capable midfielder able to do a job in a number of positions, is a certainty to go only to be replaced Taarabt, a proven problem and a midfielder known to go missing when the chips are down is laughable.

Until such time as Tottenham have settled upon the coach to take the club forward next season it is extremely unlikely that any decisions will be made until they have been fully accessed by the hoped for new coach, to think that it might be Sherwood, one of those responsible for declining to sign Suarez  suggesting he was not good enough, is a concern and probably puts into perspective his suggestion that Rose is good enough for a team with the potential be and with hopes of being a top four team.

There will be much talk of comings and goings over the next few weeks but the one that should concern us most is the appointment of the man that will becharged with picking the team and the tactics for the coming season and until that decision has been made it is unlikely that too much else will happen in the transfer market.

The rumour mill will be rife with potential new buys and even more so outgoings, every day it seems that Vertonghen is off to one of the Italian clubs that really won’t be able to afford the fee Daniel Levy will demand or one of the other five so called failures are ditched while Eriksen will become the target of any team playing in the knockout stages of the Champions League AND United while Lloris seems to have his pick of any European giant out there. Townsend to Southampton, Kane to a range of mid table clubs would seem to leave a very depleted Tottenham squad, should we really expect a mass exodus and another ten replacements to upset the blend yet again? Doubtful.

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