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How long does it take to perform miracles?

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Scraggs

We are all upset and disappointed by Sunday’s performance and the result, so much so that some supporters are calling for the head of AVB as they have become disillusioned with his tactics and his team both in terms of performance and style. You might have seen some of the ridiculous comments by some on this site and on almost every article written about Tottenham. There have been blogs, articles, talk-ins, forums and twitter comments pretty much all designed to decry the work of AVB. I have lost count of how many times I have read that the supporters want their Tottenham back, Tottenham a team renowned for playing the game the right way, playing with flair and scoring spectacular goals and lots of them.

Some have turned against Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis accusing them of what amounts to gross misconduct,while it seems that all the players purchased are not up to the task and are not fit for purpose. These so called inferior players are essential for their national teams in almost all cases or are likely to be in the future as in the case of Lamela.

Lets analyse some of these accusations, are Tottenham still the free flowing attractive swashbuckling team we remember from years back? the truth is that prior to season 2009/10 Tottenham scored less than fifty goals in a season on no less than eight occasions during the fourteen seasons of the Premiership of thirty-eight games, that is an average of just fifty goals per season, hardly as prolific as some supporters seem to believe.

Let’s take a look at how far backwards Tottenham have gone under Daniel Levy, here is the league table of just five seasons ago, ninth and a country mile behind fourth placed Arsenal let alone Manchester United who were out of sight.

2008/2009 season.

1 Manchester United (C) 38 28 6 4 68 24 +44 90  
2 Liverpool 38 25 11 2 77 27 +50 86
3 Chelsea 38 25 8 5 68 24 +44 83
4 Arsenal 38 20 12 6 68 37 +31 72  
5 Everton 38 17 12 9 55 37 +18 63  
6 Aston Villa 38 17 11 10 54 48 +6 62
7 Fulham 38 14 11 13 39 34 +5 53  
8 Tottenham Hotspur 38 14 9 15 45 45 0 51


From a financial aspect Tottenham are growing ever stronger and closing the gap to the major clubs of the last dozen years, when Levy took over Tottenham were the 14th richest club in the world behind Newcastle amongst others and now they are 11th. Six years ago Tottenham were worth less than half the value of Chelsea, half the value of Liverpool and close to a quarter of Arsenal, now the gap has closed and Tottenham are just about 20% shy of Liverpool, 40% of Chelsea and whilst Arsenal are still way ahead the gap is now only a little over double the value. As regards income when Levy took over Tottenham were operating on just £65m compared to Liverpoo’ls £155m and Chelsea and Arsenal on £144m they all had considerably more than double the income to work with, now though Tottenham are still behind the gap is closing and currently stands at just about 30% behind Liverpool and 60% behind Chelsea and Arsenal.

Let’s consider some of the players purchased over the summer “the duds”, most angst is being aimed the way of Roberto Soldado with supporters suggesting Tottenham should have gone for a better striker, well with well over twenty goals a season in the Spanish League he was certainly one of the most prolific in Europe, those with more goals included Bony who went to Swansea and has yet to set the Premier league alight, or there were those that scored more in La Liga, why Levy didn’t go for Falcao, Ronaldo or Messi we shall never know. Eriksen has done ok and he and Lamela are afterall still only 21yrs old and are for the future. Chadli and Capoue have had their season interrupted by injury while Chiriches has actually done quite well in quick time. The final player Paulinho, a fixture in the Brazilian team, has not yet played to his full potential and yet it is clear he will become a huge asset for Tottenham sometime soon. Paulinho has been most compared to Frank Lampard, with his ability to appear in the opposition box and score goals but in each of Lampards first 2 seasons at Chelsea he managed only 5 goals!

Just why everybody expects an import to hit the ground running is beyond comprehension, Van Persie acknowledged as the best striker in the Premier League managed 10 goals in 41 games when he first came to England, how many chances are the media prepared to give Torres at Chelsea and Drogba managed just 16 goals in 41 games in each of his first 2 seasons. Giroud managed 11 goals last year his first season in England, the list is endless with the odd exception. Luis Suarez is the name on everyone’s lips at the moment but consider he scored just 15 goals in his first 44 games in the Premier League. Why does everybody expect all the Tottenham new boys to be integrated and at the top of their game after less than 3 months in England and only 8 league games or less for some of them, bear in mind that since the transfer season ended the players have been away 3 times and featured in as many as 6 internationals spanning a total of almost a month away with their national teams.

Short memories or ridiculous expectation is no excuse for the panic and vitriol being thrown the way of Tottenham, Levy, Lewis, AVB and the players, the season has hardly begun and the atmosphere and pressure applied to the players in every game is now beginning to affect results. At White Hart Lane the players should be given complete support and AVB should not have to ask for more, the players should be able to relax and play their natural game and only then will the swagger and class reappear.

At the moment it probably seems to Tottenham’s players that they will have to do this on their own, that they have to earn the respect and support of their own fans to turn things around when the reality is that we are all in this together.

If supporters are happy with mediocre and the occasional trip to the league cup final then continue to chip away at the players and the coach, but if they really do want to return to top club status then it is essential that they get behind the team and AVB whether or not he is the right or wrong man for the job.

Patience, belief and support is what is now needed, with less than a third of the season gone and despite what has happened everything is still there to play for, Tottenham are in all of the cups and can still challenge in the league, how long is it since we Tottenham supporters have been able to say that? Let me tell you, too long.

There are no coaches of any consequence available to replace AVB if he were to go now, talk of Klinsmann before the World Cup will never happen and quite frankly he has achieved nothing as a coach and promises nothing better, without a viable alternative all the supporters calls for AVB to go will fall on deaf ears as it would be madness to abandon the plan now, there is no relegation issue or a need to panic and Levy knows it.

AVB is going nowhere this season and I’m betting he turns it around just as he did last season, supporters would do well to heed the warning that bitching and whining only makes matters worse and they would better serve the club, players and their own expectations by giving their support  and seeing where it takes us over the course of the season. If Levy and Lewis believe changes have to made next summer rest assured they will do so but until then it is pointless to do anything other than support your team.




21 to “How long does it take to perform miracles?”

  1. tom says:

    A couple of great seasons with harry and at the end of it nothing and modric gone. All these AVB out merchants havent come up with bettet alternative and please dont give klinsmann again. So who is there to replace him? Now the metro and that twat sanderson have started the sacking stories and suppory will fall for it. Already 8 points behind leaders but last year it was 13. Only 4 off 2nd and 2 off 4th conveniently overlooked.
    Someone tell me a better altetnative cos I cant think of one.

    • lou says:

      Pullis has gone to palace damn.
      Only Chelsea sqck managers that are not in relegation trouble. The scum media are loving this they have turned the support agsinst the coach and destabilised spurs. Now hes looking at the sack and the dressing room has tutned what rubbish
      terrible sunday but that one game apart all else is ok other than scoring more goals. I dont understand all the moaning and hate for avb because apart from one CL qualification Spurs have done sod all for years. Redknapp haf us out of all the cups by now and no bettet off in the league at this stage.
      This is stupidity.

  2. Eric says:

    I found this a well balanced read but considering the general sentiments going around be prepared for some nasty criticisms your way.Not defending that performance but I still feel we need to give the lads n Avb the year to sort it out

    • Scraggs says:

      It had to be said though. Sometimes the truth hurts. The fact of the matter is that Spurs have no recent glory and so much of the anger is misplaced.a cup wit ramos and another wit graham in twenty odd years is not what i want to see. Fergie took 5years to build united and spurd supporters and the media expect avb to do it in 12 games.
      Time for supporters to get real. As someone recently said who else is there?

    • Tony says:

      Fully expecting some nasty stuff but have had to cut out a certain party who went beyond the decent. Happy to take criticism and welcome some banter as football is about opinion. Why would we sack avb there is no danger of relegation and we are still in everything at the moment. Having backed AVB to the tune of £100m why only 8 games after the transfer window closed would they look to sack him. Sunday was a nightmare and has set the club back, the media have had it in for avb and spurs from the beginning, the metro today suggests the club are considering sacking him, for who exactly, they quote the concern that they are 8 points behind top spot conveniently forgetting 4 points off 2nd and 2 from 4th. With the loss of bale and so many new players most of us would have taken that at the start and almost anytime in the last 20 years.quarters of league cup and through in europe. Graham and ramos who nobody wanted won league cups in last 20 yrs and that is it. I don’t understand how Spurs supporters are so unhappy when there is really nothing better or potentially longer lasting in years and years. Redknapp gave us a few good seasons agreed but what did we win? nothing. and to do so he didn’t take any of the cups seriously and gave them up for an attempt to finish top 4. We have had some decent managers some crap managers and won a few cups but nothing long lasting and never will unless somebody is given time . AVB has had one season, took over after losing Modric so every expert expert predicted a struggle, he took them to a record points total. This time round we lose bale and after what has been a decent start and with so many new players SOME supporters are being ridiculous.
      As you have probably seen one or two so called supporters even managed to blame me and this site for Tottenham’s troubles. The truth is there are better teams still and Tottenham are doing their utmost to overtake them, they now have the squad but need time to allow players to bed in, gel, for many to get up to speed in a different league and grow as a team. chelsea, arsenal, city and united have longevity as a team and were never going to simply disappear off the radar and yet we are within a win of three of them.
      I keep going back to last season when it took until early december before it all clicked into place. One terrible result against title favourites, too few goals but a good points total and in all the cups, is that so terrible or more importantly worse than at anytime in the last 20 years.NO.

  3. Antique Gunmen says:

    Well. I’m betting that you Spuds will spent entire seasons just to gel for each other. It means, the City ‘s result might not be the last for you. Happy slumping lilies! gooner out.

  4. TH14 says:

    It is time you people start supporting a proper football club in North London instead of supporting a joke of a shite club ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL

    • Tony says:

      You don’t know what your missing. Won anything lately?COYS

    • Bang says:

      After £100m, the club is really progressing but in the reverse direction. Why support a club like that when you can spend just £40m and top the league.

      • Tony says:

        What when you could support one of the richest clubs in the world with massive resources who settle for fourth and no silverware in 9 years.COYS!!!! Let’s be clear though £100m spent on 7 players with 3 of them for the future. You spend nearly half that on one player and are already out of one cup with home defeat.
        The reverse direction you refer to is actually wrong as we are 3 points better off than this time last season and still in BOTH cups and that after selling the player wenger turned down for £86m. Things are never as bad as they seem.

        • OnlyOneIceFM says:

          LMFAO! are you actually trying to justify the notion that your 100 million was well spent? Ok let me knock you of your pedastool for a second… Which club in the history of football has ever spent over 50Million on a player and havnt seen the effects? I mean if 100million gets you those players fair play but WHEN do you want to actually prove their worth? in 100 years time? the point my fellow arsenal fan is trying to make is that success is not rushed… you cant buy a handful of players throw them into a league they have no experience in and expect to be successful! this is not football manager my friend and your team and AVB need to realize that! Arsenal are building slowly and wisely because the adverse effects of buying allot of players is worse than the effects of using a team that understand each other and understand the league they are in… it is because of this very reason Cardiff held man utd and man city to deny them of a win and the very same reason why your team got absolutely annihilated by City! I respect you for supporting your team but dont be blind to obvious facts! Experience wins you a cup NOT money! Every team that has won with money barely has a winning history! Anyway lemme not say much because my point has been made! Arsenal For Life!!!

          • Tony says:

            Well you have answered the point really arsenal build and need time with their buys but our 100m new boys you seen to expect to be instant.we dont yet know how much of the money was well spent because some need time. How many 50m players have been bought in prem. None so absolutely moot point.take a look at how many players cardiff bought my friend. Just what has all your experience won you for the last nine years? Spurs have come from a long way behind your mob but are now right up their with them and the truth is your worried about us right now. I think the point of the article is that success is not rushedand so all the players and coach need some time. Perhaps you will agree that with alltheso called badly spent money and poor performances 4 points off 2nd is quite good.weare fully aware its not football manager but the squad needed more depth and the opportunity arose with the bale money think how often we failed in the past because wr had great 1st team that run out of steam in run wont happen again. Maybe you ought to worry about yourselves a bit more unless of course you really are happy to finish in top four and win nothing every season.TTID.COYS

          • lou says:

            What are you talking about mate you start by implying the players bought should be proving themselves already. you then go on to talking about time and building is whats needed.lets hope most of our buys stay and work out better than many of yours like chamak gervinho santos denilson etc. How much longer do you think you have got to build before you win a trophy again?bearing in mind you started this bleak run with the invincibles just how bad is your coaching and choice of players to buy?

  5. tinalex says:

    The writer made an attempt to be very positive and optimistic about matters Tottenham, which every supporter does. However, the writer completely missed the point in his article. The issue is not about all he said but about the expectations, which the club, Tottenham supporters and the media built when 100 million pounds were being spent.

    We were told that the club had assembled a title winning squad, with comparisons being made with Arsenal. At some point this blog bragged that Tottenham had the best midfield, defence etc in the league. I remember when Erickson was being compared to Ozil at some stage. So against these declarations and statements one would expect Tottenham to do better on the pitch.

    When Tottenham lost to Arsenal, we were told that the team was gelling and would come out all guns firing as the season progressed. At the same time we were told that Arsenal would start to implode. The facts however seem to suggest otherwise. The club earned 13 points in their first six games and only 7 points in its last six games. Looked the other way, Tottenham earned 9 points in its first four games, 7 points in the next four games, and only 4 points in the last four games. If broken down by quarter for the 12 games played to date, the club won 6 points in the first quarter, 7 points in the second quarter, 6 points in the third quarter, and only 1 point in the last quarter.

    It is therefore apparent that the results do not reveal a club that is gelling and improving as the season progresses but one that is getting worse at a time when everyone expected it to be doing better. This is what is the crux of the matter not the excuses given by the writer of the blog.

    • Tony says:

      The writer was positive and factual over a period of more than ten years and you refer to just 12 games. Since the arsenal game it’s been just 9 games during which you have played only united of any consequence away and lost. good results against decent liverpool and southampton teams but with home advantage. Nowhere have we said that AVB would take just 9 games to do what it has taken you 9yrs to get to. How many times have i heard it took giroud a season to come to terms with the premier and to do what he is now doing so just why should any of our 7 new players be any different, ridiculous eh. Let’s see where we all are in 3 months and whilst that is still too little time for avb to do his stuff i’m confident things will be much much better. Funny how all the knockers come out and comment after a bad result let’s see where you all are after a good one for us and a bad one for you.

      • tinalex says:

        Relevance is what matters. Expectations were raised and declared after a fortune was spent. You may want to revisit the blogs where you were an active participant. During that time aid nothing about how it will take more than a third of the season for the team to gel. As a matter of fact people who pointed to the fact that you had bought far too many players in one season were being brushed aside. Now that results are not as expected you want to tell us that that it takes time for players to gel, this is a project that started nine years etc.

        As for Arsenal related arguments you are being irrelevant again but I will respond. No Arsenal supporter hyped Olivier the way you did to your new players. If anything the larger section of supporters and the media claimed that he was a flop. It has been 12 games and Arsenal is on top of the league, with an 8 points gap between and Asrenal. During that period the former has lost at home to West Ham and Newcastle. I am not sure where the home advantage was during those matches.

        Four months have gone since the start of the league, and you still need another three months. After that probation period which you are requesting you will request another probation period from the look of things.This is not just a bad results but as I can count them they are three consecutive bad results. Other even argue that if it was not for a questionable penalty decision in the 9th game of the season, we could be talking of four consecutive bad results for a title winning team!

        • Tony says:

          So your trying to tell me that Arsenal have not declared their expectation that they would win the league or a trophy everyone of the last 8 years. Please don’t be ridiculous it has always been the case that time to settle was required, some have done ok while others are still on the case. Your all bigging up ozil so what was so different with giroud and the others. some of the buys might not work out but then you arsenal supporters know what that is like with more than your fair share of failures.I’m sorry but it’s only 8 games since 4 of the players signed and whether it’s a third a fifth or half a season is irrelevant it will happen when it happens. Home advantage is going to be to your advantage as an established team rather than Spurs trying to grow as a team or is that not a valid point.
          It’s actually been 3 months since the start of the season and 2 1/2 since transfer window closed, there have been 3 two week international breaks since the beginning of September and your argument in the face of those facts is very poor. 3 bad results 1) away to everton 0-0 not so bad really 2) 0-1 newcastle bad result agreed but not performance.3)0-6 City awfull and in agreement. I’ll take 2 bad results and 1 terrible performance but then you lost 2 consecutive home games to chelsea and dortmund and recovered.
          Lets not talk about questionable decisions as you get more than your fair share and actually saved your top four place last year with home equaliser against norwich.
          With united coming next it still might get worse before it gets better but it will happen soon enough.
          Try something a little more sensible to wind us up rather than suggest our players should be firing on all cylinders so soon and because we spent £100m, thats not a lot more than chelsea spent on fewer players and yet we are just 4 points behind them. to be 2 points behind the champions at this stage and 3 points better off than last year after all the comings and goings i think is quite realistic but of course would prefer to be at least 8 points better off.

    • mick says:

      bit of a glib statement there. Everybody keeps referring to £100m spend raising expectancy when it was simply the proceeds from sales and an opportunity to give depth to the squad and acquire three players for the future, Lamela,Eriksen and Chiriches. Replacing Bale was going to be impossible as he is unique and so players were brought in to bolster other areas.
      You have conveniently picked the point out to suit your attempt to knock Tottenham but made no comment on why 8 games is sufficient for our players to settle when it takes yours and other clubs players a year or more.

      • tinalex says:

        From my computations its now 12 games. The argument is merely a follow up of the claims which you made in the build to the season and in the first three or so games. The issue is not about net spent or source of funds used to buy the players, but the fact that 100 million pounds was spent in strengthening the squad. Players aged 21 years and above are hardly players of the future in my view. The 25 men squad rule does not require clubs to register players below the age of 21 years, while those that are 21 years and above must be registered. This must tell you what is the cut off of players for the future, at least according to the EPL rules

        • Tony says:

          Not just strengthening the squad as of course we lost our best player, so trying to cater for a huge loss and improve was the aim and it will take time to see if we have succeeded. Players of 21 and under are players of the future as their best is still a long way off. Why would you expect someone like Lamela to step in and do wonders when your still waiting for walcott and chamberlain to do the same. How many of you supporters wanted Ramsey out last year it got so bad that wenger was considering leaving him out at home and now see the difference. Sorry but you lot are just as fickle and shortsighted as other supporters.
          I didn’t say that they couldn’t or wouldn’t play just that they were not bought for their immediate impact but for what they would bring in the future just like you and chelsea have done.
          Please don’t lose too much sleep worrying about spurs we will be ok and snapping at your heels again soon.

        • mick says:

          alright 9 games since the window closed but you have still not given reason why our players should have settled already and nor have the press. Bit of a silly comment we know the rules but that’s not the pointthe players referred to are yet to grow and develop just like you did when you bought chamberlain, ramsey and Walcott and Chelsea bought several of their players now loaned out. the source of the funds is relevant really as it came from losing the best player in the premier league and just how do you even replace him or say we have have strengthened, if that was the case why didn’t arsenal win a trophy after selling fabregas, RVP etc. did they not strengthen their team with the money?

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