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HT Spurs v Everton

Posted on February 09, 2014 by Eddie S

This exciting new era under Tim Sherwood has disappeared too quickly for my liking, he has picked a team today that looks to have been based on his favourites rather than to do the job. What is Lennon doing coming inside or switching wings so often, it just plays into the hands of Everton who attack from both fullbacks.

Bentaleb is jogging about doing very little, Dembele is being asked to break the defensive lines of Everton while Paulinho who is at his best getting into the box is restricted by the system. Eriksen on the left exposes Rose who cannot be expected to hold Mirales and Coleman. Zero shots at goal from open play shows we have gone backwards since AVB left, that Sherwood is not and never was the answer.

Townsend for Bentaleb to take up position on the left with Lennon hugging the right to stop Baines and Coleman, Eriksen central and either Dembele sitting or Capoue on allowing Paulinho to do his stuff.

Not confident.

3 to “HT Spurs v Everton”

  1. Alee says:

    You may have a point. With few exceptions, we should really have two wingers on the pitch when available.

  2. Eric says:

    Lennon and Bentaleb shouldn’t be automatic starters

    • Tony says:

      Lennon based on form and Bentaleb on experience and what he offers to the team in comparison to others. also though our fullbacks and Dawson are taking flak it is because Lennon is being asked to swap wings and play inside, eriksen on the left and no def.midfielder they are all suffering because Sherwood is intent on playing his token youth player no matter what. Bentaleb is potentially very good but what has happened to protecting young players and not overusing them.

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