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Hugo dismisses Tottenham exit talk.

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Tottenham’s real star of the season Hugo Lloris has apparently caught the eye of the richest clubs in France with both Monaco and PSG supposedly taking an interest in his services. As usual the press seem to be keen on selling the best that Tottenham have, following the departures of Bale and Modric in the last two seasons our star attractions at the moment include Lloris, Vertonghen and Eriksen, so they are sure to be the players at the ┬ácentre of transfer rumours away from the club over the course of the summer.

In the case of Lloris quite what he has added to his game from two years ago when we bought him I am not too sure, he was then the captain of France and had been the number one for sometime and now he is still that same keeper. All this talk of Tottenham seeking a replacement for Lloris is also a little farfetched and it is particularly pleasing that the man himself has now admitted that he is very happy to play for Tottenham and it is only others spreading these rumours.

Of course Tottenham are looking for a new keeper but rather than to replace Lloris it is surely to replace Friedel who turned 43 yrs of age this week especially now that Huerelio Gomes has also left the club.

Hugo Lloris the French captain and keeper

Hugo Lloris the French captain and keeper

An experienced backup is going to be essential going into the new season, Brad Friedel having already admitted that he hopes to secure a coaching position at Tottenham in the future, surely the least he should expect as a man of great integrity and ability who goes about his duties without complaint.

Paulinho has also seemingly dismissed rumours of wanting to exit the club this coming season while Eriksen has always expressed his happiness with the move so that just leaves the future of Vertonghen to resolve, his has been a strange season, a fantastic player who has suffered more than most from errors and who has upset some of the Tottenham fans who believe his heart has not been in the job for a while, of course that might be down to injury concerns, the continuous switch from central defence to left back and the sheer inability of Sherwood to send a team out to dominate the opposition, we all know that in most games our midfield has not been set up to protect the back four and Sandro and Capoue have been used far too sparingly.

Whoever is allowed to leave this summer will not hurt us in the same fashion as the loss of Modric, King and Bale did, the four players mentioned above are those that we would prefer to see start for us next season, the likes of Lamela,  Chadli, Capoue, Chiriches, Sandro and Soldado finally getting the opportunity to show their worth and a couple of the youngsters breaking through.

There will undoubtedly be a couple of new additions as well as a few exits, Gomes has we understand gone, we have yet to hear what is to happen with Kaboul as though he played in many of the games toward the end of the season there are still major injury concerns and fitness issues to consider which will decide his future.

The situation regarding the appointment of a new coach remains ongoing but presumably the players will be aware of progress being made and the possible options being considered, they will know that it will be somebody with a decent amount of experience this time and it will be somebody with some sort of track record and a method and style of play that will suit Tottenham and the players within the squad. It all points to a young coach in the mould of a Pochettino, De Boer or a Martinez, for the latter it has probably come a year too late for Tottenham as he seems settled and happy at Everton, De Boer and his brother seem to be distancing themselves from the job with Ronald now suggesting that there has been no contact from Tottenham “for a while”.

Unless one of the World Cup managers is going to become available, like LVG who finally plumped for United, then provided Daniel Levy can strike terms and make the job difficult to turn down for the Southampton man then it is surely going to be Pochettino in the hotseat fairly soon and frankly I am warming more and more to that possibility with every passing day.



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  1. BigH says:

    What a farce this is turning out to be. Let’s face it we are struggling to attract a top manager and this is because of the way the club is being run. I have always argued that we should go for Martinez, but I think that is a non starter. My other choice has gone up north. So we are left, according to reports, with Ponchetino, De Boer and Benitez. The likely favourite is a bloke who has managed a seaside club, finishing 14th and 8th. Never won a major honour and the only pressure and expectation he is used to is choosing the colour suite to wear on match days. The other two have won leagues, other cups and a champions league. No guessing which one we are likely to end up with. It sums up how far low our reputation has sunk

    • Tony says:

      I have to say that my own preference is for Pochettino as de Boer has no experience in a big league and with a winning team he has still never managed to even get out of the group stage of CL. As far as Rafa is concerned he has really been very poor since before 2006, even a cup with Chelsea who still had a great squad and were the CL holders at the time. i think we all get carried away with what others have achieved before, let’s face it Martinez was relegated a year ago but this year with a better squad he finished ahead of us and united., same with rodgers while the city manager has never won anything before this season.
      Whoever is chosen will as always be a gamble

  2. Anonymous says:

    If he had any brains he’d go to arsenal to win silverware.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I suppose he could stay here and play thurday night football the rest of his career phtttt

  4. Anonymous says:

    Only would have a decent chance of winning silverware if he went elsewhere…fact

    • Tony says:

      That might well be true but that is not the intention of the club, players or supporters and irrespective of the end result of this past season it is not a true reflection of the ability of our squad. Did you expect Liverpool to finish ahead of you at the start of the season or even finish in the top four? most didn’t because their squad does not come close to those of the top 5 or 6 even apart from the goals of suarez of course. Yeah he could go and play for Bayern, win the league by easter and by 30 points, keep goal for 90 minutes and have little to do in all but a fraction of the games but perhaps he enjoys being part of the premier league for the excitement and involvement and the chance to show he is the best keeper in the league and possibly the world.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Best keeper in the world? ……..what are you smoking dude?

  6. Anonymous says:

    He’ s not the best keeper in the epl but he’s probably the most busiest.

    • Tony says:

      debatable but by far the best in London, in fact apart from Friedel and Lloris there are no decent keepers in North London.

  7. Anonymous says:


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