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Hugo Lloris speaking after the match! (video)

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

As usual Tottenham as a club and AVB in particular are the subject of every negative story as just about everybody has taken the opposite side on the Hugo Lloris story. Surprisingly the one crumb of comfort has come for a lone and unexpected source as Stan collymore of all people has defended Tottenham, AVB and his medical team against very hostile opposition. We know that after the game thorough tests were carried out on Lloris  and he was seen to be perfectly fine. Let us remember that these same medical staff were crucial to saving the life of Muamba and are dedicated professionals. Now I am not doubting that Tottenham’s preference at the time was for Lloris to come off and for Friedel to take over for the last ten minutes or so but I am not buying the argument that the decision was made in order to chase three points as has been suggested by some, Friedel was ordered to prepare to come on and the officials were readying the change , to suggest that having to play Friedel might prevent a positive result is also incredibly insulting in itself.

So it is true that they would have preferred Lloris to come off but it was he that convinced them that he was fit to carry on and it was sufficiently satisfactory from a medical point of view. After the match Lloris had this to say:

In addition to the video here is a picture of Lloris flat out after the incident and the reason why so many have attacked Tottenham

Hugo Lloris looking suspiciously like Lukaku knocked out in a recent game.

Hugo Lloris looking suspiciously like Lukaku knocked out in a recent game.

including  FIFA, the FA , the NFL and many head trauma experts, all have been quick to condemn AVB and his staff but nothing yet from the Ministry of Hard Knocks.

Clearly from the video and photo shown the point of this is really about the double standards of not only the media but also the football Institutions that run and govern the game, this incident involving Lukaku whilst playing for Everton and whilst being a Chelsea owned player attracted no such condemnation and so we must ask just why that is? We believe that there has been and still is an agenda from the British media to undermine Tottenham and AVB and this was an opportunity too good to miss. AVB seems to be the reason for all the wrongs in the world, a lack of goals, mistreating Adebayor, putting Defoe’s England place on the bench in jeopardy, today he is slammed for having the cheek to play Jan Vertonghen at left back for a few games and his only excuse for doing so is that Rose, Naughton and Fryers who would normally play there are injured, Jan is not happy he said so in December last year when the same article appearing in the Sun today appeared in the Telegraph, why I wouldn’t mind betting AVB caused the financial collapse and not those poor old banks.

Surely Tottenham supporters should begin to see what many of us already know, the agenda is that Tottenham must be stopped from breaking up the monopoly at all costs, they had the audacity to sack Harry Redknapp, the source of endless pages of newspaper stories all concocted from the comfort of his car outside the Tottenham training facility and his replacement seems intent on telling just the plain old facts and no juicy stories of the forty or fifty transfer targets for the transfer window.

Tottenham supporters showed last Wednesday that they are still firmly behind AVB and bowed to his wishes of vociferous support for the team, the feed back from all those supporters was of a vastly improved enjoyable experience. With home games coming up against Sheriff on Thursday and Newcastle on Sunday Tottenham fans will have the chance to show the players and staff that they will play their part in this adventure and not be conned into doubting them.

Make no mistake Tottenham are surely being targeted or else how can you explain the difference in media and football reaction to these two identical incidents occurring just thirty three days apart.


2 to “Hugo Lloris speaking after the match! (video)”

  1. tom says:

    Absolutely crazy that all the fuss is aimed at AVB and Spurs, how many clashes of heads occur each week, plenty of claret but after stemming the flow of blood they play on, there is still the chance of other problems so are they going to suggest every clash of heads results in players coming off?

  2. Eric says:

    It’s like everything and everyone related to our club is being thrown down the barrel these days

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