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Hypocritical Robbie Keane.

Posted on July 14, 2013 by Scraggs

Robbie Keane has apparently stated that Gareth Bale should not jump the Tottenham ship and should give the club another year to get them into the Champions League, this is garbage on a number of levels.

1. Was it not Robbie Keane who left Tottenham all those years ago to fulfill his boyhood dream to play for Liverpool before shuffling back, tail between his legs following 4 months of inactivity and benchwarming. When Keane and Berbatov left Tottenham that summer they took with them the hope and quality needed to break into the big time and set Tottenham back years. It smells of hypocrisy to me.

2. The article by Robbie, who incidentally was a great and appreciated player for Tottenham irrespective of the stick given, also, as with so many others, speaks of Bale giving Tottenham one more year to get them into the Champions League, if they make it and Tottenham continue improving and mount a serious challenge, that the club, coaches, supporters and more importantly the players expect, why then having achieved what he has been working toward for years with Tottenham would he up sticks and go, and why would Tottenham allow him to? I agree that if there is no Champions League at the end of the season then if that is what he wants I am sure Tottenham will honour that, at the right price of course.

3. Finally and for the last time of saying it I hope, BALE IS STAYING he has implied it with his words in various interviews, he is advertising Tottenham, and himself, worldwide, he is off on tour this week. Clearly his intention is to stay for a while if possible provided Tottenham continue to match his ambition and achieve, whether that be for one year or a few more yet, he has plenty of time on his side and I cannot stress enough, Zidane, Beckham, Figo, Alonso and others joined Madrid aged 28yrs. Kaka, Owen, Sahin and others were much younger and floundered.

Bale is staying and if all goes as planned it will be for a few years.

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