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I don’t envy AVB his team selections.

Posted on October 24, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Andre Villas-Boas has at his disposal a squad of approximately twenty-six players this season, they have been assembled by Tottenham at great expense and come with a combined market value of way over a quarter of a billion pounds and are paid between them somewhere in the region of ninety million pounds in wages every year and increasing. AVB himself picks up a decent wage but with that huge income comes immense pressure as he has to manage the ambitions of the club, the players, himself, his staff and every single Tottenham supporter worldwide.

Daniel Levy is one of the men responsible for giving AVB his chance following an unhappy six months in charge at Chelsea, his predecessor was a well liked Harry Redknapp who had led the team to two fourth place finishes in just three seasons as well as a decent run to the quarter finals of the Champions League. There were probably a number of reasons for Redknapp’s eventual demise at Tottenham but it is pretty obvious that the lack of silverware and progression after the first venture into the big European league was of major concern. We are all well aware that it was very similar story in AVB’s first season at the club, no silverware and falling short of fourth by a solitary point but in fairness the entire squad needed to be revamped and that is a job that started a year ago. This season Tottenham went into action with the loss of another star player to Madrid and once again with several new additions, this time all chosen by AVB and  based upon his requirements.

Handling the players expectations is probably more problematical, they have the same expectation of success and a wish to play in the Champions League in the very near future, some have been regular participants before so presumably the club have sold them on a future in the knockout stages sometime soon. With such a huge number of top quality players to choose from handling the players desire to play lots of games is one of the most difficult hurdles that AVB faces, none take kindly to sitting on the bench for too long although it does seem that each of the players has been chosen carefully with none appearing to have much of an ego about them, did I hear “what about Adebayor then”. With the World Cup coming up next summer many will be hoping to impress their national coaches and so win a place in the squad for Brazil, playing will be vital to their ambition.

Managing the expectations of the club, players and fans.

Managing the expectations of the club, players and fans.

AVB and his coaching staff also have enormous ambition, they are judged on results as failure will see them moved on to make room for somebody else who might bring the desired success. Some clubs are happy to seek stability in the Premiership but Tottenham are approaching the point of not just wanting success but expecting it. AVB has gone on record and confirmed that he has the ambition to achieve enormous success and quickly as he also has ambitions unrelated to football, until that happens he has to answer to everybody and manage the expectations of them all.

Pressure comes from all angles when things do not go quite as planned, from above, the players and the media but if close to 40,000 supporters are unhappy then you will know it and sitting in that dugout trying to change the course of events must be the loneliest place in the world.The money would come in handy but to coach a top club must be incredibly difficult, get it right and all is rosy get it wrong and the pressure must be immense.

Every single team selection is crucial, he has to ensure that the team win games, maintain a challenge in every cup competition and more importantly remain on track to qualify for the Champions League, there can be no excuses for AVB this season as the squad is full of quality with cover for every position, the vast majority of the squad would quite rightly believe themselves to be a member of the first choice eleven, AVB has to try and maintain that belief to ensure he gets the best from every one of them and that is the juggling act he has to manage while winning games.



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  1. Eric says:

    Soldado Vert Lloris should have stayed back.Call me a pessimist but Avb obsession with the europa may cost us a Cl place.Imp players should be used at imp stages.Would love to be proved wrong

    • jem says:

      No i think it is right to take Europa League seriously as we have a squad full of new players who didn’t quite have a full preseason together. These games can help AVB experiment with different lineups and the players can get a feel of playing together. If we expect to play in champions league next season, then this is something we will have to get used to. This is excellent practice for maintaining a challenge on both europe and domestic league. If we cant handle europa and epl with our current squad, that means we are not ready for champions league football.

      • Tony says:

        Seven changes from Villa game and still formidable if not flowing.

      • Eric says:

        Last season we dropped all our point after a europa game when Avb took imp players inspite having an injury depleted squad.This season we already lost to West ham cause walker was jaded n Defoe started since he played excellent against a mediocre team.M all for cup games but players should be used judiciously.Y take Soldado so far n sit him on the bench when u have 3 strikers in Ade Defoe n Kane? Imagine losing Lloris to such a game.Rose has been missed dearly so y flag him inspite of having just one lb is beyond Mr.We are woefully short in defence n still took Vert,are they no good defenders in our youth teams? I reiterate m all for the europa but Avb needs to use his player judiciously or else it will coat us again like last year

        • grant says:

          eric you obviously have a valid point but if the squad is protected too much when will they get games and how will they remain match fit, they also need to play in match conditions with those that are considered first choice. If the squad get into the CL they won’t be able to be rested and retained for the league matches. What needs to be done is buy in January a left back as the absence of Rose has been a big loss and another top forward. the best thing Spurs can do is have top quality replacements rather than wrap them in cotton wool. Soldado is clearly the top forward and hopefully Ade will be another who rediscovers his form as he offers something different but Defoe despite all the goals in second rate games is no longer good enough for anything more than late sub if needed. If CL is the aim and belief then it’s not about wrapping them up safely it’s having better backup like United and City.

          • Eric says:

            What I meant was that ppl like Vert Soldado rose walker Paulinho shouldn’t travel to Moldova Norway cause then they are jaded n underperform the next pl game.U may say that then how will they play Cl but keep in mind in the Cl we won’t travel far away to Moldova Norway etc.We have no proper full back cover so rose injury hit us hard so these players shouldn’t be playing group stages.Fryers n Naughton are not top 4 full backs.I reiterate m all for the Europa but the squad has to be used judiciously

  2. Jide says:

    I will say it again, we did not need any of our first team players out there in Moldova. We have more than enough squad players to cope.

    If we are going to lose matches this season, it will likely to be after a Europa game. We have to focus on the league.

  3. Eric says:

    That looks unlikely tony since avb will want to top the group n get a non cl participant in the next round.Afterall he wants this bad

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