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I don’t get the anti Walker brigade.

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Jamie Redknapp and Twitter had very little good to say about Kyle Walker’s performance last night and yet once again he kept his opposite numbers in check and still found time to maraude forward and cause the German defence some problems. I cannot recall a single occasion this season when he has been given the runaround and rarely has he been caught out defensively or been at fault for a goal despite being the most used outfield player at Tottenham this season.

Jamie Redknapp is one of the instigators of all things detrimental to Tottenham and it comes as no surprise to learn that he believes that the Liverpool fullback Glen Johnson is a safer, more secure defensive bet for England’s future, sometimes I wonder what obscures his vision because Johnson is a very decent attacking fullback but his defensive qualities are dire at the best of times. Take a look at some of the Liverpool supporter sites and many of them openly suggest that he should be used in a more advanced midfield position such is their concern.

Redknapp feels that Walker is too often caught out by balls played inside him especially because of his ventures upfield, that might be the case on occasions but firstly it must be noted that he always seems to have the pace and strength to recover the situation, secondly Redknapp should know that in the modern game fullbacks are expected to overlap and take up offensive duties, Ashley Cole tried to do the same and was caught out on more than one occasion, one of which led to Germany’s goal, no such concern there though! thirdly, in a team game when defensive players make forays upfield another member of the team is supposed to help out and cover and that is what happened. Finally Walker is under instruction from AVB at Tottenham and Roy Hodgson for England to support the player ahead of him, with inverted wingers cutting inside and taking the fullback with him the defender is offered space to attack and that is what Walker does .

True to form Redknapp could not resist having a dig at Tottenham and slyly directed it straight at AVB, after another excellent performance from Andros Townsend he felt compelled to feel concerned for his England future having this to say;

“One possible problem ahead, I fear [is], can he keep his place in the Spurs team, especially if results continue to go against them?

“Manager Andre Villas-Boas will feel the pressure to play £30m Erik Lamela instead.”

Three defeats in all competitions is hardly akin to results going against them when most teams above them and City below have lost just as many or more, in addition both he and Lamela could quite conceivably play in the same team as either can play in various positions, they are both left footed while Lamela is possibly likely to be more suited to playing off the main striker.

Redknapp and his Liverpool associations allied to Harry’s sacking still manages to get in the way of impartial comment from him, it is strange that only concern is voiced for both Tottenham players who actually did quite well when there is no similar concern for Cole who struggled at times, Henderson, Smalling and Sturridge who rarely threatened.

Thankfully Jamie Redknapp has been allowed nowhere near a coaching appointment and his comments are totally ignored by those that matter, in the meantime Andros Townsend need not worry about his position in the England and Tottenham team while he continues to produce performances like we have seen all season, to suggest otherwise is laughable.

8 to “I don’t get the anti Walker brigade.”

  1. mick says:

    Redknapp is a complete knob and is so anti Spurs it is embarrassing. It is actually quite offensive that he is paid good money to put his name to reports and articles of a controversial nature. Why we have to listen to his opinion goodness only knows, if he was knowledgeable he would be a coach in his own right.

  2. BigH says:

    Redknapp is as bitter as his father. Both go around like sad old twisted people. Like all scousers he lives in the past, his old man was sacked and not even considered for the England job. Get over it and crawl back under your rock

    • Tony says:

      Pundits arw supposed to be impartial or reasonably so i wish i could boycott thr bloke but he is everywhere like a bad smell. A smug horrible piece of work.

  3. Jide says:

    I have decided not to give more credibility to anything Jamie Redknapp says by not even bothering to read it.

    • Tony says:

      At the moment there is very little pro Tottenham in the media, in fact ever since Arry left. I can’t believe that Redknapp found something negative to say about Townsend after showing himself to be the outstanding England player for 3 consecutive games. Mourinho made him look the fool that he is and lets hope some others follow him.

  4. Boobaspur says:

    Did Jamie Redknapp happen to mention anything about eggs again at the lane – moron!

  5. Boobaspur says:

    Tony you are going to have to implement a simple IP blocker. and some basic vote tracker.

    6 comments here and each with a single Dislike Vote, probably from the same mook
    who hasn’t even read them.

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