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“I guarantee Liverpool will finish in top 4” 15/12/2009 R.Benitez.Beware Chelsea.

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Guest Writer

In December 2009 Rafa Benitez stated that he guaranteed that Liverpool would maintain their top four status come the end of the season, at that time they were just 3 points behind Tottenham, who we know eventually replaced them, and 2 points behind Manchester City. As things turned out both clubs extended their lead over Liverpool, Benitez was sacked and Liverpool have not come close to challenging since.

Currently Benitez is the coach of Chelsea, they are better placed than Liverpool were at that particular time, still 2 points behind Tottenham and 7 behind City but retaining fourth spot 2 points ahead of Arsenal. Come the end of the season it is inevitable that Benitez will be out of a job as his position is only temporary, always assuming another coach is actually willing to take on the poisoned chalice that is the coaching position at Chelsea, what might not be so certain is retaining a top four position, something that they also faid to do last season.

With just eleven fixtures remaining it really is too close to call, even City are in the mix, just, but a comfortable win over Chelsea on Sunday almost certainly puts them in the clear unless they suffer yet another collapse.

The recent form guide of the past dozen league fixtures gives Arsenal a slight edge, Chelsea have lost 2 of their last three games at Newcastle and City and so the force is hardly with them, there are rumours of unrest in the camp and they seem to walking a dangerous line right now.

With the quality in their squad you would expect Chelsea to comfortably gain the necessary points, similarly Arsenal, the problem is Tottenham are also now just as capable and a genuine 3 way battle is on for a Champions League spot and it could go any way. We know that at the moment Tottenham are in pole position with a home fixture against Arsenal next up. As each week goes by so the games become more important and the pressure on each team ramps up just a little bit more.

Chelsea supporters have probably considered their teams position safe until very recently, being overtaken by Tottenham, led by the coach they sacked a year ago , has probably come as a massive shock and a source of embarrassment, unless they begin to become more consistent and soon they might not be saved from expulsion from the competition they won last season. How that would sit with their wealthy Russian owner would be a joy to behold.



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