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If Real Madrid are such a draw why do they have to pay treble wages?

Posted on September 07, 2013 by Guest Writer

From saying nothing and behaving like a complete idiot, Gareth Bale cannot now keep his mouth shut as he comes out with all the platitudes we have heard so many times once players complete their transfer to the leeches of Madrid.

As expected he thanks Tottenham, Southampton, the coaches, trainers, fans, teachers and the midwife that delivered him who all have a place in his heart BUT he could not turn down the once in a lifetime opportunity of joining the famous Real Madrid. Heard it all so many times now it has become a joke like some of the football sayings like “over the moon” and “down to bare bones” or “early doors”.

He wants to play in the Champions League every year, well in a two team league and with four qualifying from that league that’s a given and one that is never earned but almost a bye.

He wants to win silverware and win the big competitions every year, let’s look at that. Once Real Madrid were the team to beat in the European Cup but since the Champions League was formed in 1992 they are not the success that they once were, they did win the tournament in 1998, 2000 and 2002 but they have not even reached a final in the other 18 years of its existence, AC Milan, Barca, Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern Munich all have a better record, in fact 7 teams have won it since them and another 2 have appeared in the final in the last 11 seasons as well.

As for a massive trophy haul, well Madrid last broke the transfer record 4 years ago for Ronaldo who remains ahead of Bale in the pecking order at Madrid and on the world stage, they have also employed the acknowledged best coach in the world for the past 3 seasons and all they have to show for it is 1 league title and one Copa del Rey, the Spanish equivalent of the league cup. Hardly awe inspiring is it?

What I find difficult to comprehend or accept is that these players all speak of Madrid with such awe and talk of winning lots of important competitions when it is a false statement as proven by the above statistics, Madrid are a famous club in history I agree but if players are joining for the name and the prestige why exactly do they have to pay such ridiculous wages? Gareth Bale apparently earned somewhere between £80k and £120k pw depending upon which article you read so why would Madrid have to pay him £300k pw, surely if it really is success and the prestige a player wants why can’t Madrid say we will pay you the same or perhaps £5k more a week, that together with the cut of any fee would be enough in my mind.

Of course it’s all a myth, Real Madrid built much of their reputation on being the most successful team in the European Cup/Champions League with 9 wins, but the competition only started in 1955/56 with just 16 teams entered and five of their wins came from the first five years, since then seven clubs have been more successful and another couple equally so.

Call me a cynic but just how many of these stars would really sign for Madrid were it not for the phenomenal wages offered, much, much more than most others would give, Madrid have even dwarfed the amount the mighty Manchester United could/would pay or what Manchester City could/would pay given the financial fair play situation which Madrid will obviously ride roughshod over.

Players move clubs predominantly for money, there is a small element of the glamour of the club to it in just a handful of circumstances, slightly higher for possible success. Forget the Champions League being all important as all the Monaco purchases have put that idea to bed as did all the mercenaries who signed for City when they became filthy rich.

If it really was the glamour of Real Madrid that attracted the likes of Bale, Modric and Ronaldo why was it so necessary to offer such vast wage increases and why would a player like Kaka, for example, move to them after 2 wins and a runners up in the Champions League with Milan, money of course, not to be sniffed at but please don’t insult our intelligence by saying it is about anything but that. would Ronaldo or Bale have moved had Madrid offered them £120k week before tax, very very doubtful, hold on make that impossible, they would never have accepted joining the so called “greatest club in the world” for a modest wage rise.

Real Madrid have built their reputation on a myth and from a unique opportunity of success with the introduction of the European Cup. Since 2002 despite spending horrendous sums of money on new players and paying crazy wages they have only managed to win the occasional domestic tournament, considering that they only really have one main competitor in Spain that is a truly poor state of affairs.

Perez has turned Real Madrid into the richest club in the world in terms of turnover but in doing so has sold the soul of the club, when I went to the Madrid v Tottenham game a couple of years ago I was surprised to be told by the locals that even in Madrid itself Barcelona was the favoured team of the majority, that says it all, a club more famous and better supported across the world than in it’s own City.


4 to “If Real Madrid are such a draw why do they have to pay treble wages?”

  1. mick says:

    never really thought about it like that, why did they have to more than treble bales wages and would he have joined them for half the money?

  2. austin banda says:

    Only a lunatic would pick spuds over the galacticos no wonder willian ran

    • Guest writer says:

      Do you actually understand the point made? if the draw is to play for madrid why do they have to pay more than treble his wages? why wouldn’t they just pay £120k pw if he was only on £80k? they talk like it’s the draw of madrid when it really is the money. it’s the lies i can’t stand.Still i suppose it’s the same with fabregas and barca, rvp and united and even nasri, toure, adebayor and clichy to city. players will always go to a bigger club if the money is right. Now that arsenal have joined the ranks of the average they are fortunate that they no longer have players others want.

  3. austin banda says:

    Only a lunatic would pick spuds over the galacticos no wonder willian ran

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