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I’m not bitter but it was Levy’s fault says ‘Arry

Posted on October 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

So Harry Redknapp will soon be releasing his autobiography and what mind blowing information will it tell us that we don’t already know, well apparently all the usual culprits who pick themselves for the England team all sent him a text extolling his virtues, no doubt in an effort to guarantee their spot in the squad for as long as they wanted it, Wayne Rooney a good player but not the great that everyone used to say would lead England to glory, Terry, Ferdinand and Gerrard all contacted him to signify their support.

Harry doesn’t like to talk about other managers and even says that he was pleased for Hodgson and he sent him a text of congratulations, he then goes on to slam the style that England play and the reasons why Hodgson got the job ahead of him. Just why Redknapp believed that he would get the job is because he was the players choice, to believe that would be enough was a dangerous assumption to make when the FA had not even arranged an interview with him or asked his views, surely he must have been aware of the situations in the past when Brian Clough and Terry Venables (before he eventually stepped in) were the peoples choices and came nowhere near to being offered the job at the time.

He was careful to explain that while he was touting himself around and taking all these calls and texts he never once took his eye off the ball as coach of Tottenham, but he did find time to discuss with his coaching team who should join him in the England job, even pulling aside Brendan Rodgers to offer him a job in early April, a job as his number 2 even though he had not even been contacted by the FA. It infuriated me then and it still does now, the fact that he still comes out with the same rubbish, Harry you had shown no loyalty to Tottenham, you were more interested in talking and chasing the England job and you would have had no qualms about abandoning them at any stage during the season, that is until the England job was lost and you felt you deserved a new contract.

After all the moans and groans and details of the wonderful offer that he received to lead Ukraine he then turned them down and joined QPR instead, nobody can argue his reasoning for doing so as an international coaching position is a totally different concept and especially for the Ukraine whose national team players probably play in all parts of Europe rather than in their local league.

By all accounts Daniel Levy rated Harry so highly just a few months before he sacked him that he was apparently going to demand as much as £16m in compensation for a coach with just 12 months remaining on his contract.

Quite why Redknapp is bringing out his book I’m not really sure, most of us already know all there is to know about the man, his wife Sandra, his son and daughter in law and even his very wealthy dog, I for one won’t be putting the book on my shopping/wish list and it is doubtful that many supporters of Pompey, Southampton or even West Ham will be rushing to the shops.

Redknapp has made a fantastic living from football and in my opinion has been a lucky man in that the right jobs fell into place for him so often, it is not pleasant to see such bitterness over his failure to land the job he really wanted and he must get used to the fact that because his son and many of the old boys around the England team like him and wanted him doesn’t make him favourite for the job or even the right man for the job, had he got it then it is almost certain that all the usual suspects, those that have failed for the past dozen or so years, would have still been playing and the change so desperately needed would be even further away.


8 to “I’m not bitter but it was Levy’s fault says ‘Arry”

  1. Jide says:

    No need to be bitter. Things happen for a reason. Imagine if Harry was still at still at Spurs. Do you think Levy would have trusted him with the money used to get the players we got this season? I don’t think so. I likeHarry Redknapp’s time as Spurs gaffer. But the club has moved on. Water under the bridge mate. I have better things to do as a fan than wasting my time and money reading his book when whatever his revelation about his time with us will only make me upset.

  2. Eric says:

    Never been a fan of him but he did something wonderful for us and we moved on with a better project.Good luck for him and thank him for everything but let’s just move on

    • Tony says:

      credit where credit’s due and he did good by us but he didn’t start it all, that honour goes to Martin Jol if you forget the chairmans work.

  3. BigH says:

    Good old ‘Arry! There is no news like me and this would sum up Harry. To his credit, he did do good for us, although he also failed in his ability to tactically beat teams. Also too much favouritism and he showed us little respect with his behaviour. Best of luck Arry, but will the book also mention that he has only one one major trophy in 35 years?

  4. ledtheking says:

    Harry done great for us pity he couldn realise what he had too busy trying to jump ship instead of beliveing in what he had also wants to b seen as the nice guy but has been found out a few times

  5. Boobaspur says:

    A lot of us probably like to think we know what was happening behind the scenes and believe Harry snubbed us having being flattered with talk of being the peoples choice for the England job. Maybe it hurt us a little.

    Perhaps he didn’t play things the cleverest, but it’s easily understandable he was trying to present a position of power which simply back-fired.

    Who can blame the man. For all we know he might have felt he was going to be pushed out regardless.

    Martin Jol before him and Harry are the only two managers (before AVB) that have made me believe Spurs can win any match. Of course it doesn’t always go as we hope – but if we can’t remember Harry with a warm heart, then we must not remember the messy bad old days of a new manager every couple of months.

    He’s not my favourite person in the world, far from it, but I would always say: Thanks Harry, best of luck to ya!

    And yes, I’ll pick up a copy of his book at some point.

    • lou says:

      it didn’t take too much working out that he wanted the England job and nobody can begrudge him that, what spurs supporters can’t accept was that he put most of his efforts into getting the job rather than seeing thru the job he had already. he has admitted it was uppermost in his thought by revealing he asked Rodgers to be his assistant at end of March,WHILE SPURS WERE ON POOR RUN, which would eventually cost CL and 3rd place. Once Hodgson got the job he suddenly wanted a fat new contract and talked about a dynasty, sorry but grateful for what he did, enjoyed every minute but he broke the trust and bond he had and I for one won’t forget. Why pick up a book we already know the story we’ve heard it a hundred times before.

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