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I’m not convinced Adebayor is going anywhere.

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Eddie S

It seems that all the tabloids and many Tottenham supporters are intent on selling Emanuel Adebayor off to any team that will take him AND pay his wages, me, I’m not so convinced, AVB consistently chose Adebayor over Jermain Defoe last season whenever he was fit and whilst he did not get the goal return he was expecting or that was inline with the previous season, he did help to allow Gareth Bale the freedom and openings to exploit his goalscoring talent like never before. The provider became the provided in the context of those two players.

Say what you like about Adebayor but he doesn’t hide or shirk his efforts for the team and AVB recognised that fact and made similar comments at times. Unfortunately his reputation goes before him, ┬áhis goal and assist return in his loan year was so good that any drop would have seen all the usual negatives return to haunt him. If there is any flack that I would aim his way is that he was not match fit when he signed for the club, very unprofessional, and he changed his mind and rejoined the national team leaving Tottenham a little in the lurch for a while.

As a player he can be tremendous and almost unplayable at times, decent in the air, good hold up play, very quick and a grafter, he cannot be classed as a natural finisher and does not possess a ferocious shot but he seems too good to discard after one tremendous season and another average season affected by injury and International call ups.

I suppose that most would like to see Benteke join or another potential scorer of twenty odd goals but for everybody to consider that it should be at the expense of Adebayor or even Defoe might be a mistake, Tottenham were a forward short last season and reliant on Dempsey and Bale to fill in, that must not happen again and unless AVB decides that Harry Kane or another of the young strikers at the club is ready then the sale of either of the two specialist strikers would also need to be made up with another forward.

Maybe we are about to see a three man strike force for AVB to choose from of the new man, Ade and Defoe , irrespective of what happened last season if that new man is Benteke or Soldado that would still be an impressive set of forwards to call upon.

First things first let’s get Benteke.


2 to “I’m not convinced Adebayor is going anywhere.”

  1. Maceo says:

    Finally. Some sense has been spoken. Our issue last year wasn’t so much our misfiring strikers as it was that we didnt have enough strikers. So to get rid of one, to bring one in would make no sense. What if Benteke gets hurt and is out for a couple weeks? Then we’re stuck like chuck. I’d love to have a three man striker force to choose from. JD says it himself. I dont see either JD or Ade leaving. Lets just hope we sign another striker. At this point, i really dont care who it is.

    • Tony says:

      It seems like it will be Benteke if all goes to plan.all different and can play lone role or as pair .3 is a minimum and can see no point in wasteing what was learned last year just the specialist on the left to go and the squad is complete.

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