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Inter to make move for Soldado!

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just as we learn that Adebayor has contracted malaria and his pre season is delayed along with a tour of the States it is being reported that Inter Milan are to make a move for last seasons misfiring hitman. No doubt the Italian “giants” will want Soldado on an initial one season loan with a view to buying at a knockdown price if he is even remotely successful. Just as another of the Italian giants Napoli want Michu for a year with a promise to buy him if he performs well for them, that’s better even than “sale and return” , they can’t possibly lose.

So the good news just goes on and on for Tottenham fans, the press would have us believe that Lukaku, Bony and Origi will sign for Liverpool or elsewhere while Tottenham have to start the season with a half fit Adebayor and Harry Kane. There have been no reports of Soldado looking to move elsewhere rather all the reports and photos suggest that he is happy and relishing training with the new regime.

It is extremely unlikely that any of the seven from last summer will be ditched now that they have settled a little in the league, the club and London, worse still it is doubtful that many would achieve anything like their true value based upon last seasons performances and as we all know Italian clubs really don’t have the finacial clout to compete unless they sell players to fund any significant purchase.

As things stand Tottenham seem to have been discounted by the top four and United, Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers are be lauded as title contenders even though they have lost Suarez for far less than is being reported with a couple of million of the fee earmarked for his previous club who included a percentage of any future profit in the deal. For some reason everybody seems to be overlooking the fact that Liverpools record in the transfer market over recent years and particularly the last 2 seasons is abysmal, prior to this summer they have acquired 13 players at a cost of almost £100m and of those players very few are still with them or have seen any sort of success, Mignolet, Sturridge and Coutinho have been good buys but none of the rest have made great inroads and many have been loaned out , released or are in the process of being sold, they have also sold a few players like Aquillini, Downing and Carroll losing more than £50m on those deals alone.

I really cannot wait for Tottenham to dip their toe in the transfer waters and sincerely hope that they cause enormous ripples, for five or six years they have really challenged the top teams and finished fourth twice, on those occasions they finished ahead of the mighty Liverpool, United and Chelsea teams and yet for some reason it is like we might as well not bother turning up this season. Last season was awful, most would agree with that, we lost Bale and only a couple of our purchases showed anything like the form that they possess, Tim Sherwood, who was frankly poor in terms of team setup, tactics and man management, still managed to take us to 6th place and as was stated in another article recently had we taken as many points from the top four as in the previous few seasons things would have been very different.

In some respects I hope the fantastic five underestimate us as a few shocks handed out would be most welcome, Tottenham have a tremendous squad that will be improved upon before the season starts, there is also great expectancy in the ability of Pochettino and his style and vision that he wishes to impose on the Tottenham team, all of the five will be handing out defeats to one another at some stage and it will be necessary for Tottenham to take advantage of those situations in a way that they have failed to on previous occasions.

None of us know what the season holds for us but the more I read the more I hope that Pochettino is the one, the media and opposition supporters once again concerned about what the Tottenham team are capable of achieving going into the new year would be sufficient for the time being, after that we shall see what they are all made of.

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