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Is Andros Townsend the answer to England’s right midfield problem?

Posted on October 04, 2013 by Guest Writer

For what seems an eternity England have had a problem on the right side of midfield, coaches have been chopping and changing between Aaron Lennon, Adam Johnson, James Milner and Theo Walcott, why even David Bentley was once heralded as the successor to David Beckham. All have had their moments when they seem sure to cement their position in the team but sadly it rarely lasts.

The current encumbent of the position is Theo Walcott who is still only 24 years of age but already has 38 caps to his name, when you consider though that he earned his first cap in 2006 then clearly he has never actually convinced anybody that he is an essential part of the team. In those 38 appearances he has managed to score 5 goals but even that included a treble against Croatia in 2008 while his next 31 appearances have brought just 2 more strikes against Sweden and Scotland.

Andros Townsend in full flow. Is he about to earn an England call?

Andros Townsend in full flow. Is he about to earn an England call?

This season Andros Townsend has really taken the Premiership by storm, still only 21 yrs of age and with much to learn his call up to the England squad was both unexpected and yet at the same time understandable. Walcott is injured while Lennon has yet to play any games since the opening day of the season, Johnson is not really producing in a lowly Sunderland team which leaves Townsend as the form player of the moment.

Harry Redknapp has today likened Townsend to Aarjen Robben, not in current ability, of course, but in similarity and with the potential to become a top quality player in the same mould. Currently Townsend is the shining light in that position in the Premier League, he has terrorised every fullback he has faced and found time to give Ashley Cole, still one of the best in the business, all sorts of problems. With or without the ball his pace is tremendous, but unlike Walcott, who relies pretty much on pace alone, Townsend has a trick or two up his sleeve and is not frightened to have a go. With more efforts on goal, and with a big percentage on target, he does not lack confidence. The creative aspect of his game and the ability to mix it up a little more is probably something that needs to be worked on but already he is an exciting talent bursting to be given a chance.

Walcott has hugged that right side for 16 games for England over the last 2 years and in most of that time there have been but a handful of exciting moments from him, Townsend might not prove to be the answer in the long term as much will depend on his future development, it might prove to be too much too soon right now for the youngster although confidence is something he seems to have in abundance

The saying goes that ” if your good enough your old enough ” this could well apply to Andros Townsend.

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