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Is AndrosTownsend now ahead of Aaron Lennon?

Posted on August 24, 2013 by Tony

Having watched the Espanyol and Crystal Palace fixtures which both featured Aaron Lennon in the starting line up it was noticeable that even though he regularly managed to do what he has always been superb at, going past his full back and reaching the by line, he was still rarely able to deliver the right pass at the crucial time, to be fair to him both games came at a time when some of the new players were not so in tune with their team mates and Lennon not aware of the movements of the new players.

Apart from the issue of picking the right pass at the right moment another issue that has always affected Lennon is a lack of goals, his best return in a season has been just five goals. Statistically he is scoring a goal in every eleven games and providing an assist at a rate of one in a little more than every six games. Lennon obvioulsy gives more to the team than those statistics tend to show as his workrate and defensive awareness must not be overlooked, his amazing speed also ensures that teams have to set up to cater for the damage that he is capable of.

On Thursday Andros Townsend started for Tottenham in the European fixture away to the Georgian Champions, their opponents were obviously nowhere near the standard of the previous fixtures but on their own ground not to be taken lightly. Townsend received rave reviews following his loan to QPR, a team struggling in the Premiership, he became a fixture in their lineup over the final 12 games of the season and his performances earned him the player of the season award from supporters.

What was clear from Thursdays game was that Townsend is not far behind Lennon in terms of speed and he just might have a trick or two as well as pace to beat his defender, he also has the ability to take the ball to the byline as proved when he set up both Paulinho and Soldado. Another of his strengths is his ability to come in field with the ball and either create a chance or have an effort on goal, he opened the scoring early in the game with a tremendous effort from distance and had one or two other similar efforts. Two assists and a goal is impressive no matter the standard of opposition, he also managed to score two crackers for QPR in his short time there.

Townsend is still young, surprisingly he only turned twenty-two last month, and so is still in the early stages of development, being about six foot tall he will obviously also provide much more of an aerial threat than Lennon at 5’5″ .It now looks as though Andros Townsend is beginning to become a serious option available to AVB, capable of operating on either wide area, very quick, strong and with a trick or two up his sleeve, he is now showing he has an eye for a goal and can pick out the right pass to set up his teammates. I cannot recall a situation when he was called upon to help defensively on Thursday and so that is a part of his game yet to be assessed.

I cannot believe that Aaron Lennon is still only twenty-six and so arguably has not yet reached his peak, he still has much to offer but in my opinion Townsend might now have more in his armoury, I would suggest that he would be the better choice in a 4 3 3 formation simply because he promises more firepower and goals.

This could well become the season when Andros Townsend begins to make his mark for Tottenham, he has been with the club since he was eight years of age, is a lifelong supporter and has now completed his apprenticeship having gone on loan nine times. Provided he gets games, almost guaranteed in this AVB regime, I would bet that he will score goals and be close to double figures, if he can manage a similar number of assists as well then he will be on his way.

With four new players signed at great expense things already look good, irrespective of the departure of Bale and a couple of other favourites, when you add Townsend and Rose, fresh from impressive loan spells last season and both looking ready to step up, things look even better. If all that is not enough to provide a feelgood factor then consider also that Kaboul and Sandro are nearing full fitness and ready to role.

Even though Willian has chosen Chelsea it has had no effect whatsoever on Tottenham supporters, it has been a case of so what the “A” team will find the alternative needed to take the club forward.

Onwards and upwards COYS

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