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Is AVB assembling another all conquering squad?

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Tony

Just a few years ago Andre Villas-Boas breezed into Porto fresh from his very first six month spell as a coach with Academica and transformed them from a very good team into an all conquering one, they won the title by twenty points, the Portuguese Supercup, also the Portuguese equivalent of the FA Cup and the Europa Cup, to top that off they completed the season undefeated.

Now the English Premier League is a far far tougher competition than that in Portugal, for a start on any given day just about any team is capable of pulling off a win against even the best opposition, and often do. AVB has not just joined Tottenham but has had the benefit of a full season at the helm, he starts a second season with the same club for the first time and so we enter uncharted territory, but we do so not in trepidation but with massive hope and expectancy.

It is probably fair to say that Tottenham supporters are quite divided over what to expect this coming season, there are those that see improvements to the playing squad and are very happy with AVB and what he has achieved so far, they hope that Tottenham will mount another challenge on the top four and would consider snatching fourth and a Champions League spot an amazing and acceptable achievement, nothing wrong with that bearing in mind past experiences and what the club have to compete against in terms of wealth. Daniel Levy would also be happy with that scenario.

The remaining supporters, and more importantly, the players themselves want and expect much more, last season Tottenham finished on 72 points, their best ever total in the competition, with the improvements already made and the expected improvement still expected of Gareth Bale does anyone not expect an improvement on last seasons points total, is it really possible that with the return of Kaboul and Sandro, the purchase of Paulinho and Chadli and the expected addition of a new centre forward, who at this moment seems likely to be Soldado, that Tottenham are not capable of adding at least another several points to that total.

Is it so far fetched for all these so called pundits not to expect Tottenham to increase their points total by a decent amount this coming season, more  experience and some significant improvements in personnel will surely ensure better results and from the off rather than two or three months into the season.

We regularly hear that Tottenham have a great first team but lack depth and whilst I have never totally prescribed to that theory the quality in the squad is now even more impressive than at any other time in the past, it is true that AVB cannot call on possibly twenty players costing upwards of £18m like Chelsea and City but it does fare favorably with United and Arsenal squads and is full of hungry players anxious to make their mark and win trophies.

Will AVB ever have another season like his first at Porto, not likely and certainly not in the EPL but a great season does beckon and sometime soon Tottenham will surely be taken very seriously.

With each new purchase there does seem to be greater expectancy from more and more Tottenham supporters but it is surely now time to totally unite behind the team and start to believe that what once seemed the impossible, winning the title itself, is within the capabilities of this squad.

AVB is obviously the type who believes wholeheartedly in his abilities and aims to be the best, Stefan Freund was the type of player who never gave up and fought every minute of every game, that is why we idolised him, and Tottenham is now a club that from top to bottom is beginning to believe that great things are about to happen, how long has it been since players at or near the top of the tree wanted to join Tottenham, Gazza was probably the last, although others have joined and become special players during their time with the club. Tottenham now have a good number of players with the ability to play in any team in the world and now it is for AVB to motivate, rotate and get the best from the quality at his disposal.

Many don’t believe it yet but Tottenham are readying themselves for a great season and with silverware at the end of it.



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  1. lol says:

    If AVB stays with us for 3-4 more years, and Levy in charge, we will end up being one of the most elite teams in EU (like Dortmund. Financially not gr8 but good enuf to reach CL final and play gr8 football)

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