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Is AVB still short on forwards?

Posted on September 01, 2013 by Scraggs

Rumours continue to suggest that Adebayor and/or even Jermaine Defoe are targets for numerous other teams both at home and abroad, obviously the main man is now Roberto Soldado but even he will not be able to play in every fixture and just what happens if he picks up a knock or two over the season?

Last year was as we know the most productive in terms of points won, it was achieved with just the two underachieving specialist forwards Adebayor and Jermain Defoe who managed sixteen premier league goals between them. For the past few transfer windows efforts have been made to attract a top quality striker with rumours linking the club with Damiao, Aguero and  Rossi amongst others. Most of the elite clubs have operated with a minimum three top strikers, some like City and United have four.

The argument last season was that Tottenham were a striker light and so had to rely far too heavily upon Gareth Bale. Both Defoe and Adebayor had various spells out injured while the latter also backtracked on a decision not to represent his country in the African Cup of Nations and as a result Tottenham found themselves light in that department, I doubt that Defoe will actually be leaving as he is the more prolific goalscorer of the two and has also shown himself capable of leading the line alone, at one point most expected Adebayor to remain and become the third important option but it now seems certain that he has no future and AVB no longer trusts him.

Once he leaves the question is whether AVB believes that he has enough with just Soldado and Defoe and whether the new additions, especially Lamela will be able to cope over a long season and one in which he intends for Tottenham to challenge for every trophy on offer.

Once Ade has gone will another alternative be brought in to bolster the squad or does AVB now trust Harry Kane enough to use him more when the need arises? Thank goodness there has been no more of the Damiao nonsense this summer, if ever a player missed the boat it was him unless he has a particularly good season and World Cup next year.

8 to “Is AVB still short on forwards?”

  1. Caleb says:

    £110 million pounds later… Tottenham are still behind the gunners COYG!

  2. Caleb says:

    I know that the end of the season will matter. But after a summer where Tottenham fans and most fans have been taking the piss out of arsenal. I will take my oppurtunity to take the piss out of the fact you spent £110 million on players, have been saying that spurs have overtaken arsenal and they we beat you…

    • Tony says:

      cardiff beat city but will be plenty behind them by end of season as will arsenal behind Spurs. He who laughs last laughs longest gooners.

    • Jide says:

      You have said it already, what really matters is the point tally at the end of he season. It’s no excuse, it will take time for the new 7 players to gel in. It would have been great to beat the gooners today, at least to bury the Bale ghost.

  3. Caleb says:

    Fair enough to you, that is true but for e time that it last 1-0 COYG

  4. markmac says:

    Great arsenal are signing otzil just to push them on more

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