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Is Bale disrespecting Tottenham? It seems so.

Posted on August 04, 2013 by Tony

It certainly seems as though Gareth Bale is playing a full part in agitating for a move away from Tottenham and into the clutches of Real Madrid, with the comments from AVB yesterday it was clear that Tottenham have maintained their stance that Bale is not for sale and although they might be talking to Madrid any deal seems far from certain.

Over the last two summers Luka Modric was castigated by Tottenham fans for his actions in trying to renege on a deal he had signed less than a year earlier, feigning injury, refusing to travel or take part in friendly fixtures and generally fulfilling any of his contactual obligations. Most would have us believe that Gareth Bale was different and that he had far to much respect for Tottenham as a club and their supporters, in fact that was the reason given for not submitting a transfer request. That goodwill is about to go up in smoke as clearly his agent is stirring up problems and obviously with the consent of the player.

It does seem pretty certain now that Barnett has discussed details with Madrid on a deal and that Bale is now hooked on leaving, forget a wage of £160k  as has been suggested, if Bale leaves for a world record fee, as seems likely, he will expect and demand a wage on a par with Ronaldo and can expect double that figure.

At the moment the situation makes little sense, Tottenham are still insisting no sale, that much we know is true from AVB’s interview yesterday, if Madrid have made an offer then clearly it is not acceptable to Tottenham and they are at the moment willing to continue with their “no sale” stance,they have been a little rattled though by the change of mood and unsavoury actions of Gareth Bale himself.

Substitute Modric for Bale in the build up to this event and the stories associated have been embarrassingly identical, almost copy and paste. Let us be clear that  it now seems obvious that Bale is complicit in this fiasco and is leading the events that are beginning to unsettle the squad. whatever happens it must be ensured that Real Madrid are made to suffer, either Levy and Lewis stand up to Madrid and refuse to sell, or a deadline is given and a ridiculous cash sum is demanded together with the inclusion of one or two players that they would ideally like to keep, and ensure none of this paying over five or six years malarkey one lump, put up or shut up.

Real Madrid now need to feel the full force of Levy, Lewis and Tottenham or we shall forever be picked clean by this football bully, who will it be next year? if Ancellotti fails, and let’s face it Barcelona are still ahead of them, it will be AVB and his coaching team and any standout performers over the course of the season. As far as Bale is concerned force him to submit a transfer request and then we shall see where his loyalties lie, and you can bet it will be on the side of money and will see a further change of character.


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  1. lol says:

    I do not understand one thing that came up in press, how it is possible we agree to sell Bale on yearly installments? We get just 20M up front, this year is anyway passed and not much time left in transfer window, but if he goes we need to sign 1-2 top wingers, at least get Di Maria for this year. Then next year Jan we will not have funds, again. Next season onward we will have funds, but for what? We will miss top 4 again without Bale, revenue stream of other clubs are way ahead of us, and 20M each for 5 years is like 70M upfront, how can we really agree to such thing?

    • Tony says:

      Lots of deals are staggered including the soldado transfer, the difference with madrid is they are the wealthiest club and if 5x £20m is true that is a joke and why they can steal the best players with crazy wages. I’m more concerned and annoyed that Jese and morata are both players AVB was apparently interested in and it seems madrid won’t play ball on either, they are a club who just want everything their way and if true is disgraceful.

  2. Spurs 4 Life says:

    You’re a complete idiot! When did Bale make any quotes in the last week saying he wants to go to RM & insist that his wishes must be complied with?

    We all know that he does want to go & play there someday, he has said it before. It’s articles like this that cause Spurs fans to turn on their own players when there has been no proof to substantiate your claims! Even if he is agitating for a move, you don’t have the right to question it, coz you were not there to know whether Levy promised him he could go if Spurs didn’t qualify for CL.

    Want to write an article, make sure you quote that its your opinion otherwise back it up with proof. I have been a Spurs fan for 32yrs & it’s really sad to hear people like you making comments like these.

    • Tony says:

      I have been a fan for longer than you and do believe that he is making life difficult with mystery injuries, buttock and now foot, please don’t be naive and think that he is not submitting transfer request out of respect for Tottenham, it’s for his cut. Until Hong Kong and the sunderland game in every press report AVB said will not be sold, even that they were discussing new contract. his agent has been on spanish tv and making quotes, seen it, and Bale could put stop to it with one word “stop”I hope he stays and he might yet, but it will still get nasty and I’ll bet you now he won’t play again before the window closes or he is sold. I have argued his case against arsenal supporters who always said he would go(it’s on the site if you check back) I believed he had unfinished business, had respect for the club and AVB and would not fall for the crap. Why don’t I have the right to question it, don’t give me the short career and he has to earn as much as possible argument, we had boyhood team from keane and he soon came scuttling back. If he stays great and he will be adored even more for doing so but at the moment he is trying to force a move to me and most others AND retain his cut of fee and bonuses by not handing in request.As far as the Levy promise is concerned give me a break, modric said same, in fact word for word. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t now it would have been written into contract.
      you might be naive and believe he can do no wrong but I am entitled to my belief, Were you happy when Berbatov went to United and how he did it or how sol campbell mislead the club, if so why is Bale any different?

    • tom says:

      All he has to do is sign a new contract or say he wants to stay, he did for last few years. his silence now speaks volumes. If he stays he won’t be affected and fans won’t turn on him but he is doing a “modric” in my opinion.

    • Jeremy says:

      Thank god for some common sense Spurs 4 Life. The press have gone off the rail trying to squeeze every ounce of drama they can from this. Tottenham is probably protecting Bale from having anything he say twisted into a “juicy” quote. We have been very classy about everything and went about our business. I hope fans don’t suddenly jump on this bandwagon and start insulting a player who gave us an awesome season. It’s 2 weeks before the season starts, this so called “mystery injuries” are probably a way of us keeping our star players from getting hurt.

      • Tony says:

        Do me a favour how difficult will it be for Bale to say “I am staying at Tottenham”. No fan will ever forget last season but he was well rewarded for it don’t forget. I don’t see the problem with expressing disappointment at what is going on with him and doing a “Modric”. how do the mystery injuries get him match fit? Next weekend sees the last friendly before the season starts and I’m betting he does not play in it. sincerely hope I am wrong and he stays but if he does it will be because Levy says so and not because he wants to.

      • whlspur says:

        the club have been classy but the players agent and Madrid have not and Bale is lapping it up. sign a new contract and the farce stops and there has been discussions on a contract or do we disbelieve AVB now. Bale is driving this but Tottenham, Levy and Lewis have the final say. Sick of it now and the behaviour of the player sell him for stupid money and demand whatever players wanted by AVB.

  3. Spurs 4 Life says:

    You know what? you are entitled to your opinion & to have your say. Please don’t assume I am naïve(you don’t know me)

    1. If he wants to go, he has every right to express so(I wish very much he stays)& if Spurs says he has to finish his contract, then Spurs have every right to do so.

    2. Naïve is someone who believes that a footballer owes his allegiance to a club(if this was the case there won’t be a need for a contract or massive salaries).

    3. In all your explanations above, you have not provided any proof of quotes that Bale said what is claimed to have been said. This is my main point of contention here. I’m not here to defend Bale nor criticize him, nor am I here to find fault with you. I’m just saying if there is proof of quotes or what not, then show it by all means.

    At the end of the day, I believe we are all Spurs supporters here, so let’s not fan the “Rumour Fire”


    • Tony says:

      Since he signed his contract last year spurs have improved as has he, we give our allegiance to a club at a cost and I believe if players have a contract they owe it to the club for the period of the contract, if he is injured or crap he gets his money, but if circumstances warrant the need to move on it is disappointing for the supporters but out of their control. I get pissed off when players play games to force the issue or lie, if players want to go and break their contract and the club are prepared to let them go they should be honest and say so publicly and hand in a request, they don’t they all play devious games so as to force the issue and keep the money which I find disgraceful. Bale was implying in early interviews that he wanted to improve as an individual and within the club so as to achieve top four, more recently fake injuries and no interviews because he doesn’t want to face the question asked.
      Agreed the club is who we support and I hope I’m wrong but sadly I don’t think I am. Perhaps these players need to be chastised , why should we supporters make excuses for players enormously rewarded who seek to desert just when we can see the light, we deserve a bit of luck and the opportunity to become the big club that we once were. Nearly there and the star of the show sods off again is bloody infuriating.

  4. BigH says:

    Good article. To be quite frank I am fed up to the back teeth with is all. UEFA should be disbanded as Madrids behaviour has been a disgrace and they as usual sit back, do nothing and take the brown paper envelopes stuffed with cash. Bale I am sorry to say does want to leave. He could have put out a big message by signing a new contract. He wants to look good by saying I never asked for a transfer and Spurs sold me guv. Sorry, but in my view he is like any other mercenary. Levy should play hard ball. Pay £100m plus in cash up front or go to hell. No doubt Bale and Barnett are crapping themselves as they might lose a few million if he asks for a transfer. Certainly whatever the outcome, I certainly will only see Bale as your typical modern footballer

    • mick says:

      make you right, Bale is playing the nice guy to protect “brand bale” and retain every last penny.he hasn’t faced a camera in few weeks as would be unable to answer the only question he would be asked, “are you staying?” Everything said by AVB tells us what we need to know, bale has been tapped and spurs are not happy.

  5. baleout says:

    Gareth bale said spurs were a team u just cant walk away from so he decided to skip an jump ha ha ha

  6. craig says:

    I’m sorry but in my opinion only players that give the best years of their career to spurs deserve to leave without recrimination, players like Greaves, Hoddle, Gazza, Waddle, Ledley King, Jennings etc. not Campbell, Berbatov and now possibly Bale who make it and leave at the first opportunity. Bale is 24 and will get his chance to go to the very biggest club in a few years, like Beckham and even zidane who were both 28 when the joined.
    sorry but if he goes he will not get a heroes departure from me.

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