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Is Benteke on his way to training or to Tottenham?

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Well today could be the day that Tottenham finally announce the signing of their new centre forward, it is the hoped for deadline given by the player or the day he must return to train with his current Villa teammates. There has been much speculation as to Tottenham offers or more like the lack of offers, but none of this actually rings true, the player, his agent and even Villa are all fully aware of Tottenham interest and have been for some time, it is probably likely that a deal and fee is close, maybe even agreed while Villa go about finding their replacement.

Stories are beginning to appear to suggest that the Benteke to Tottenham transfer has been in the offing since before Christmas, I suppose with so many international get togethers players are able to express their clubs desires in relation to certain players and Benteke might have been hoped for in the January transfer window. Because of Villa’s precarious position at the time and their absolute reliance on the player who can blame them for not selling and if it was the case how right they were. Tottenham meanwhile stuck to what they already had while waiting for this window to snare their target.

Benteke to Tottenham is virtually concluded and will soon be announced, once the player handed in his transfer request the outcome was clear, whilst I have enormous sympathy for Villa and their supporters the fact is that they are currently below Tottenham in the food chain by some considerable margin, Tottenham are in a similar position in relation to all the top four clubs but are battling hard to change things, and don’t forget we have been there with Berbatov, Keane, Carrick and Modric, even the Bale saga will not go away despite the obvious outcome, that he will see what the next year has to offer before deciding his future.



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