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Is Defoe talking himself into a January transfer?

Posted on November 16, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Yet again the interviews with Jermain Defoe centre around his need to be given more game time by AVB and Tottenham if he is to go to the World Cup next summer, when you consider that he has actually featured in more games than Soldado you wonder just what all the concern is about if indeed it emanates from the player and not the media trying to cause unrest. Soldado has started in ten to Defoe’s one game in the premier league but JD has made seven other appearances from the bench and has also started five European fixtures and two Capital One Cup games. In competitive fixtures Defoe has actually played almost as many minutes in competitive fixtures as Soldado, approximately 760 minutes to Soldado’s 950 minutes in fact. When analysed Defoe is actually receiving a decent amount of playing time and considering his goals have come against inferior opposition his record isn’t perhaps good enough for him to take the place of Soldado in the Tottenham team for the big games.

As regards Defoe’s England record whilst it is admirable that he is always prepared to show up and do his best for the country perhaps the England coaches through the years ahve taken him for granted because he doesn’t rock the boat and always shows when asked. Since Jermaine Defoe was first called up by England in 2003/2004 and handed his first cap on the 31/3/2004 there have been well over 120 England Internationls, JD has accumulated 55 caps in that time but when you consider that 33 of those caps came when he was brought on from the bench, then consider that of the other 22 caps he has been substituted off in 20 of those games, maybe a couple as a result of injury admittedly. Even last night in a game against Chile and with Carroll, Lambert, Welbeck and Sturridge amongst others injured, he only came on for the last 20 minutes. You might argue that Hodgson already knows what Defoe can do but he started with Rooney and we all know his game inside out. The reality is that his time has passed, he is no longer the future for England, from the bench Defoe has had the ability to change the course of a game at club and International level and that is now what he should concentrate his efforts on for Tottenham, if he continues to score goals and change games then his position in the England squad could be safe, he has had to cope with the same situation for many seasons and is still called up and if Hodgson still feels he has something to offer he will take him to Brazil.

There have been other articles bemoaning the fact that most interviews with JD follow the same pattern and same comments, he is happy at Tottenham and loves the club but he wants more games to ensure he goes to Brazil, every Tottenham supporter appreciates what Jermaine Defoe has done for Tottenham over the years and recognise that he is one of us BUT the club is not there to pander to his demands, his record no longer warrants a starting place in the team irrespective of Soldado’s form so far and AVB has but one concern and that is success for the club, of course we all have an interest in every player in the squad performing of their best for club and subsequently country, but until such time as England pay the wages of players in their entirety then club comes first.

Defoe has played the equivalent of two full games in the Premiership this season including a start against West Ham but still no goals and even though Soldado has fared only a little better he has not had more than ten years experience of the league. This is not intended to denegrate the service that Defoe has given to the club more to register the fact that his situation has not really changed much in years either for England or Tottenham, he was allowed to leave the first time around when Berbatov and Keane were the favoured duo and soon after his return Redknapp switched to VDV and Crouch in a 4 1 1 system.

Hopefully Defoe will see out his career at a club that he has come to love but he has to respect the situation and stop rocking the boat, if he feels that he would prefer to leave to try to ensure he travels to Brazil with England then he will go with our best wishes, but whatever he decides or whatever the outcome he has to accept the situation and not attribute blame and concern upon Tottenham and AVB.







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  1. lou says:

    All this talk of AVB costing him a place at the WC is rubbish but it does seem JD is dropping comments giving that suggestion. the truth is that he has been at Spurs now for almost eleven seasons but apart from 2009 with 18goals has never looked like scoring as many as his reputation has suggested. 270 games and 90 goals, compare that to Suarez with 46 goals in 83 games or sturridge who in 5 pretty unsettled seasons of 73 games has still scored 38 goals! I don’t dislike JD but his record does not deserve special attention with an average of less than 10 goals per season.

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