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Is it time for the Sherwood/Adebayor love in to cease?

Posted on January 04, 2014 by Guest Writer

Nobody seems to be able to pick up a paper or read a Tottenham related article without mention of Adebayor who some seem to see as the clubs saviour. Tim Sherwood is continuously persuaded into talking and gushing about the impact Adebayor is having on the team and performancesas he has suddenly gone from outcast, because of an argument over a beanie hat if you can believe that, to the player that has transformed our season.

Not wishing to rain on his parade because Adebayor has put in a few good shifts, but just maybe it is all becoming a little bit too much now, here is a footballer of some quality when he decides he is in the mood, paid an absolute fortune to do his very best for the team, not just when chosen to play but in training, on tours and at all times while under contract with his club.

Every single Tottenham supporter will be wishing and hoping that Adebayor maintain this form for the entire period of his time with the club but the adulation for one player is now really going over the top, he is producing at the moment what he should have been from the day he signed his contract and in reality he is no more important than any of the rest of the team or squad.

Fair play to Tim Sherwood he has massaged his ego and got some good performances from him, the team is performing and dare I say it, improving at the moment. Unfortunately some players have an ego that goes beyond the realms of reality, the situation with Lallana and Clattenburg is evidence of that and Southampton as a club have pandered to their player and in my opinion have become a laughing stock. Clattenburg has been cleared and yet Southampton have not accepted the decision and want the authorities to keep trying until they find in their players favour!

When Adebayor puts the effort in he is an excellent player and an asset to his team, we all supported him to the hilt in his first season while on loan but not so much once he signed a contract, he was chosen ahead of Defoe when fit and so had no issues with AVB last season though the club may have had issues with some of his decisions and behaviour. If he puts in the effort and performs to his maximum until the end of the season, and if that helps Tottenham to achieve their targets we shall all be grateful to him but not him alone. Last year it was the Bale show and now it looks likely that Adebayor has taken over and we have become a one man team once again, quite ridiculous and frankly a little over the top.

It’s a team game and Tottenham are fortunate in that they have some exceptionally talented players at the moment, if that were not the case how would they have managed to stay in contention near the top of the table having lost Gareth Bale in the summer and without Adebayor up until recently. By all means credit performances of Adebayor but let’s not forget that there are ten other players on the pitch and equally as important in different ways to the man of the moment.

If he scores a hat-trick today in a resounding win over Arsenal I do of course reserve the right to change my opinion. COYS


46 to “Is it time for the Sherwood/Adebayor love in to cease?”

  1. Terrence Carter says:

    Why do our “supporters” love to write knocking copy. Masochism or what?
    Why not be grateful, and cheerful, for 10 league points from the last 12.

    • Tony says:

      It’s not knocking at all but all this Ade love is a bit OTT don’t you think. If anything JTN are trying to spread the the credit between the entire squad it is a team game afterall. Ade is now doing what he should have been doing all of last season(maybe then we might have got the extra couple of points to finish 4th AND still have Bale). Myself and most of us were totally against Sherwood at the outset and while not yet convinced we have been quick to acknowledge he has quickly altered the team to tighten things up, we also hope he makes his mark and Spurs do great things this season and in the future. It isn’t a knock but an observation of cringeworthy over the top praise of a player simply doing what he is paid a fortune to do.
      Very very happy for the 10 points from 12 that the TEAM have earned.

  2. Akhil says:

    Gunner in peace here, a great game awaits today. Good luck spurs!

    • Tony says:

      Well said lets hope us London teams show em what the FA Cup means to us. May the best team win and hope the game is not spoilt by contentious decisions.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    I agree, Adebayor is just a huge big child who constantly needs to be told how great he is, which he is not for one reason – he’s lazy.

    All that effort made massaging his enormous and fragile ego could be doing huge divisive damage behind the scenes.

    If he was a girlfriend, he would be considered too needy and high maintenance, and probably more trouble than she’s worth.

    I NEVER turn on any player but I have said it here before – Adebayor can just go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

    I will never put my hands together for him or anything he does again. I backed him and defended him in my own circles for so long before but he is just a poor example of a “professional”.

    Let him keep a bit of form but get rid of him at the earliest opportunity.

    Don’t be fooled, it won’t be long before Adebayors attitude changes again and all that love will be wasted on him.

  4. Eric says:

    He will never change so I say keep him for the season so we get a good return for the goals he scores and then replace him in the summer cause we can’t let 2(defoe) strikers leave in Jan

    • tom says:

      He’s pushing 30 and has always had the ability to go off the rails. Only 6 months at Real Madrid and then Mourinho didn’t take up the option to buy him, a sensible move even though he is extremely talented when he does his stuff. You have to wonder just what he might have achieved without all the baggage, regret we might never know.

  5. Jide says:

    Another loss to the gooners. We never even looked like scoring. It is painfully and disappointing when players fail to perform against a local rival. I ask myself what do the likes of Adebayor need to build themselves up for a match such as this? We have played the usual Kamikaze football again and got what we deserved. The midfield was so weak it was unbelievable. I will like to know exactly what Eriksen does that makes him better than Holtby? He was so weak that he could hardly hold on to the ball. Where was Walker for the first goal? He’s a defender for heaven’s sake not a midfielder. He seems to go missing. The gooner player had the freedom of the right side before scoring the goal!

    Its one thing to lose a match, it’s another to show a bit of spine. The gooners never looked like losing this match, we never looked like winning it. That is what hurts the most.

    • Tony says:

      Jide it’s so obvious that you have to match up numbers to the arsenal midfield to make a game of it or they will destroy you. spurs are going for 4th and nothing else. why not play capoue and go 4 5 1? because to come away with a replay was not on the agenda, it was all or nothing, if they had managed to pull it off then he would have brought Tom Carroll back and done a Harry after this and played the youngsters, probably what will happen now in europe. At the beginning of december we were in the lot and now it’s not a lot. I really hope Sherwood proves me wrong but I fear we have got our Tottenham back because yesterday was a return to what we have come to expect for the last twenty years.

  6. Akhil says:

    Great result for us! Beating spurs always helps. Ade was not that bad. Better team won. Spurs defence is too slow.

  7. Eric says:

    Common jide ur being a bit harsh here considering we are missing around 8-10 players yes arsenal too but they have better players.Also we have a new coach with new formation tactics and all,not a shame losing to the best epl team as of now.Although at times I feel Tim is too stubborn with his youth policy and 2 up strikers.Can’t believe Bentaleb started when a proper French international was warming the bench

    • Jide says:

      I have to disagree with you Eric. This is a North London derby mate. I guessed that the excuse that will be given will be the injured players. I’m sorry, we did not play well at all. The gooner strength was their midfield, not once did we match them. Tim got carried away with the Man U win. We still had better players on the bench and in the team. We had Capoue, Holtby & Lamela available and did not play any of them. I mentioned it before, Sherwood’s time will be a rush, but we were overun in the midfield.

      Another thing, I hope the FA charges Waltcott for incitement! Adebayor did less and he was also charged. Or I’m I scrapping the bottom of the barrel here? Lol!

      • Caleb says:

        In all fairness, he was being abused had things thrown at him and all he did was tell the score

        • Boobaspur says:

          Walcot totally threw himself down in that area of the pitch with the sole intention of inciting the response he received.

          Only 2 minutes prior he stayed down trying to waste time up in our half to try wind us up. When that didn’t work he decided to do it again in front of our fans. It was so blatant and obvious that the cameras couldn’t even stay on him.

          I don’t hate Arsenal, not nearly as much as I do scumy Chelsea – but what Walcot did today was pure filth and another scum move to endear himself with the Goon lot. Any semi-decent Arsenal fan would not condone that no more than I would if one of our players did similar.

          It will be a disgrace if he is not charged for that. There was talk (excuses), that Spurs allocation of tickets which should have been 15% but which was closer to just 8% was due to crowd safety concerns – Walcot didn’t seem too concerned with risking crowd safety… bastard!

          Like I say, I don’t hate Arsenal, but scum moves like Walcots incitement to hatred today and that wank goalkeepers social media provocation recently really would boil your blood.

          • Caleb says:

            In all fairness, I don’t think he purposely got injured by the spurs fans, he just got injured making a tackle on rose. Personally I like there to be banter between players, refs and fans but I know other think that fans should be able to shout abuse at players, throw things at them basically do want they want bar running on the pitch and punching them and that the players should just take it with out any response. I think the occasion makes a big difference to this case too. Let’s be honest if he had done it after the win against Cardiff this would barely be spoken of. Walcott simply stated the score. Is there a massive issue with it. The scummy people are the ones who threw coins at him. Just disgraceful that you would try to harm a proffesional footballer like that. Walcott had a bit of a laugh, fair enough in my opinion. Why can’t he have a bit of banter when I’m sure he was getting a lot worse then 2-0 shouted at him. I think Walcott should have avoided it but I don’t think it’s a disgrace.

          • Tony says:

            The difference was our supporters had paid over £60 quid for their ticket and double that on the day with expenses to have the rise taken whereas Walcott takes home his £100k for a bit of banter aimed his way. Players have always and will always take stick and they are paid millions to play the game and take what is part and parcel of being a top player. If he picks up a 3 game ban now for doing so will he lose his money, no of course not, but the supporters and club will lose the services of an important player who has only just returned from injury. His action wasn’t disgraceful as such but the consequences he might have brought on himself, his club and what might have happened and might still happen to some angry Spurs supporters does render it a disgrace in thoughtlessness.

        • Tony says:

          sorry but it was clear to see that the throwing of items only happened once he incited the problem, perhaps we should have been allocated the full amount of tickets and moronic deeds like that of walcott dealt with. boot on other foot would have brought similar response you would surely agree. the problem these days is that nobody can criticise these jumped up demi-gods, Lallana hurt feelings from a nothing remark, Mourinho believes Oscar account of his dive, Wenger famously not seeing anything his players are involved in and conveniently turning the objects thrown/walcott wind up around. they are all guilty and there are other famous court cases and proceeding involving a number of famous english players over the years who have got off with their reputations intact when it was clear for all to see what the actual truth was. It won’t ever change meanwhile supporters will be jumped on over the slightest thing like standing up or chanting one of their clubs songs containing a particular word. i am not condoning throwing coins or any dangerous objects by any meansand i realise players do suffer from some terrible verbal abuse but so would we all for £100k or more for 90 minutes a week, I’ll have some of that thanks.

          • Caleb says:

            Hate it when people go on about a footballers wage. Yes they get a lot in fact too much for what they do but it is fair as there is an incredible amount of money in football. For example if fishing was the biggest sporting event in the world and people paid masses to watch them then fishermen would be on huge wages because of the money involved in the business

          • Tony says:

            It’s fair are you kidding me, there is a lot of money in football because sponsorship and sky etc money keeps going up, with that in mind you would think that ticket prices might go down or at the very least stay the same, but know they want sometimes £250,000 a week for playing a sport. Let’s agree to disagree on that one because i don’t think they are more important than you or I , a nurse or fisherman, a refuse collector or teacher, they get the big money but with it comes responsibility and the knowledge that opposition fans are going to sledge you, if he can’t take it he has more than enough money by now to walk away.
            Wilshere did it at City and now walcott has reacted, 3 game ban and what for walcott. don’t remember all the arsenal fans giving adebayor the benefit of the doubt when he ran to your supporters after scoring for city. caleb surely you haven’t got that short a memory and while I agree it wasn’t quite as bad it was still incitement.

          • Caleb says:

            For me the difference is adebayor used to be an arsenal player and made sure he ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of us after he had stamped on our van Persie. Pretty big difference between swearing at someone and saying the score to someone.

          • Tony says:

            I agree there was a difference as stated but incitement is incitement it’s not quantified by different levels. do you honestly think spurs supporters would simply laugh it off as a bit of a joke. remember wenger losing his composure a couple of years back when spurs won 3-2 from 2-0 down or how he wanted to fight Martin Jol and Alan Pardew, thats how a defeat can get to you and walcott knew exactly where he was and what he was doing. i know he is your player but it should really make no difference nor should the level of his windup, he’s guilty and to do nothing gives other players the green light to do the same thing and stir up trouble. Wilshire responded against city and got 3 game ban his defence then was a made up story that the city suporters were being offensive to his children which it has been reported often was not at all true, a nice lie to try to escape punishment for a petty act after being thumped by 6-3.

      • Eric says:

        Lamela and holtby but was surprised why Bentaleb when capoue was on the bench.Shouldn’t have played 2 strikers but should have packed the midfield.His stubbornness with 2 strikers and youth obsession can cost us the season

    • Tony says:

      4 4 2 against the current best team in the league with the most fluent midfield FIVE in the country. Should have played chadli from the start and left out one of the two “strikers”, yesterday I’m sorry but i still don’t see Adebayor as a striker in the true sense, not once did i see him play on the last man or threaten their central defenders, plenty of pretty stuff out wide or in deep positions but rather a specialist midfielder to do that job for me, Drogba or even Giroud he is not. Gung ho or going for broke, not sure what you would call yesterday but taking a replay and another chance at the Lane was not on sherwoods agenda.

  8. Jide says:

    Caleb! Walcott made the 2-0 nil after the abuse. Which led to stuff being thrown. That in my view is called incitement mate. The Spurs fan got rowdy after that. It’s not nice stuff (anything!) being thrown at him. I do not condone that at all. I hope the fans who did that are located and punished accordingly. But if Walcott gets away with this, the FA will only be opening a can of worms which they will regret later.

    • Tony says:

      If nothing happens to Walcott then as always it is the supporters who will be punished and them alone. Isn’t incitement to cause and extenuating cicumstances a defence in such instances. Chucking dangerous objects should never occur whatever the circumstances of course, but had he not incited the actions it wouldn’t have happened and that clearly makes him guilty m’lud.

      • Caleb says:

        He was having things thrown at him already, and was already getting a lot of abuse. Fair enough. It wasn’t that bad.

        • Tony says:

          To be honest none of us really care provided it is not just the supporters who lose out as is usually the case. I dare say we have all been in a situation when the red mist comes down and you do something alien to your character, while verbal abuse from supporters he hears every week and players should never react, not with the money they are on as it goes with the territory. If your injured and cruising you get your arse off the pitch and do you talking in a responsible manner away from the crowd and especially opposition supporters. He knew what he was doing he was on the deck long enough to have got his bearings, sorry but he incited and if he isn’t punished then neither should the supporters. If they charge supporters as I suspect they will then he must be charged with incitement simple.

  9. Akhil says:

    Yes. I’m an indian. @boobaspur, just man up and move on. Its one of the greatest rivalries in world football! You expect these from players. You have the right to brag after winning it. Nothing wrong. If i were a spur, i’d take that to my heart, win the next derby and do something similar to arsenal fans!

    • Jide says:

      Guys, what’s where Akhil is from got to do with this?! Let’s leave that bit out of this banter. It’s not needed or necessary. He’s a gooner for his sins!! That’s punishment enough. Lol!

    • Boobaspur says:

      What are you talking about you clown?

      First off I didn’t ask where you were from so some separation between that question and my name would be advisable.

      Secondly, what are you on? I made my point once which I’m entitled to do, what are you taking about “move on”.

      It isn’t really necessary to ask where you are from in my opinion – as your gibberish nonsensical reply shows little understanding of my point or even your point or the English language.

  10. jay hickman says:

    wait… so after the vast majority on here said they wanted 4 4 2 again with adebayour once again in the fold your all now criticisin it? this is what u clueless idiots wanted ffs

    • Tony says:

      Let me say now your back with your utter rubbish, I don’t think anybody on here has ever been anything other than sceptical about adebayor, there are times to play him and times to sit him on the bench, the problem is he throws his dummy out if he doesn’t start. similarly there are times and teams to play a 4 4 2 and there are times and teams you don’t Arsenal is one, chelsea and Liverpool are the others, city maybe a different kettle of fish. I for one don’t want to see us play any particular system religously but be tactically aware. mourinho and fergie always changed for different opposition and circumstances even Rafa was capable and comfortable with doing so. Give me a choice right now and as I said a month ago and two months ago I would rather be in the semis of the league cup and looking forward to city game this week, I would rather be still in with a chance to play coventry at the Lane in the next round after a replay if that’s what it needed and I would happily take a boring route to this success because what we got yesterday was a defeat, very few chances if any, and losing once again to the gooners who outplayed, outthought and outmanouvered us. I still cannot believe you are a Spurs supporter as you only appear to wind us up after a crap performance, in fact I am convinced your not. Think about it and and go back to your previous rants, it’s what you clueless idiot wanted not most of the supporters. Iv’e said it before and i’ll say it again the club should have backed AVB until the end of the season because as sure as eggs are eggs we are worse off now. I hope Sherwood achieves something, of course, but i won’t be putting any hard earned on it. I hope we find out the truth one day although I’m convinced it will open a can of worms and massive disloyalty and backstabbing.

  11. jay hickman says:

    now your praisin arsenal up… fuckin scummer

  12. jay hickman says:

    what makes me laugh is where is all ur praise and talks about soldado gone?… rose gets blamed for the second goal but what dense person passes the ball to him when he wasn’t even expectin it?… ur favourit player soldado! who without a doubt has to be the biggest flop in premier league history since forlan… who actuall got 14 goals and not one of them was a penalty either, u know what tony, u should go and manage spurs, we’d be relagated under ur bogus opinions

    • Tony says:

      i think I have already said I would have replaced Adebayor over Soldado as at least he threatened the goal and plays for his team rather than himself. You know what I actually agree that I could do a better job than Sherwood to be honest. how many times have we been told square pegs in round holes b4 sherwood got the job and then he plays eriksen on the left, chadli has already played both wings and Holtby and Bentaleb as defensive midfielders when Capoue is available. Sorry but that mistake was all Rose he had time to play it back, across or out and that really shows you have no idea, in fact other than FIFA on the computer I doubt you have ever played the game, and as for passing to him when he didn’t expect it, really your going with that!!!
      Read the article and there is no castigation or over the top blame on Rose, they play as a team and lose as a team. Bembele and Bentaleb did brilliantly when they were hung out to dry by sherwoods incorrect tactics, chadli came on and steadied things down the left and he looked ok again despite all the stick he gets from the likes of you.
      Here’s you moaning about my lack of support for adebayor and you have slagged off almost every other spurs player.your a supporter don’t make me laugh.

      • Jide says:

        The worrying thing about this result is that Sherwood still believes he is right with his tactics! I could not stop shaking my head after reading his post-match comments!

    • dan says:

      Tony or whoever else controls this site why do you even entertain this prick. It seems that nobody should have opinions that differ to his and he just rants rubbish. How can anyone be satisfied with yesterdays result or tactics it was clearly playing into Wengers hands as everyone knows by now how he will set the team up and play, Mourinho, Pellegrini and even Moyes have all come up with a solution to beat them but we never looked close to doing so in fact even less so than the league game in September.
      Do you think Bayern will give them the advantage of an extra man in midfield in the CL?

  13. Eric says:

    Has anyone else noticed that whatever we say no matter how sane it always get disliked but whatever a gooner says its liked innumerable times

    Can’t believe how pathetic some fans can get just cause they belong to a rival football team

    • Tony says:

      Yeah it’s been noticed Eric and clearly it’s the work of opposing supporters, you should see the amount of rubbish spouted and language used that cannot be approved. quite like a bit of banter and we have a good few of the opposition on here now who go about it the right way.

  14. allardyce says:

    I’m not sure what 5 men in the middle would have done for us honestly unless they were all defensive mids. We were never going to score yesterday.

    • Tony says:

      Well 5 men would have allowed us to compete with their 5 rather than ask four men to try to control the game, it has been reported that sherwood said we had the advantage on the wings by playing only 4 men!!!!!!what, they had the advantage wide and centrally by playing 5 and one less up front and so that one was always supported by at least one spare midfielder which led to the goal. watch chelsea, bayern, united and liverpool match up man for man in midfield and let’s see what happens. that’s arsenals strength and sherwood just rolled over believing all the hype he has created by praising ade and two strikers. Naive and ridiculous and the sign of inexperience, he must learn quick or it’s over for him come the summer.

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