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Is it time to forgive and forget and bring back Berba?

Posted on January 17, 2014 by Scraggs

Well we know that the deal for Jermaine Defoe is done and the ink on the contract is dry and we also know that he is to remain at Tottenham until the end of February before he takes his leave. Once Defoe does go Tottenham will still have to negotiate eleven more Premiership fixtures and hopefully still remain in the running for the Europa Cup. At the current time it seems that Tim Sherwood is happy to continue with Soldado and Adebayor as his main strikers with Kane, Chadli and Lamela as back up options in one form or another.

Considering that Sherwood favours two men up front, once JD leaves he will then have to rely upon the form of Soldado actually improving, Adebayor continuing to actually give a damn and giving of his best, as well as that he must hope that both players maintain fitness and remain sharp for the remainder of the campaign. There has been speculation of a cheap option being available and one that might actually suit both player and club, Dimitar Berbatov broke our hearts when he upped and left for United all those years ago, he also upset Tottenham fans at the way he went about his exit but perhaps this might be the opportunity to right some of those wrongs if we can all be reunited for the remainder of the season.

Time to return to the Lane?

Time to return to the Lane?

Dimitar Berbatov was and still is a class act even though his age is now against him but in a formation where Sherwood likes his forwards to drop deep and link play when the need arises, to play delightful passes and open up defences and to have that fantastic ability to play and hold up play with his back to goal is there anybody much better than the best forward Tottenham possessed in the Premiership era.

Let’s be clear on this matter Berbatov acted appallingly when he sought a switch to Manchester United, but even though he is is well into his 30’s he still has that incredible ability to make any defender look like a novice, it’s not like he has lost a yard of pace because like Teddy Sherringham before him he never did have real pace, at a cost of about £1.5m what have we to lose? Better we take a chance and bury the hatchet than to see him go across to the other side and possibly be the difference between them ending up empty handed for the ninth season and winning a trophy.

Would Spurs supporters be happy to see Berbatov return?



7 to “Is it time to forgive and forget and bring back Berba?”

  1. BigH says:

    Never. Simples

  2. Boobaspur says:

    Shame this article didn’t give a reminder of the manner in which Berbatov left, for as much as I remember being stunk out about the news he was moving on, I don’t remember feeling he did so in a nasty manner. Just didn’t impact me I guess.

    If he was to come back to us for the end of the season and net a blast of goals then he might be a good short term fix.

    He is a bit of a lazy bas’tad though and seems very moody, and we already have Adebayor who’s like that (but hopefully on his way out at the end of the season).

    Need to properly deal with getting our forwards sorted out though and Berbatov would just postpone that, but I could live with seeing him return to the Lane as a stop-gap solution.

  3. Jide says:

    Scraggs, one word, NO.

    He did not give a damn about Spurs when he wanted to leave for United. You have a very short memory.

    We must bring in a forward.

  4. Eric says:

    Imagine a frontline of moody berbatov and lazy adebayor

    • Tony says:

      Perhaps the writer was thinking of Berbatov taking the place of Adebayor. Berbatov is moody and slow yes,but also creative and a pure footballer who will more likely get more from soldado and those around him than selfish Ade.

  5. lou says:

    despise the man but just believe he would do a job for little money until the end of the season. doubt Levy will dip his hand in the till for worthwhile purchase until this seasons outcome is known, not even sure there is anyone worthwhile out there.

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