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Is Jamie Redknapp fit to give opinion on football matters?

Posted on October 20, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just like last year and the year before that the media are on the back of Tottenham, again it’s the same old ringleaders, you know the ones, those with a grudge against Tottenham. Ex-Arsenal and Liverpool players that have infiltrated every football channel and show on TV and the football pages of almost all newspapers. On a daily basis some so called expert or other jumps on the bandwagon in an effort to destabilise the supporters of Tottenham,

As we all know the media were on the back of AVB from the moment he came to this country, charged by the Chelsea owner of introducing a younger more vibrant squad of players he still had the audacity to begin the process of dispensing with the ageing Terry, Lampard and Cole, mates and relatives, in some cases, of ┬ásome of these “experts”. When he replaced Harry Redknapp, the media darling of the last 10 years, they took the opportunity to begin the unrest, many of our supporters took on board this garbage and the atmosphere at Tottenham began to dissipate and has never recovered.

Robbie Savage was never good enough to lace the boots of the top players of his time and many Tottenham supporters will remember the ongoing battle both physically on the pitch and verbally with him, Justin Edinburgh will remember him as the diver and play actor that got him sent off at Wembley in a cup final, ten man Tottenham still overcame him and his team.

Lawrenson, Smith, Nicholas, Merson, Souness, Owen and of course Jamie Redknapp who has more grudges than most, it makes me cringe when he is referred to as a former Tottenham star! he was never a Tottenham star, he was injury prone and over the hill, in fact just the sort of player his dad would have snapped up.

All over the papers today are comments attributed to Redknapp who is still banging on about the transfer window of over a year ago, Soldado and Lamela are the main targets following a defeat to City, a game in which one missed a penalty and the other was substituted. Not for Jamie Redknapp to comment on another loss for QPR who are rooted to the bottom of the table and look like staying there, nor knocking the form and transfer activity of his beloved Liverpool. Perhaps we might hear his views on the wonderful job Rodgers has done in the transfer market, Balotelli, Can, Lambert, Lovren and all the others including Lallana are looking a complete waste of even more money than Tottenham spent.

Roberto Soldado had played a total of 39 minutes in the premiership this season before starting against City, his penalty wasn’t the best but needed a good save from Hart the same as Lloris against the world-class Aguero, apart from that incident his overall game was very good and gives the team something to work with. Lamela too wasn’t at his best but to slam his performance would be unfair, both played their part in our best attacking performance of the season so far and let us not forget it was at the home of the champions where they have lost only 4 games in 3 seasons.

So we have Jamie Redknapp in the guise of a football expert filling every form of  media outlet with an opinion based upon his own experiences and preferences, a player that like his dad Harry Redknapp actually won very little in his career, an FA Cup as an unused member of the squad and a League Cup.

Remember the summer of 2013 when he was suggesting that Gareth Bale should be looking to make the move to Real Madrid, in contrast this summer his words suggested a different story for Luis Suarez who he felt should show loyalty to Liverpool.

You have to ask why Redknapp is on the Tottenham offensive as soon as they lose a game and you wonder why he championed retaining his buddy and old business partner Tim Sherwood as head coach when it was clear to almost everybody that he just wasn’t up to the task, it surely can’t be a coincidence that despite several changes at clubs in the top 2 divisions Sherwood is nowhere near finding another placement.

At a time when we desperately need stability and to trust Pochettino and the players we do not need the likes of Redknapp and his cronies to continue this hatred for our club, our last 3 games against Arsenal, Southampton and City have actually seen some very encouraging performances which with a little more luck might have brought more than the 4 points accumulated, that is what our supporters should be taking on board.

It’s surely time that Tottenham supporters realised what is going on in the media, to lose against the best, most attack minded team in the country in the fashion we did does not merit such condemnation, the performances of Arsenal and Liverpool were much worse in the context of the opposition they faced. It has for years been the Sky Four, City have gatecrashed that little monopoly after Tottenham broke it and it has now become a five, I’m sure the media would be delighted if the 5th placed of them managed to win the Europa League so ensuring all were involved in the Champions League next season.





12 to “Is Jamie Redknapp fit to give opinion on football matters?”

  1. steve says:

    what a complete knob and a thoroughly unsavoury character redknapp is, he digs out 2 of our forward players after our best attacking display of the season, Soldado played his first game and didn’t score while his beloved Liverpool are still waiting for Lambert, Borini and Balotelli to do the same. We played the best team in the country on their ground and gave them and the ref a proper game.As you say like his old man he achieved very little in the game, a big mouth but a small brain.

    • Tony says:

      Glad to see that many of our fans are coming round to the idea that Soldado and for that matter Lamela contributed greatly to a good attacking performance.

  2. Spud-Potato says:

    Please if any team gets slack from the media and has bias refs against them it is Arsenal.
    Look at Diames blatant foul and poor ref decision, look at Oscars fouls 7 in total for 1 yellow.
    Stop moaning and suck it up.

  3. Spud-Potato says:

    But ex Pool players are tools, I will give you that.

  4. Spud-Potato says:

    1 goal ain’t good attacking, oh and Arsenal drew with City but article on this site was saying how out played they were.
    Deluded my friends

  5. JL says:

    Who cares about what Jamie says.. I remember Anderton playing more games than Jamie did and yet they called him Sicknote.. Did Jamie even played for us? Lol.. As much as I have to agree we haven’t really click as a team yet, we don’t need these so called football experts opinion.. Didn’t they say LVG will turn Man Utd into title challenger? Didn’t they say Liverpool won’t do a “spurs” this season. . Where are they now? Just go to show how bias these so called “football experts” are.. they makes me laugh so hard..

  6. Ho says:

    Yes, far more than you are.

    • Kev says:

      everything has always been done for these people and it is most likely that others write these pathetic articles and these A- holes simply put their names to them and the rags and other media outlets pay them stupid money to do so.
      Of course when it comes to redknapp he has an axe to grind against Tottenham especially having sacked daddy and his chum and ex partner Sherwood.
      He led the calls to give an English manager like Sherwood a chance at Spurs but 6 months later and with a dozen managerial changes having taken place in the top 2 leagues he is still unemployed, that tells you that nobody believes he has the ability to do the job and again that the media were wrong to try to tout him for the Spurs job longterm.
      the geezer is a moron just like Jose Mourinho implied.

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