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Is Rooney bound for Arsenal or Tottenham?

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Guest Writer

Well neither actually, this is a situation that we have seen before at United and seems common as players are about to negotiate a new contract with just a couple of years left on their old deal. A few years back he was able to negotiate an enormous increase in salary simply because neighbours City would have gladly snapped him up to prove a point, this time I doubt he will be as fortunate. Rooney is no longer the golden boy or as essential to the team as some others have now become, as a result the best that he can hope for is perhaps an extra couple of years on his current deal

The tabloids are today suggesting that Arsenal are considering a bid for him, it might just as well be Tottenham or Stoke as it’s never going to happen, the fee and wages are far too rich for the Arsenal and for Rooney is unappealing and would be a massive step backwards.

If Rooney were to leave United it would seem that the only option might be PSG or perhaps Monaco, both have more money than sense and will be the only challengers in their domestic league, PSG might have the edge because they have been building for a couple of years at least and will be in the Champions League. The Spanish and German powerhouses don’t seem to want him and the Italians can’t afford him, even City have probably decided he is no longer for them.

In a few weeks there will almost certainly be an announcement and a picture of Moyes and Rooney smiling celebrating an extended contract, hopefully United will not on this occasion fall for his ploy and again offer him a huge salary increase, his performances and importance to the team no longer merit it.

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