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Is that a Tottenham kit on the FIFA14 cover?

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Scraggs

Well if there was still any doubt remaining surely even the most sceptical amongst us must finally admit that Gareth Bale is staying with Tottenham and will lead the assault on silverware this season. All the hacks and pundits of the Mail, Sun, Mirror and Metro and all the ex=pros hoping to see Tottenham cave and sell their biggest asset must finally cease all mention, nor write or suggest anything other than Bale stays.

Gareth Bale has said in interviews that he is looking forward to improving as a player and helping his teammates to success this coming season, that he wants to win Champions League participation with Tottenham and that he is extremely happy where he is. Daniel Levy assured AVB that he would not be sold and the head coach has reiterated the point several times. Gareth Bale was rolled out in front of the cameras at the launch of Tottenham’s new kit, a huge poster of him in the new kit was displayed in Times Square, New York, he is one of the faces of BT Premier League football on a 2/3 year contract and now he and Tottenham along with Lionel Messi and Barcelona are the faces of FIFA 14.fifa14cover

Gareth Bale has joined the ranks of the great players and has become world famous despite, we are led to believe, playing for Tottenham! Let’s be clear from this point on Gareth Bale is not going anywhere, Real Madrid know it, AVB, knows it, Tottenham supporters now know it and finally everybody else must know it and the fiction must end.

Perez said that Bale was born to play in Madrid and he will do one day but for Tottenham in the Champions League.

The bottom line is that Gareth Bale is now one of the worlds most famous players, probably only behind Ronaldo and Messi and he plays for the World famous Tottenham Hotspur.


1 to “Is that a Tottenham kit on the FIFA14 cover?”

  1. steve says:

    I think it is, i’m sure it is, I’m H A P P Y

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