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Is Tottenham’s season over?

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Guest Writer

Firstly all of us at JTN apologies for being away at this most traumatic of times, unfortunately due to technical difficulties we could not post but we believe that we have resolved the issues and that all is well again.

This time last week we were all optimistic  about our chances for the remainder of the season, there followed a relatively simple awayday in europe, albeit more travelling and a difficult pitch and then an away at Norwich, another club led by one of our old coaches and players. Juande Ramos probably felt he might have had a score to settle though most still believed that the team sent out would be too strong for the home team. Of course it could have gone the right way had Soldado perhaps just got the run of the ball. Even a narrow defeat did not seem to unduly bother us as we were and are still very much in the driving seat AND we had rested many of our big guns for the league fixture.

So onto Norwich at a similar time of year to when Martin Jol brought his Fulham team to White Hart Lane last season with another old boy Dimitar Berbatov in their ranks, as we all know 1-0 to Fulham, Berbatov scores and that three points would have seen us reach the champions League as it turned out. Surely we would not allow another old boy to get the better of us in the space of four days? What followed was an abject performance devoid of ideas and opportunities and now surely we can put to bed the idea that playing on Thursday is such a hindrance, none of those rested put in any sort of performance, Lloris apart, and yet another 1-0 defeat.

With Liverpool winning the gap to fourth is probably now a little too wide to close, especially with the immense advantage Liverpool have in goal difference, but to be brutally honest Tottenham do not deserve to be considered one of the best four teams in the division. The leadership and division making all round was poor on Sunday as we once again returned to “same team”. Norwich are one of those teams that deserved an adventurous Tottenham lineup against them, either the opportunity for two up front or at the very least Eriksen in an advanced role, instead he sat on the bench for the entire game as Tottenham searched in vain for a way back.

Tim Sherwood managed to undo all the good that he had built up over recent weeks as the team returned to boring and unadventurous, he managed to play three wide men when he introduced Townsend adding to Lennon and Chadli, to make matters worse  for him no real width but inverted wingers.

Regarding the Bentaleb issue which if it was not so important to the player and our season would be quite comical, since he introduction he has to my knowledge played every minute of every game, why? He is a very good player of that there is no doubt but the blind obsession with including him in every team for ninety minutes does not in my view allow for any real tactical changes to be made, the team can really only accommodate two of  Paulinho, Dembele and Bentaleb though Sherwood persists with trying to include all three and a defensive midfielder! This is all at the expense of a playmaker or an extra forward!!!!!! Sherwood has by now probably overplayed Bentaleb to the point when even the fans are beginning to question his inclusion within the team, he needs to be rested and to be developed as he is in serious danger of becoming one of the scapegoats for another possible ineffective season.

Adebayor returned to his usual baffling, huffing and puffing self, no threat, no creation and seemingly no thought of his teammates around him unless he needed to pass backwards or sideways, if your playing just the one forward you cannot afford for him to drop deep as there is no threat nor outlet.

Is the season over? well first Tottenham have to take care of business against Juande Ramos team and he needs to give Soldado more respect, though he has missed a couple of decent chances he has been the main threat and in all fairness has been none too shabby in all other aspects. Liverpool away has become a must WIN game, a draw will suit them and the same goes for Arsenal. It’s not quite over but there can be no more mistakes, no more lame performances and Bentaleb needs to be taken out of the firing line for his own future development as a player as much as for the good of Totenham. It’s time for big players with experience, the right balance to the team for each fixture and most certainly it’s time for “The Beast” to return.

It’s not quite over but there is no room left for any more slip ups, there are must win games coming our way and although I don’t think we will manage it stranger things have happened, look at Arsenal last season when they looked down and out. We don’t wish to be compared to them but that spirit should be  if we are to prevail.


9 to “Is Tottenham’s season over?”

  1. tony says:

    good to see that you are back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    spurs are a joke haha

  3. Eric says:

    Sadly yes

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hope so

  5. Jide says:

    It’s great to have you back guys. I came to appreciate your role as a buffer in the last few days when you were not available after the Norwich game. I could not vent my fury and anger anywhere that for a few days I was so upset with our manager and his inept management team.

    As much as it hurts me to say it, our season is over. You have outlined clearly all the issues that need to be raised.

    We have a manager who seems incapable of being flexible when things are going wrong and the tactics utilised are not working. I have not managed a team in my life, but it was plain to see that the midfield was too defensive and was crying out for a playmaker and we had one warming the bench. There was no link with the man upfront, so I feel that blaming Adebayor was a tad unfair. The guy was coming almost to the 18 yard box to pick up the ball. But our manager failed to see this or persisted using the same doomed tactics. I bet that he will continue to play Bentaleb even when Sandro returns to the team.

    I was so upset after the match because it was an opportunity missed again. The gap to Liverpool is more than just the six points. Just look at the goal difference, that is worth another three points!

    Let us hope that the current top 3 and those below us takes points off the Scousers. I still believe we make the top 4!

    I cannot believe I just said that. Lol! When will I learn?! Well, I am a fan. A Spurs fan. COYS!

  6. Eric says:

    Unfortunately I feel he’s got a personal agenda with Bentaleb playing all matches. If he goes on to become even a decent player in the next few years TIM will take all the credit and his Cv will look brighter cause of that. He’s only using us.

  7. Stantheman says:

    It’s difficult to know whats going through his mind, if anything, sunday we were crying out for eriksen and Soldado, they were needed and he just left it.

  8. Alee says:

    Agree about Bentaleb. TBF, Adeybayor was supposidly carrying a ‘leg injury’. Yes, our domestic season is over.

    If Sherwood chose to, he could possibly win the Europa if he quietly dropped trying to get into top 4, but if he did that, he would lose his job for sure at the end of the season. Having said that, he’ll lose his job anyway. Winning the eUROPA WOULD GIVE HIM PRESTIGE AND PLENTY OF SUITERS AFTERWARDS, HOWEVER.

    On a brighter note when we inevitably qualify for the Europa next season, the winner of it gets into the CL! Another route in; but is winning the EL easier than getting top four? You tell me.

    • Tony says:

      It’s another route and involves far fewer games so would be good option, the problem would be if the team that wins it comes from the EPL would they hold sway over fourth place finishers? Winners could come anywhere in league and pip 4th?

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