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Is Willian to Chelsea story simply to manipulate betting trends?

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Tony

Call me cynical but this particular story really makes no sense at all, while at the same time admitting that anything is possible of “moneybags” Chelsea let’s take a closer look at this one and then we shall have to see how it all plays out.

For the past couple of days betting on Willian to Tottenham has been all but suspended with odds of 1/10 soon applying. Willian flew into London on Tuesday and since then has had a rigorous medical and terms have been thrashed out and agreed. It is probably fair to assume that if Gareth Bale were remaining then Tottenham would not even be talking to Willian and so the two transfers are linked and will happen almost simultaneously, hence the delay.
Chelsea’s late interest makes little sense for a number of reasons, they apparently had some sort of interest in the player when AVB took over but for some reason did not buy him, it could not have been a money issue as that is never their problem and there have been three other transfer windows before this, in fact it was only in January that he left for Russia for the same fee.
One report has said that Abramovitch is driving this transfer even though Mourinho was given full reign on players as a condition of returning! After two games and less than a week of the season starting why would he get involved? That report also said he had offered £2m more than Tottenham,why? His club have accepted a fee which he only has to match and then convince the player to join, presumably with higher wages.
Every article written on this transfer “hijack” refers to “advanced talks”, what does that even mean? it certainly implies that talks have been going on for a while so just why would the player go through with his medical?
As my colleague mentioned yesterday if Chelsea were to add Willian to their array of attacking midfielders their squad would be terribly unbalanced, thet need 3 keeper, they have 8 defenders, they have/need 2 defensive midfielders and they already have 9 offensive midfielders and 3 forwards. If they are still going for Rooney as stated he must also come into the equation as well as Willian! The other important point mentioned in the JTN article of yesterday was the British contingent of 8 needed to ensure a full 25 man squad, any less and the squad number my be reduced by the amount of the shortfall, so Lampard and Moses must safe from any midfield cull if it were to happen.
What has happened as a result of this single leaked story judging by the precise wording used by all reports, Tottenhams odds have drifted out and money has been lumped onto Chelsea to pull off the deal, so who wins if and when Willian does sign for Tottenham, certainly not the people taken in by the story who have put money on him joining Chelsea.
As I said right at the beginning anything might happen but to me these rumours make absolutely no sense and are written for headlines or to generate betting.


3 to “Is Willian to Chelsea story simply to manipulate betting trends?”

  1. craig says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me, Sky started it and there is a conflict of interest with Sky bet.

  2. Caleb says:

    Or they are just goin to sign him…

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