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It’s a simple game, defence, midfield, attack but none work at Tottenham.

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Scraggs

There no great mystery to coaching a football team, you get the players to do what they are best at and give them the stage and the confidence to go out and do what they know best, so says Tim Sherwood, the only problem is that most of Tottenham’s players are either bemused by his team selections, the formation and positions that they are asked to play or are, as each game passes, in fear of producing good football as the coach undermines them after each game as he tries to protect his job and image.

One day in the distant future Sherwood might be the coach that every top team craves but let’s not kid anyone, at this moment he is lost, losing the plot and the Tottenham job is way too big for him. He actually took over a decent team from AVB, a team that had a pattern and a method that was not quite perfected due to the loss of Bale and introduction of so many players, but a team none the less. The defence started the season rock solid, the midfield dictated play and maintained the majority of possession and that was true in defeats to Arsenal, Newcastle and even in the first half against City when it was mainly individual errors that cost them such a heavy defeat. It was clearly only in terms of goals scored where AVB needed to improve the team as Tottenham had one of the best attacks in the league in terms of take on’s, shots and chances created.

Now the three different facets of the team look like strangers, the defence is shipping goals for fun and even Lloris is looking a little suspect as the tally keeps increasing, the midfield is just not functioning at all and the number of misplaced passess is becoming concerning, it seems that passing sideways or backward is now the  ball of choice as the options to actually get forward are rarely available.

The last two games has seen Adebayor as the lone striker if you can call him that, though last season and the season before that his movement, dropping deep and drawing defenders out of position was ideal when Bale and VDV were in the team those players have gone and he is presumably now the one to act as the target, the outlet and the option when the team attack but I am not seeing any of that. when the midfield get the ball and turn invariably Adebayor is sitting deep, often in wide areas on the left or right and they are forced to seek other options and slow attacks, that results in backward and sideways passing and is one of the reasons that our attacking instincts are so slow and reducing to so few attempts on goal.

It is true that no player is producing their best as mistake follows mistake but these are all full internationals, all regulars for their country and their ability should not be doubted, think Modric at the outset of his Tottenham and Madrid career and then have some faith in the current Tottenham players.

Whether he was the right man for the job or not AVB had a plan, the players followed it and the season started well, rotation was working and the team was in the quarter finals or the Capital One Cup and the knockout stages of the Europa League, in the space of just three weeks the two domestic cup challenges were over and now Europe and the challenge for Champions League qualification. Just like his expulsion from Chelsea AVB went from hero to villain in the space of just a few games, most won, and less than a month! The word from Tottenham is that Sherwood’s target is not a top four position and if that is the case why then was AVB allowed to leave or be sacked unless the intention was to do better? Just like 12 months before Tottenham had lost to Everton when late goals were leaked a problem that had cost the team up until that point, then AVB resolved the situation. On the same day and after the same number of games played Tottenham were a point better off despite the loss of their superstar and so many new additions!

There is more to this than meets the eye and Levy has certainly picked wrongly, whether Sherwood, Adebayor or others are involved I doubt we shall know for some time if ever, AVB has already confirmed a gagging order in his settlement confirming that there is something to hide and something that presumably Tottenham and some individuals there will not be proud of but as Chairman Levy should always do what is best for the team and ultimately the supporters, in this instance and especially without a backup plan in place he has let us all down, Sherwood was  always a gamble and one that has clearly not paid off but one we are stuck with for the remainder of the season.

That’s now four defeats in six and it would be no surprise if a further three defeats followed this month such is the damage done by a novice who might be ambitious, might be passionate, might bleed Tottenham and is probably hurting just as much as the rest of us BUT he was never the right man for the job no matter what the media, the Redknapps and the pundits try to tell us. Many have tried to make a massive jump into coaching but few have succeeded, Dalglish and Guardiola are those that spring to mind but few if any others.

Full marks and thanks for your efforts Tim but Tottenham need to resolve the problem in the summer.

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