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It’s been 17years and they’re getting worse.

Posted on September 17, 2014 by Guest Writer

I don’t like to recall it too often but I can remember the day when Arsenal led in the Champions League final with a matter of minutes remaining and I can remember feeling envious of them. It was a good few years later before we experienced the glory of playing in the competition and as we know we made the country proud and lit up the competition all the way to the quarter finals. Tonight we saw the return of Liverpool to the competition against massive underdogs and by all accounts put in a poor performance and literally snatched a result in the last seconds. I can’t comment any more than that as I haven’t yet seen that game butI am expecting to see Liverpool in the Thursday competition come the New Year.

Tonight I watched Arsenal take on Dortmund in their backyard and though they were short of a couple of players the Germans were short of a good many more. This is as we are regularly reminded the 17th consecutive season that arsenal have been involved in the tournament but they looked and performed like utter novices and not for the first time.

Before the transfer window closed we at JTN gave our opinion as to the needs of each of last seasons top 7 clubs and like it or not some of it is coming home to roost for both Liverpool and especially Arsenal. When teams like City demand more time and experience in the competition simply just to get out of the group what has 16 previous years involvement and a final brought Arsenal, Wenger looks devoid of ideas and seems unable to choose a team to carry out the job against strong opposition, Dortmund simply outmuscled, outfought and outplayed Arsenal in every area of the pitch and they were powerless to react.

Somehow three decent chances fell to Welbeck and he missed the target by a distance every time, Wilshere, Ramsay, Sanchez and Ozil in midfield together might occasionally get their act together but when it matters they need help. Arsenal supporters have been crying out for a decent defensive midfielder for years and they are still waiting, they sold Vermaelen and brought in a 19yr old lacking in pace and experience as cover for just two centre backs. I find it strange that the needs of the squad are so glaringly obvious yet Wenger continues to buy players similar to those already at the club.

I don’t have to remind Spurs supporters that Tottenham have only been in the competition on two occasions yet have reached a semi-final and quarter final, give us a couple of consecutive seasons and who knows what might happen. Seriously though the involvement of Arsenal has become a lot like Basel, Celtic and¬†Ludogorets Razgrad, they are in it but are never likely to win it. Arsenal supporters will get on their high horses but until they change their attitude and quite possibly their coach the situation will keep repeating itself. and deep down it must have begun to hit home.

From a Tottenham perspective I believe that within a couple of months the team should be performing more effectively and hopefully will still be close to challenging for a position within the tournament themselves.

Ludogorets Razgrad

6 to “It’s been 17years and they’re getting worse.”

  1. craig says:

    ou have to get in competition first.

    How many years in BPL and lost double to Arsenal last season.
    if you can’t beat a woeful Arsenal, how do you expect to go further?

    Not skating Spurs, but seriously

    • mick says:

      I think the point of the article was that arsenal are getting worse and on the strength of it they are. all the promises of now being able to compete financially mean nothing if wenger doesn’t see the problem and buy what you need. ¬£82m spent on chambers and debuchy to replace sagna who walked and a couple of replicas of players you already had, Sanchez/walcot, welbeck/podolski. EVERYBODY knows your weaknesses, back 4 and in particular central and def. midfield, been the same for years and you lot fall for it every time.

  2. craig says:

    Chelsea 1st
    Man City 2nd
    Man U 3rd: I think they will click,and who cares how many you concede when you can just score more
    Arsenal/Spurs 4th

    personally I am tired of Wenger and hope we drop out of Europe altogether so he can get sacked.
    Deluded old fool.

    Maybe we Wi get DM from cash made when Spurs need to borrow Emirates

    • Stantheman says:

      agree on the top 2 but the order could go either way especially if Costa gets injured and Terry doesn’t,(haha) but the other 2 places could be any 2 of the obvious 4 as not as convinced as you about united.

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