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It’s pundit prediction time and it’s so predictable.

Posted on August 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Charlie Nicholas, Matt Le Tissier, Phil Thompson and Jamie Redknapp all present their article on Sky Sport predicting the outcome of the coming season and it is incredibly enlightening.

Charlie Nicholas predicts a top four of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, his player to watch is Jack Wilshere who he believes will score well over ten goals because of the outstanding  creative quality of Arteta, Cazorla and Walcott!, Somehow he also believes that if Luis Suarez joins then even though he will miss the first six games due to suspension he will still score at least thirty goals, but goes on to say though that it will not be possible for him to do so at Liverpool.

Nicholas does not even mention any other possibility to the current top four, Tottenham, who finished just a point behind Arsenal, have added three top signings while Arsenal seem to be having trouble persuading any decent player to sign even though they offer the Holy Grail of Champions League participation.

On to Matt Le Tissier and his top four prediction, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal but at least he gives a reason why Tottenham will fall short again stating the loss of Bale will make them weaker, he also says that Paulinho will be one of the signings of the season and so even his signing and that of Soldado and Chadli he suggests will not help Tottenham, forgetting that they have not even lost Bale yet and if they do will have a fortune to spend on replacements.

Phil Thompson follows the same pattern with the same top four but still predicts United to top the table and Van Persie to top the goalscoring charts. Arsenal to finish ahead of Tottenham again even though he suggests they need to strengthen but citing Tottenham as being light up front, obviously he doesn’t rate the £26m Soldado as any sort of upgrade at centre forward. his player to watch Liverpool’s own Coutinho.

Finally it’s Jamie Redknapp, surely he has something a little more interesting or innovative to say about the top four positions but no it’s the same four and he’s hardly sitting on the fence when choosing the winners, his choice Chelsea if they sign Rooney and if not one of the Manchester clubs, Arsenal meanwhile could be title contenders if they manage to sign Luis Suarez, now that’s what I call expert opinion. The four also rans are lumped together and they include Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton and Swansea. We all know of Redknapp’s totally unbiased articles, another of today’s classics relates to Suarez showing a lack of respect for Liverpool for seeking a transfer to play Champions League football and for the way he is going about it by skipping games and training, when commenting on Gareth Bale ,who is going about it in exactly the same way, somehow things are different and he recommends he be allowed to leave.

There are plenty more “experts” still to publish their predictions, Souness, Carragher, Alan Smith and Mark Lawrenson, some of them will be eye openers, I don’t think. Quite possibly the only one that might be worth reading will be that by Graham Souness with the possibility of some reasoned argument to consider, the others will be as predictable as all the rest, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Bale effect see’s  Tottenham fall behind Liverpool and Swansea in the final reckoning.

All this expert opinion but nothing constructive other than the Rooney, Suarez, Bale effect, lets hear something more, if Liverpool retain Suarez why should they not improve again as they did last year, they have splashed out on some new players and added more depth to the squad. Tottenham and Swansea have bought some top players to add to what were already good squads while Southampton continue to show ambition and improve.

Hopefully we shall see a much closer and competitive season, City and Chelsea would be my guess to be the top two teams but unless there are some surprisingly good buys by United and Arsenal then the remaining two places could well  be up for grabs.

1 to “It’s pundit prediction time and it’s so predictable.”

  1. tom says:

    paul mersons turn today and again the same top 4, arsenal to win league if they sign suarez, wilshere the player to watch and Soldado to good for spurs who are doomed without bale, the prick.

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