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It’s the late late Bale show, I mean Paulinho show.

Posted on September 22, 2013 by Guest Writer

Tottenham will probably soon be known again as a one man team as Paulinho has replaced Gareth Bale as the player to snatch last minute goals and all the points. In all fairness the result in the end was perhaps harsh on Cardiff as for ninety three minutes they stood up to a superb attacking Tottenham performance which resulted in a total of 29 shots on the home teams goal and a Man of the Match performance from the home keeper David Marshall.

This was one of those games when you almost expected the team withstanding an almost constant barrage to have their moment to win the game and Odemwingie was the Cardiff player to create a couple of those occasions, that would have been an even bigger injustice as Tottenham again proved their class. Everywhere you look in this Tottenham squad there is quality, Holtby came on with just two minutes remaining plus injury time and still managed to help create a few chances including the goal. Lamela came on to provide the final touch of class to assist Paulinho’s goal and even Harry Kane had good efforts and put in some telling balls.

Try picking the outstanding Tottenham performer from today’s game and it would be difficult, Dawson and Vertonghen were imperious, Paulinho just keeps pushing forward, Townsend always a threat and what more can you say about Eriksen but if I had to choose one then for me it would probably be Dembele, just.

On another day Soldado would have added at least a couple of goals to his tally but as well as from him there was a goal threat coming from every angle. AVB really has got this squad playing as a team, they almost swarm the opposition to win back the ball, slightly reminiscent of a very good Spanish team that doesn’t begin with the word Real.

There were a couple of sloppy moments that might have cost dearly, one of them might on another day have resulted in a red card for Hugo Lloris, it was that close neither official could be 100% sure and so they took the correct action.

With this weeks round of results Tottenham have climbed to level top of the table only trailing Arsenal by a single goal difference, the players must be relatively convinced that somebody is going to be buried under an avalanche of goals sooner or later and that goal difference will improve.

Eight games played, seven wins and only one defeat, sixteen goals scored and one conceded, more shots on goal than any other club and on current form the top ranked team in the country.

Villa next and then time for Chelsea to feel the power.



10 to “It’s the late late Bale show, I mean Paulinho show.”

  1. Tony says:

    did you even watch the match spurs destroyed cardiff on their own patch while arsenal struggled for much of the anyone can give ozil any assists from that game is beyond me, lump 2 corners in and hope to win header and a free kisk poorly dealt with by keeper. soldado, 5 shots all on target all fantastic saves quality. only one team convincing and thats spurs with their best to come. be happy to be ahead on gd now it won’t last.

  2. tom says:

    only one convincing team yesterday and they were playing in Wales. £43m to take corners, impressive.

  3. eric says:

    can’t u just block that arsenal guy

  4. Tony says:

    right now i am convinced you are winding me up or watched a playstation game. you should hope united don’t improve because city will certainly finish above you, spurs will certainly finish above you and arsenal might need to start worrying about swansea and everton as well can count 2 corners and a saved shot as an assist if you get some satisfaction from it but as somebody who understands the finer points of football his assist last week and eriksen against norwich are real assists in my eyes, not deliver a ball into a packed area and see who gets on the end of it. having watched every spurs game I can already see vast improvement. Tottenham have no weakness and strength in depth, look at the bench and then consider those injured. walcott cries off and you have who grubby or something like that, never heard of him and probably won’t again. spurs were convincing 29 shots to 6 and their keeper MOM, doesn’t take much working out does it.

  5. JL says:

    ‘I spent 42million’.. U must be dreaming cos I’m damn pretty sure you do
    Not have that much money.. And by the way, it’s football, not soccer.. Learn the history of the game before you start ranting off again.. I may be a spurs fan but I still respect Wenger and the arsenal team for the way they play.. Ur the lowest of low grade fan to come to a spurs page for Ur rant.. Let’s see where we stand end of the season dude..

  6. Tony says:

    Said it before and will say it again only a fool would be satisfied with your transfer dealings this summer. arsenal and united will both pay in the long run.Do you think your superman is goung to pay 60 games a season for you, of course not. good player but one good player is not enough.look at your injury list already ,do you think all your others are immune and can play in every game,. spurs have already played almost 2 different teams thursday and sunday and the quality and performance has been amazing. another different lineup expected tomorrow, that’s a squad.

  7. Tony says:

    do you think it’s any different for a spurs supporter? we have just as much affection for our club don’t think arsenal are anything special.for most of the 40years before wenger and other than the graham years Spurs were the biggest and best most of the time in London. arsenal and chelsea were nothing by comparison. a bit of successs and supporters come out of the woodwork why do you think most united supporters come from anywhere but manchester and chelsea now have a bit of support, trophies and that’s it. I’ll give you Arsenal have history but Spurs have just as much. the next few years will see spurs as one of the regular winners of silverware and in the CL and then you will see what support they have and how big a club they are. When you see the banner go up saying “the giant has risen” believe it because spurs are massive , with tradition and history every bit as much as arsenal and much more so than chelsea who were nothing before the russians money. look at all the records and spurs were first for most historic moments. the only amateur team to win the fa cup, the first british club to win european cup and the first to do the double. You had better hope spurs don’t win the champions league in the next few years because be assured we will never let you live it down after 17 unsuccessful attempts.
    They might be unrealistic views to you but not us, what is unrealistic is that at the moment you think you will finish ahead of spurs this season when your team really is nowhere near as good anymore.

  8. Tony says:

    You have no idea of the history of the 2 clubs before wenger turned up.

  9. Tony says:

    Are you sitting comfortably? let’s begin. football did not start in the year 1999 as you seem to think as before that both arsenal and spurs had a reasonable amount of success. spurs were the biggest club in London for many years but it was an accolade shared with Arsenal from time to time. Prior to 2003 chelsea were well down the pecking order apart from the occasional good year. You might think I am likely to say something unkind about Kanu but he was a player we probably envied Arsenal and he had a great career in England. since 99 you are correct of course but since 2005 you are wrong. For 17yrs you have had the benefit of CL money, something like £500m extra revenue, that helped build your new ground which has bought you even more revenue. What have you done with it? won nothing, gone backwards, lost all your world class stars and now you are playing catchup. Spurs have had to build from the point of bankruptcy when Alan Sugar took over in 1991, when the premier league started in 92 they were at a huge disadvantage financially and it got worse because the then sky four took control for many years. It has taken Levy 12 years to get spurs to the point they are now, title contenders and financially sound. When they turn that into success and the CL entry which they will Spurs will again become the biggest club in London. Here endeth the lesson.

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