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It’s time for Tottenham to step up.

Posted on March 04, 2014 by Guest Writer

Irrespective of the loss of Gareth Bale To Real Madrid all at Tottenham had high hopes for this season because of the investment made in quality players, though in hindsight there were probably too many acquisitions, nevertheless we should remember that we were only pipped for fourth spot by a single point last summer and with ten games still remaining we are just a solitary point worse off despite all the moans groans and apparent disasters that have befallen us.

AVB was sacked or left, wrongly in my opinion without a backup actually in place, and yet we are still in the hunt for for a cup and that elusive Champions League spot. It is true that with the players at our disposal, even taking into account the fact that we have lost four players of genuine world class over the course of the last two seasons, the performances on the pitch are rarely up to scratch. Sunday’s victory over Cardiff was relatively straightforward though made to look difficult as at no time did we ever totally dominate what was a team there for the taking, and that has been the story of the season so far.

Everybody looks to Soldado as the player that has underachieved and failed to produce what was asked of him when such a huge sum was paid for his services, Adebayor has come in and been given the mantle of saviour and has produced a decent amount of goals for the team,eleven goals in sixteen appearances is a good return but ┬áremember eight of those came in braces against four clubs and so three goals in the remaining twelve fixtures tells a story of one goal in four games which is not so clever. though the forwards are experiencing trouble scoring in sufficient numbers the problem doesn’t just rest with them as the remainder of the squad are not chipping in with anything like the amount of goals required of a fully functional squad.

There have been occasions when Christian Eriksen has looked the creative goalscoring midfielder we believe he will become but the likes of Dembele, Chadli, Lennon, Townsend and Sigurdson nor any defender has threatened goals with any regularity. Even Paulinho who has a knack of getting into the right place in the box time and again hasn’t scored the number of goals he is capable of, with a little composure his goal tally could easily be two or three times more than it currently is.

March as we know is going to be a massive month for Tottenham with Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Southampton on the agenda and eight points from that little lot is essential or it’s over for another season. Though we are becoming sceptical about our chances of success and the team is not performing with anything like the standard expected or required to qualify for the Champions League the truth of the matter is that even with all the turmoil that has surrounded the club they are just a point worse off than the same time last season but who would have thought that Arsenal would be 12 points better off, Liverpool 14 points better, Chelsea 11 points better and even City once they have completed their two outstanding fixtures will also likely improve.

In a season when all the talk was of consolidation and change giving Tottenham and other clubs opportunities only United have actually suffered, they are a massive 26 points down on last season while Tottenham are holding up quite nicely really. Now it’s time for Sherwood to find a team or better still a group of players that really click and drive forward for the rest of the season, get through this month remaining in contention and the run in by comparison is the easiest of the lot or should be.

Sherwood talks about square pegs, round holes, defenders defending, attackers attacking and midfielders doing a bit of everything but we are not seeing much of any of that as players are continuously asked to play in positions alien to them, Eriksen needs to be given freedom as a true playmaker, Paulinho must be permitted to make the runs into and around the opposition penalty box and not to be stifled, Adebayor is our form striker and he needs to be in areas that hurt the opposition and not to continuously drop into deep positions, midfielders shouldn’t have to wonder where he might be when the team breaks he should be the focus of the attack and not the playmaker. It’s time to really let the players do what they excel at, Sandro is “a defensive midfielder, Eriksen is a playmaker able to take up positions all over the pitch, Adebayor is the centre forward, Dembele and Paulinho have the ability to break through any midfield and must be encouraged to do so and as far as width is concerned both of our fullbacks have pace and then there is Lennon, Chadli and Townsend to choose from.

We are now hearing that Erik Lamela is also due to make his long awaited return to training following injury so even he has time to make his mark and become the hero that we all expect him to become.

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