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It’s time we gave Aaron Lennon the appreciation he deserves

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Scraggs

Until recently Aaron Lennon was one of the clubs vice captains but with the new coach comes a new broom and he has been overlooked in favour of Kaboul, Lloris and Adebayor, unfortunately it comes at a time when he is struggling to feature on a regular basis  though remains a go to player to call from the bench when work rate and defensive duties are required to hold back any opposition at the end of a game.

It wasn’t always that way of course, I can clearly remember seasons when he was considered as valuable an asset as even Gareth Bale, Van de Vaart and Modric, he was one of our best creative forces using speed and trickery to break defences and create chances for Defoe, Crouch and the others.

He is now beginning his tenth season in the Tottenham first team squad and probably for the first time he isn’t one of those guaranteed a place if fit and yet he is now considered to be of the age when footballers reach the peak of their powers at 27yrs of age. Unfortunately being the type of player that he is over the years he has come in for some brutal behaviour from opposition defenders, most have never been able to cope with his pace and simply had to resort to bully boy tactics to stop him and that has resulted in some unpleasant injuries that have cost him quite a bit of game time through the years.

Lennon joined the club when he was just 18yrs old from Leeds who at the time were financially embarrassed allowing us to pick him up for just £1m, has there been a better bargain? there must have been plenty but I can’t think of many better. He has now featured in 353 games for the club and though there have been many quick to suggest that he could have done better it has to be acknowledged that a succession of managers have relied upon him and given him plenty of matches. Probably his most productive period was during the few years under Redknapp also coinciding with our greatest period in the Premier League to date.

This video shows a little bit of what he is about and what he has meant to our club and he is still giving everything for the cause and fighting to win back his place in the team.

Last week he enthused about the quality of the youngsters coming through the ranks at the club, there have also been rumours that he might have been sold in the summer before deciding that he wished to fight for his place, that attitude and commitment to Tottenham should never be overlooked, we talk of Michael Dawson and Jermain Defoe being one of ours, we took them and their determination to our heart and we should do the same for Aaron Lennon who is our longest serving player by a fair margin and wishes to remain so.

At his peak he was almost unplayable at times, he was in direct competition with a certain Theo Walcott and had competition from Milner, Bentley and Adam Johnson and despite that he still managed a creditable 26 England caps and involvement in a couple of World Cups, more than can be said for Walcott so far.

Aaron Lennon remains an important squad member at Tottenham and though he is vastly experienced and seems to have been playing in the most physical league in the world for an age he still has plenty more to offer and plenty of years left in the tank.


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32 to “It’s time we gave Aaron Lennon the appreciation he deserves”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not fit to tie Theo’s boots

  2. Anonymous says:

    Walcott was injured and wasn’t considered for World Cup. Selective memory hey…..

  3. Tobry says:

    if can read just compare both player stats.

    • Tony says:

      I have to ask the question what has walcott got to do with this article anyway, I really don’t give a crap about walcott and still beleive that when Lennon was at his peak he was more dangerous to defences than walcott.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The author of this article mentioned Walcott if you took the time to read it . So your saying that if Walcott could deliver a cross properly even though he was on crutches with a busted knee than he would’ve gone to the World Cup. Wow that is special praise …thanks.

    • Tony says:

      what a load of crap, neither player went to this WC but the time before Capello chose Lennon over Walcott who was dropped from the group, no praise but perhaps acknowledgement by the national coach that he wasn’t good enough! interestingly Lennon was and he actually played in 2 world cup tournaments, that is 2 more than walcott who went along as waterboy once.

    • ray says:

      all the article says is that he ws competing with walcott and a couple of other players, nothing more yet you want to make a ig deal o it.
      By the way Walcott was left out by Capello in 2010, he wasn’t injured he just wasn’t considered good enough and rigtly so, he should never have gone in 2006 either.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Walcott was only a kid when taken in 2006 as experience for the potential he showed. Only injury has set him back.

    • Tony says:

      in 2006 another more deserving player was left out for a waterboy, it was a pathetic joke and a waste of time. Injury set’s many players back unfortunately but in 2010 he just wasn’t good enough, Lennon was end of. This isn’t about walcott so leave it please.

  6. 5starG says:

    You guys must be kidding me…….tryna compare lenon with theo….lenon started his carrier very early but has nufin but hype to show for it….lenon is just like wright Philips a treat but really does not contribute…..check the stats Walcott best season to lenon best season haha in fact check the carrier goals and assist total…..yu will be disappointed by lenon…..well I doubt if he eva scored for England but Walcot has……scored and assisted in euros…..for som1 huz started bfo theo lenon is a flop

  7. Anonymous says:

    Save your breath 5starG ,this isn’t a spuds site just an anti arsenal one. We know who’s better.

    • lou says:

      it’s you lot anti anything Tottenham, you gooners are sad arseholes. the article is about Aaron Lennon who has provided great service to Tottenham, I don’t think in that context it is unfair to mention that he did make the WC squad at the expense of Walcott, if you don’t like the truth don’t come on a Spurs site.

  8. Tobry says:

    You just look at that capello squad!! Paathetic at best. I bet on you that if he was fit walcott would have been in this hodgson squad. He was in great form for some time. Once even lionel messi talked about the calibre of walcott when we played against them. Comparing the stats is there any thing lennon has got more?? goals? Assists? Ratings? Are you deluded? Walcott still hasnt produced his best but always better than lennon. Lennon is a descent player but not good enough for a team trying for a champions league spot. Thats why he has been linked with moves to some low profile clubs. Thats no coincidence. Even at his prime he is not good as walcott. No one else in the world other than hardcore spurs fans and lennons family. (No offense and im not saying walcott is messi.but walcott>lennon all day long)

  9. lou says:

    fitter, quicker and more of a team player. Strange that even when Walcott was available on a free transfer last winter nobody was interested in signing him, if he was that good one of the big clubs could have signed him on a pre-contract for nothing, nobody enquired, says it all really.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well if Lennon is any good than how come he has played for a mediocre mid table team for so long.

    • Tony says:

      the same reason that Walcott has played for gooners and won just an FA Cup, hang on he only played in 3rd round of that so hasn’t played in cup winning team either.

  11. Tobry says:

    When? Theo signed his extension as early in december. It was agreed even before. Lennon us a liability.Lol. They both play same position still lennon is nowhere near walcott.

    • Tony says:

      signed contract in january after he became a free agent for pre-contract offer. Yeah of course walcott is world class just like ozil will make you title contenders and sanchez is a striker, clueless gooner

  12. Tobry says:

    Ha ha lol!just wait and see. Hopless zpuds. Walcott contract situation was already sorted out in december . Wenger himself said that.

  13. Deepu gunner says:

    @tony, walcott deal was verbally agreed and the gaffer himself admitted that in december. I know that very well mate because i was worried about losing him. He was our best player that time. So i closely followed that. In mid november the contract negotiations were stalled but with start of december everything started well and in mid december we all knew that an agreement was struck with him. Your argument about official signing is too arrogant. He was at his best firm that time. Seasons before that we had bids for him from chelsea and liverpool. But walcott wanted to be a gunner. Check the history mate. Then considering who is better : Walcott stats are For arsenal he scored 45 Goals and assisted 34 From 194 appearances. For england its 5 goals from 36. Now let us consider Lennons stats(rember both plays in same position) for spurs it is 26 Goals from 261 appearances 32 Assists. For england its 21 appearances and 0 goals. Walcott has more overall rating too( stats courtesy wikipedia,whoscored). Theo on song is a very special player to watch

    • Tony says:

      what is it with you lot the article is about Lennon, he was chosen for the WC over Walcott in 2010 on merit, it’s in the record books and is fact, he also played at the world cup.. I don’t give a toss about walcott, i don’t give a toss about stats, i know that Lennon has been a good servant to Tottenham and for a few years 2008-2012 he was in my opinion and Capello superior to Walcott. your opinion might be different, fair enough but this was about Lennon and what he has provided us for 9 yrs, what was said was factual and in the record books.Stats don’t tell how much defensive quality Lennon has, important to any team, it’s far more than Walcott. No doubt walcott will be on the treatment table again before the season is much older.

  14. Tobry says:

    Deluded tottenham supporters! Please dont say Chadli is better than sanchez. Lol

  15. Deepu gunner says:

    walcott had his fair share of injuries and lean patch of of form. Lennon may be a loyal spurs player for 9 years but assesing the overall attributes and quality walcott is better . I’m saying this as a neutral observer.

    • Tony says:

      as a nuetral I disagree over the period of 9 years Lennon takes it, in last couple of seasons when fit walcott has been better but not great.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t care about stats than how come you always say there is a link to back up your point of view. I guess you don’t like stats when you get shot down. Once again the author of this story mentioned theo in praising up your player so we defended him and in our opinion he is a better player than yours and vice versa with you.

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