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It’s turned into a United and Liverpool lovefest.

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

The 2013/14 season was hugely significant for both Liverpool and Manchester United, the previous seasons champions lost their influential manager Alex Ferguson and his handpicked successor David Moyes was sacked before the season was over with the club out of the Champions League for the first time in the Premiership era. At the same time Liverpool managed to find themselves replacing United and at the same time making a decent fist of a tilt at the title. Things had to change at United who managed to find themselves languishing in seventh placeand Moyes was made the scapegoat for what was an ageing squad with inadequate backup, so in has come LVG with an obscene amount of money to spend to ensure a return to the top of the table.

While these changes were going on in Manchester Liverpool lost the one player that made them better than all the other top four challengers, with the exception of City, and now they are going through a rebuilding process to prepare for more difficult challenges ahead.

Of course Sky Sports now no longer seem to be able to see past these two clubs, both can expect to appear in live games more often than most other clubs and their programming and website is just full of talk and interviews about them. I have seen and heard Van Gaal and Rodgers on the TV so often now I have nightmares about them, just yesterday an interview on how to pronounce Van Gaals bloody name.

As for Liverpool there have been numerous interviews with Rodgers and several old players about the difference between their approach and Tottenham’s last summer, Neil Mellor, Jason McCateer and uncle Tom Cobbly and all have had their say and the crux of their answer is – yes they have lost their star player and top goalscorer like Tottenham to a Spanish club, yes they have replaced him with a large number of new players, six at the moment and counting to seven at Tottenham, but they are not making the same mistakes because this is Brendan Rodgers!!! what does that mean or even suggest?

In the latest interview from Rodgers on the subject he has said that unlike Tottenham they have profiled the players and the needs of the club which suggests that Tottenham just bought for the sake of it with no thought of improvement or the future.

According to Sky and all their biased punditry and articles from ex- players of the two clubs, when it comes to United the best players will still join them despite no European competition of any description this season, let alone the Champions League but when it comes down to other lass fashionable clubs, no chance until they are in the CL! LVG is still talking about turning Tottenham down for United and Sky are still talking him up as a born winner forgetting to mention he has actually won very little this century other than the Dutch league 6 years ago and the German league with Bayern 5 years ago. I agree he is a very good coach but he will have his work cut out to turn United back into champions or even into a top four team at the first attempt.

Just like the commentary from the boring Michael Owen on another channel, the biased reporting on any sports related station is becoming a turn off and at the moment it seems terribly skewed towards United and Liverpool, teams that if you don’t support them you despise them.

Right now Steven Gerrard is the headline and his three months of hell- shame, while I am still digesting  the LGV interview yesterday when he told us that Rooney and other players in his squad can play as an 8,9, 10 or even a 6 or an 11? what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 to “It’s turned into a United and Liverpool lovefest.”

  1. BigH says:

    Same old mate. Love in continues. Wouldn’t it be great if they both ended up having crap seasons!

  2. CraigZWE says:

    Hope United get Europa and pool nothing. Tottenham City Chelsea Arsenal top 4 in no order, but Arsenal top of course.

  3. Gunner says:

    My god I can’t stand Liverpool fans or ex players they had 1 decent season last year where they pushed for the title while having no cup competitions to get in there way it’s not as if they are doing it every year and reaching cup finals every year at least united have bragging rights they have been the dominant team in England since the pl has started but all Liverpool have is a good history it makes me laugh there in the same situation as spurs were last year but the won’t have the same outcome WHY because there Liverpool ha ha now they are deluded.

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